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Contrary to what one might think, given the fame that distinguishes it, Jost Van Dyke is the smallest of the British Virgin Islands.  Jost Van perfectly meets the most demanding expectations of those looking for a yacht in the Caribbean: a tropical destination par excellence, mother nature at her best.



A yacht charter in Jose Van Dyke marries tranquility with indulgent luxury, ideal for those people who want to break away from the usual holiday resorts in the Caribbean Islands. This island was designed for yachting, and actually and preserves the reputation of "party island" of the British Virgin ones. 



Enjoy your charter in Jost Van Dyke

The island is likewise an incredible objective for scuba jumpers, with an assortment of plunge destinations including submerged caverns and coral reefs to investigate. Appropriate for prepared beginner jumpers, Wayward Wall lies somewhere in the range of 12m and 40m underneath the surface, and natural surroundings for turtles and various fish species, while more experienced scuba jumpers will appreciate The Cathedral, where they can follow a submerged passage which surfaces in a collapse the island.

The coral reef simply off the shocking White Bay Beach is ideal for apprentice swimmers, who can find vivid hard corals and a wide assortment of tropical marine life. The seashore, in the interim, has been named as truly outstanding in the British Virgin Islands, and is an especially alluring significant lot of sweet white sand, with amazing perspectives out over the Caribbean Sea.

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Jost Van Dyke Yacht Charter Experts

Idyllic blue waters, diving spots, unspoiled landscapes to discover aboard brand new yachts, what else for the perfect private boat charter experience in Jost Van Dyke? The tailor-made assistance of our Charter Managers, at your complete disposal, to design the lifetime yacht charter of your dreams.

Your charter broker can help you to choose the right yacht catered to your requirements while offering expert advice on itineraries and bookings, and the best times to visit Jost Van Dyke.


Jost Van Dyke Top Destinations


Start your own disclosure of this untainted island by survey and contrasting all personal ships for sanction in the Virgin Islands. There are a ton of reasons why travelers like to begin their yacht agenda from Jost Van Dyke. Since it is less marketed you can book an extravagance yacht contract agenda even ultimately. There is a scope of superyacht and extravagance yachts just as littler maintained cruising yachts and sailboats accessible to lease. The prepared yacht charterers are amazingly content with this island as they enjoy the loosening up climate here. Life here moves at its own movement and there is no race to end up in a good place. The yacht travelers can go to White Bay which gives the most pleasant perspectives on the Great Harbor. The seashore objective is less packed in any event, during the pinnacle months and consequently, it suits those individuals who need a tad of protection. They can likewise attempt the few watering openings at the Great Harbor.


Jost Van Dyke Yacht Charter Itinerary

Misleading the northwest of Tortola, Jost Van Dyke is the littlest of the four primary islands that make up the British Virgin Islands, renowned for its delicate white sands and agreeable seashore life. The island is additionally an extraordinary objective for scuba jumpers, with an assortment of plunge locales including submerged caverns and coral reefs to investigate.

7 Days


Day 1st Norman Island
Day 2nd Cooper Island
Day 3rd Baths, Bitter End, Virgin Gorda
Day 4th Beef Island
Day 5th Sandy Spit, Great Harbour, Jost Van Dike
Day 6 th Peter Island
Day 7th Road Town, Tortola

1 Week


Day 1st Cooper Island
Day 2nd Virgin Gorda
Day 3rd The Dog Islands
Day 4th Anegada
Day 5th Jost Van Dyke
Day 6th Norman Island
Day 7th Peter Island

Our recommended charters in Jost Van Dyke

Crewed & Bareboat Catamaran in Jost Van Dyke

Multihulls are one of the prime decisions with regards to cruising over the extravagant and amazing Caribbean Sea. The catamarans are twofold hulled and the most secure choices as they give steadiness while you sail on the Caribbean, relaxing in the brilliance of the British Virgin Islands. For the most part, come in two alternatives – manned and bareboat. In the event that you want for a luxurious occasion experience bouncing starting with one island then onto the next, at that point maintained sailboat is the ideal decision for your catamaran rental in Jost Van Dyke.

With an accomplished and talented group alongside a chief and gourmet experts available to you, you should simply put your vacation mode on! In any case, in case you're more into investigating the solid loveliness of Jost Vam Dyke exclusively with your friends, contract a bareboat catamaran. The main necessity you need to satisfy is giving a substantial cruising permit.


Crewed Motor Yacht in Jost Van Dyke

A popular choice for luxury charter vacations around the world crewed motor yachts can provide you with the ultimate in luxurious surroundings, spacious accommodation, and an array of toys, tenders, and amenities, all topped off with superb onboard service.
Luxury motor yachts are designed to offer unlimited comfort to guests, often encompassing luxurious interiors and fantastic facilities to provide the perfect way to experience the high life at sea.

In Jost Van Dyke offer a global fleet of motor yachts available for charter, allowing you to choose from an extensive selection of superyachts to suit your vacation needs. From sundeck Jacuzzis and fully-equipped health spas to cinemas, submarines, and waterslides, there is a vast array of possibilities to cater to your personal tastes and requirements. Browse through the list and use our innovative search tools to find the right style, size, and amenities for you and your guests in exotic locations throughout the world.


Skippered & Bareboat Sailboat in Jost Van Dyke

One of the most well-known islands to visit in the British Virgin Islands is Jost van Dyke. This island is notable for the Soggy Dollar Bar just as a large group of different attractions. Charming's on Jost van Dyke is known for its New Year's Eve party and remembers about the (in)famous "Painkiller" mixed drink from the Soggy Dollar. Regardless of whether you're searching for some evening mixed drinks or a loosening up day on the seashore, this island has you secured.

Recreation trips are what boats are had practical experience in the offering. With an intriguing perspective on turquoise water extending to the skyline and those white sails distending in the breeze's heading, this is each mariner's nautical dream!

A bareboat sailboat is ideal for a slow journey from one end to the next of the Virgin Islands. Book now with Yourboatholiday to cruise through the different shocking Caribbean islands. Have a sailing license? Indeed, you can go with bareboat boats and appreciate ideal protection while traveling.

When you are benefiting from skippered or bareboat sailboats in Jost Van Dyke, your cruising experience will be as free from any danger as could reasonably be expected. With vessel sizes fluctuating between 16 meters and 76 meters, pick one according to your prerequisites for a highborn route insight.


Yacht Rentals in Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke is generally a little island having a complete region of 6 square miles. The geography is like different islands in the BVI chain. The island highlights verdant scenes and white, sandy seashores. The island is named after the popular mariner by the normal same who was the main guest to this distant island. From the above focuses we can conceptualize that Jost Van Dyke is well similar to by travelers who might want to increase a direct encounter of yacht sanction administration.

The far off the island has been a most loved anchor point for mariners in the past who came here to unwind for a couple of days. Indeed, even today numerous mariners routinely make a stop to unwind at this island and wonder about its lovely landscape and characteristic environmental factors. Jost Van Dyke likewise fills in as the ideal party objective for some travelers.

To live the Caribbean and the British Virgin Islands at their best, enjoy a yacht charter in Jost Van Dyke.