Corfu Yacht Charter

The Kerkyra city of Greece with a rich culture and tradition of over 3000 years offers historical monuments and picturesque locations that are sure to present you with some hard-to-forget memories. The Grand Lady of the Ionian is called so for being the second largest of the Ionian Islands (it is spread across an area of 585.3 square km). Travelers from around the world sail in these blue waters of Corfu from April to May making it an ideal destination for a summer holiday.


Corfu yacht charter will take you to explore the rich flora and fauna, Pantokratoras (the largest mountain of this island, 906 meters) besides the southern situated saltwater lake of Korission. Diapontia islands are definitively the best known for fishing and diving. Take your yacht and explore vivid places like Igoumentisa of Lefkimmi. If time is no constraint, paying a visit to Brindisi in southern Italy is worth the money!



Motor boats are hybrid types of vessels providing an economical means of propulsion. As a mode of transport, motor boats are faster in comparison to any other vessel. These are luxurious in comparison and ideal for speed lovers. They have ample room for a comfortable accommodation providing you a life-size experience during your short leisure trip.



Being a multi-hulled vessel, catamarans serve the purpose of a spacious vessel with a geometrically-specified design providing a firm base and stability. Apart from that, it accommodates more no. of travellers with personal space in luxurious cabins. If you are looking for space as well as comfort, then opt for our catamarans that will also offer you ample storage space.



Sailboats can be your ideal companion for a romantic getaway in the laps of green-watered Corfu Island. You can choose the best option from the variety of sailboats we have in exhibition – from 16 feet to 50 feet in height and 200 feet in length. Hence, for privacy and comfort in budget, book the perfect sailboat that will ensure you a cozy getaway today.



Aboard a Corfu yacht charter, relax and enjoy the pool of amazing services exclusively provided for you by our trained and skilled crew. All your necessities including itinerary, meal as well as safety assurance will be taken care of. However, if you are more of an adventurous person then we also do offer the option of bareboat facilities that will ensure you to set on a yachting vacation completely on your own.


Avail the Best Customized Service on Board

We guarantee you the best customized services on board in our Corfu yacht charter. The crew is ready to serve you with any kind of assistance you need. You brief us about your choices and we will take care of everything else. We are also available 24×7 on call, so feel free to contact us anytime and anywhere.


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Corfu Boat Itineraries

The lively atmosphere of Sidari as a prime resort town of Corfu is sure to mesmerize you with its beauty and charm. Numerous other scenic beaches including Glyfada, Dasia, Kavos are famous for their happening nightlife.

With a splendid view and a number of lagoons in the backdrops of crystal-clear water, is the Paleokastritsa Beach that is a must-visit destination to add to your Corfu itinerary.
Featuring plenty of small bays and azure water is Ermones Beach, your next best diving destination of Corfu. Set your Corfu yacht charter towards these destinations and explore the depths of this blue watered island.

7 Days Sailing Ionian


Day 1st Corfu – Sivota
Day 2nd Sivota – Lakka (Paxos)
Day 3rd Lakka – Gaios (Paxos)
Day 4th Gaios – Parga
Day 5th Parga – Petriti (Corfu)
Day 6th Petriti – Gouvia

Week Route from/to Lefkas


Day 1st Lefkas – Vathi (Meganissi)
Day 2nd Vathi – Vathi (Ithaki)
Day 3rd Ithaki – Fiscardo (Kefalonia)
Day 4th Fiscardo – Vassiliki (Lefkas)
Day 5th Vassiliki – Nidri (Lefkas)
Day 6th Nidri – Lefkas

Top Must-Visits in Corfu


Plan your destinations beforehand as you have a lot of options from the endless list of beaches to explore in your Corfu yacht charter. The vibrant stretches of sand will offer you numerous activities including snorkelling, kayaking, diving, fishing. Choose a vessel that will accommodate you according to the number of days you are going to spend on the beaches.


Enjoy your Charter in Corfu

Corfu is an ideal place to welcome all types of visitors, may it be solo, couple or a family trip with your kids. Explore the aroma of Ionian beaches by sailing in Corfu and enrich your vacation with luxury and comfort enjoying our services on board.


Corfu Yacht Charter Experts

Our experts have years of experience in this field and are committed to assisting you to ensure a smooth sailing. We will create custom routes for you as per your preference. Take our complete travel assistance while sailing in Corfu and make your trip a lifetime experience.