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The archipelago of the Philippines, which includes about 7,000 islands located in south-east Asia to southern Taiwan, at the furthest point of the South-East Asia, surrounded by the waters of the Pacific, south of Taiwan, southeast China, east Vietnam and northeastern Borneo. The Philippines are perfect if you want a holiday in nature to relax and sunbath, dive, fish, ride in the forests, reflect, meditate, do yoga. The Philippines will hurt your heart with their beaches and fascinating culture, not fearing the crowds of mass tourism.



Philippines Yacht Charter

The great joy of the little things, those that make life happy between Palawan and Boracay. Then there is Manila, which won the most beautiful sunset in the world. We are moved to look at the horizon from its waterfront as the sun, gigantic, so big that it seems at hand, silent cries that the day is over.

And then Intramuros, the old Spanish settlement, the skyscrapers of Makati, the business district, a sort of invention in the center of the city where everything is clean, tidy, almost opulent. The true Manila, however, is another thing. Recommended times to travel Palawan and Boracay from November to May, Bohol, and Cebu all year.

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Sailboat or catamaran? Crewed or bareboat? Which is the best period to sail in the Philippines? What about the itinerary? How much to rent a yacht there? Don't worry about it, our Charter Experts will take care of you carefully, assisting you with your charter arrangements and providing the best services before, during, and after your private charter.


Philippines Boat Charter Experts

Your Boat Holiday's Charter Managers regularly check and cruise aboard our selected yachts, in order to provide you transparent, tailor-made and qualified recommendations for your Philippines Boat Cruise. We are leader in Philippines sailing holidays and our experience, enabled us to create close, enduring relationships with our clients, investing directly in our vessels and services.

Philippines Boat Trip Top Destinations


Where to enjoy your charter in Philippines is based on many factors: your sailing experience, wether you prefer to take relaxed days trips or you are the adventurous type who enjoys being active while on vacation and thinks every day is a new day to explore! Have a look at our most popular boat Philippines cruise destinations.

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Philippines Sailing Holidays Itineraries

Once chosen the Pacific Ocean and Philippines as the destination of your vacation, deciding where to go it's up to your preferences and requirements. Below our selection of suggested routes for your Philippines Boat Trip, to allow to evaluate the most beautiful options.

12 Days Route


Day 1st Cebu City
Days 2nd – 3rd – 4th Cebu Island – Kawasan – Marine Sanctuary
Days 5th – 6th Apo Island for 2 nights,
Days 7th – 8th Siquijor Island
Day 9th -10th -11th Panglao Island – Balicasag – Cabilao – Bohol Island
Day 12th Cebu City

Weekly Route


Days 1st Panglao Island
Day 2nd Panglao Island
Days 3rd Apo Island
Day 4th Apo Island
Day 5th Apo Island
Days 6th Siquijor Island
Day 7th Siquijor Island
Day 8th Cebu City