Indian Ocean

Off the eastern coastline of southern Africa lie some of the world’s most stunning island locations – a paradise of white-sand beaches, palm trees and azure waters where hedonistic pleasures seduce even the most world weary of travelers.

The Indian Ocean islands offer beautiful beaches, warm clear waters and coral reefs, the differences between them will ensure you never get bored of discovery. The largest, Mauritius, attracts with its Gran Bay, Île aux Cerfs Island, and Gabriel Island. The Seychelles is the ultimate romantic location with pristine beaches dotted with giant granite rocks and flanked by Coco-de-Mer palms. Mozambique is the ultimate adventure traveler’s destination with its 1500 mile coastline, an array of unspoilt islands and diverse marine life awaiting discovery. With their tropical climate and situation generally close to the equator, you can visit the Indian Ocean Islands almost all year round.