Martinica Yacht Charter

Martinica is the Paris of the Caribbean, one of the enchanting Windward Islands, and an island with a distinct French style. Martinique Yacht Charter: The Island is volcanic in origin, crowned by the active Mont Pelee, often called the “Isle of Flowers” there are natural botanical gardens tucked into this rugged landscape. This Island offer some of the most stunningly beautiful and safe anchorages in the Caribbean for your Martinique yacht rental and sail or motor boat rental. Long luscious beaches, swimming and diving are the main attractions in the south. There’s a lot going on here, but it all happens on Caribbean time and during a Martinica Sailing Charter. Magnificent landscapes, crystal blue waters, breath-taking views, and a climate that’s every sailor’s reverie – that’s what Martinique is made of.



An exotic French isle in the Caribbean with a climate which is ideal for cruising all year round, sailing in Martinique gives you the optimum experience of exploring this nature’s little marvel. Martinique receives winds (Alisios) at a speed of 15 knots that remain more or less constant, and temperatures range between 30ᵒ and 35ᵒ. The tantalising cobalt blue sea has an ideal 26ᵒ temperature due to the eternally shining sun. This destination often attracts sailors as there exist islands in between lagoons at proximities. These come with unique features like black sand and volcanic islands along with uninhabited vegetation in the northern side. Conversely, the islet consists of extensive white beaches in its southern part. Sail along to uncover the mystery and exquisiteness of Martinique.



Enjoy your Martinica Yacht Rental

There is plenty to do on shore by day and to sample the city’s budding nightlife. The location places it to windward of this sailing region making it the ideal starting point for a one way sailing holiday across the short stretch of water to St Lucia and down through the Grenadines. The southern coast is dotted with many picturesque bays and coves. Martinique Yacht Charter: If your idea of unforgettable vacation involves picture perfect beaches, then the island of Martinique is for you. In the south, a plethora of white sand beaches dots the entire south coast. In the north, enjoy the unique and lush setting of black sand beaches near Le Carbet and Le Prêcheur. A Martinique Yacht Rental is packed with perfect climate, lot of things to and amazing places to discover.

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Martinica Boat Rental Experts

Our experienced and world travellers, expert Martinica Yacht Charter Managers visit and sail aboard our selected yachts regularly and are perfectly placed to offer you transparent, tailor and professional advice for your Martinica Yacht Rental. Our twenty years of experience in yacht charters, developed in Martinique and the Caribbean, enabled us to create close, enduring relationships with our clients, investing directly in our yachts and services.


Martinica Sailing Charter Top Destinations


The choice of where to charter a boat is based on a handful of factors: your sailing skills, experience, wether you prefer to relax and sunbath on the yacht and take relaxed days trips or are you the adventurous type who enjoys being active while on vacation and thinks every day is a great day for a new adventure! Have a look at our most popular Martinique Yacht Rental sailing destinations.

Our recommended charters in Martinique

Crewed & Bareboat Catamaran in Martinique

When it comes to yacht charter in Martinique, a crewed catamaran is the most luxurious option for voyaging along the mystical Caribbean beaches. Our crewed catamarans are apt if you’re travelling with large groups or family. These vessels have experienced captain, steward, deckhand, chef and others to manage the yacht and prepare mouth-smacking delicacies for the guests aboard.
However, if you are a team of adventurous souls who run high on adrenaline, take a bareboat catamaran where you with your group arrange everything on your own. Nonetheless, don’t worry about comfort or safety. These vessels are double-hulled to sail over the indented coastline securely. You can also accommodate your guests in those luxury suites and cabins.

We offer a wide range of catamarans coming in varying sizes and models to house all any no. of guests. Sailing in Martinique to excavate and see those long stretches of forests which run along the sea-lanes is an experience to be etched in your mind forever. Furthermore, our affordable packages for such exotic trips are like a ‘cherry on the cake’.


Crewed Motor Yacht in Martinique

If you are intrigued to see Baie des Anglais, Grand Anse, Anse Noire, and Rocher du Diamant on a day’s trip, then our crewed motor yachts will serve you the best! These can run at a nautical speed of 40 or 50 knots. Contrarily, planning a week’s trip will require a larger motor yacht as you will be dropping anchor at multiple outlandish Martinique islands. Like in the catamarans, our crewed motor yachts also come with the entire team taking care of the vessel while you enjoy your sail.

Our crewed motorboats come with premium services at our clients’ disposal. We have veteran skippers who are the masters of the Martinique waters. They will glide you through all those tropical locations of this Caribbean island. The crew will also feature a team of experienced assistants, to attend to your needs during the voyage.


Skippered & Bareboat Sailboat in Martinique

With the screeching sails that stretch where the wind blows, the sapphire water in front of your eyes is a moment to behold! A symbol of heritage, sailboats ensure a luxurious and leisurely cruising experience. While our skippered sailboats have skilled captains who can help you navigate through the tranquil Martinique waters, you have to take responsibility for food arrangements and everything else. Contrarily, a desire to explore the transcendental isles and beaches of Martinique by taking charge of your ship will require you to opt for our bareboat sailboats. All you need to provide is your sailing license to avail these vessels. Sailing in Martinique aboard these vessels is an environment-friendly option, apt for travelling long distances.

Our skippered sailboat services will help you satiate your cravings for a languid vacation. This French insular region has numerous small islands and extravagant beaches adorned with both black and white sand. You’ll not regret if you opt for our yacht charter in Martinique to Anse Céron with our troupers.

Top Martinique Yacht Charter Destinations

Marina du Marin

Begin your voyage from this port town of Martinique which is only a 45-minutes’ drive from its airport. Marina du Marin stands as the biggest marine in Martinique with innumerable leisure activities and shopping destinations.
Or, you can choose to go on board and bask in the Caribbean sun from the deck of your yacht.


Petit Anse D’Arlet

From Marina du Marin, the next destination in your sailing itinerary can be this magnificent island. The prime attraction of this sailing point is that you pass through the Diamond Rock while sailing in Martinique.
It’s a giant volcanic stack in the middle of the sea that formed 1 million years ago. No one knows this is extinct or not; thus, making this 0.06 km square area a mythical land for voyagers. And, for Anse D’Arlet, it’s a gorgeous sand stretch with the tales of 18th-century churches. It is also an ideal place in Martinique for a dive. Travellers can experience the rich culture of this French island and taste some delicious Creole cuisines here.


St Pierre

Only at a distance of 8 nautical miles from Anse D’Arlet, St Pierre port has varied offerings both on the water and off it for all its visitors. Anchor your ship on this port and indulge in the island’s history by visiting its old jail, old fort, and famous museums. There’s an open Caribbean market that attracts visitors from across the globe.
This town has a stretch of tropical rainforests. It’s a perfect setting for travel enthusiasts who love hiking through the thick vegetation terrain. Many say that it is home to some exotic and unique plantations.
Popular activities in and around this island are exploring the sunken shipwrecks, volcanoes, and black sand beaches while sailing in Martinique via St Pierre.
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