Koh Chang Yacht Charters

The second biggest island in Thailand after Phuket, Koh Chang is the stuff of Castaway fantasies. It is part of the Mu Ko Chang National Park archipelago which constitutes a total of 52 smaller islands.

Yacht charter in Koh Chang presents tourists with the perfect opportunity to explore the waters of the South China Sea. A pristine sea - its calmness and the tropical sunshine make for the perfect idea of a relaxing sojourn.



The island is spread over 166 square miles with a population density of a meager 30–odd people and makes for an undisturbed holiday retreat every city dweller around the world craves. The place also holds historical significance as the spot of 1941’s Battle of Ko Chang between the Thais and the French during WWII. Today, it serves as a great starting point for a sail along with the gulf’s most picturesque destinations in Ko Mak, Ko Samet, Koh Kong, and Koh Rong as the neighboring islets.

More adventurous long-haul sailors can also make their way across Cambodia by stopping over at the coastal city of Krong Preah Sihanouk. Other Thai mainland options for yacht charter include the coastal beaches of Chanthaburi, Rayong, and the city of Pattaya.


Enjoy your yacht vacation in Koh Chang

South East Asia and especially the Gulf of Thailand come with plenty of tourist opportunities. From short cruises to long-haul sails, they offer the most splendid cruising experience under the tropical sun. Koh Chang, in particular, offers the chance for our guests to get lost in its old-world charm and picturesque locales.

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Koh Chang Yacht Charter Experts

With our services of yacht charter in Koh Chang, get the chance to experience the real beauty of Thailand. Your safety and comfort are our responsibility and we take great pride in delivering a customer experience to your satisfaction. To book your yacht charter in Koh Chang, head to our booking section and choose from our fleet of sailing vessels!


Koh Chang Yacht Charter Top Destinations



Koh Chang Yacht Charter Sailing Itinerary

We encourage our guests to plan their own itinerary and sailing routes. So, consider this suggestion at most and not a tour program set in stone.

A yacht charter in Koh Chang can first wade through the smaller adjoining islands that form the archipelago. Stop by the quaint little museum by the beach at Ko Mak and experience the tranquillity of the setting sun by the Ao Phai beach in Ko Samet. You can also choose to spend a day in the Khao Laem Ya – Mu Ko Samet National Park – an experience unlike any other! At the Koh Rong Sanloem, spend your day indulging in water activities like snorkeling or scuba diving, or just backpacking through the tropical wilderness.

7 Days


Day 1st Koh Chang
Day 2nd Koh Rang
Day 3rd Koh Kut
Day 4th Koh Kut
Day 5th Koh Mak
Day 6th Koh Mak
Day 7th Ao Bang Bao

  • Daily Excursion
  • Week-End
  • Weekly Charter
  • Prolonged Period

Our recommended charters in Koh Chang

Catamarans in Koh Chang

Catamarans are one of the most popular vessels in Koh Chang. These double-hulled vessels are especially ideal for large families or groups traveling together.  Our catamarans for charter will make you feel right at home in the middle of the azure blue sea. Soak up the tropical sun atop the deck as you make your way across the Koh Chang archipelago.


Luxury Yachts in Koh Chang

Our motor yachts have all kinds of modern amenities to give you the most luxurious of travel experiences. These yachts come in both mono and dual hulls – catering to varied sizes and speeds and can be availed in both crewed or bareboat varieties.


Sailing Boats in Koh Chang

Another great option for traversing these waters is aboard a sailboat. Sailboats offer a unique experience for those renting a boat in Koh Chang. These vessels, unlike traditional motorized cruises, propel themselves on the strength of the wind. Relax and regale as the waters carry you on a quietly unforgettable sail!

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