Langkawi Yacht Charter

Also known as Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah; it is an archipelago of Malaysia comprising of 104 small islands and is located in the Andaman Sea. These islands belong to the Malay state of Kedah. Within the island, Kuah is the largest town in the administrative district of Langkawi. The island has around 64,792 populating the landmass.


Hiring a Langkawi boat rental, people can visit many islands close to Langkawi like the Pulau Rebak Besar, Pulao Tepor, Pulao Kentut Besar, and Pulau Beras Basah to name a few.

In its southern part it has the Pulao Dayang Bunting and Pulao Singa Besar. While the south eastern end overlooks the Pulao Bumbon Besar and Pulao Timun, Pulao Buyong, and Pulao Tangkokk Besar.



There are many options for holiday makers going for yacht charter in Langkawi. Predominantly one of the most used sea vessels, motor yachts are a blend of speed paired with adventurous luxury. It has ample deck space to enjoy some easy time under the tropical sun and yet fast enough for you to hop islands and save time traveling.



A larger sea vessel variant, catamarans are the perfect hybrid because of its sailboat appeal and motor yacht speed. Steeped in luxury, catamaran Langkawi yacht charter services is the perfect voyager for people looking to get a taste of both worlds and enjoy spacious living with large bedrooms, deck spaces, game rooms, etc.



If you have always imagined hoisted sails during your boat rental in Langkawi, then sailboats are your go-to option. These boats have the look and appeal that make picturesque calendar photos and move around the Andaman Sea isles much like the aquatic life of the destination.



Langkawi boat rental services offer two types of sailing vessels. The crewed vessels come with skippers, attendants, and chefs, while the bareboat is for people who are used to sailing yachts on their own. Both offer unique experiences and depend a lot on the taste of the tourist more than anything else.


24/7 Services & Assistance

Our yacht charter in Langkawi services come with many perks which include constant online and phone support for our clients. We also have emergency provisions in case of bad weather or other mishaps that might happen on sea. When traveling with our boats, there is no need for you to worry about anything other than your vacation.

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Our Langkawi yacht charter services offer catamarans with and without crews. Depending upon your requirements, you can select whichever suits your group plans for island hopping in Langkawi. Prices differ according to your selection and bareboat catamarans can cost a lot less than crewed. However, it is only an option for members of yacht clubs who have a nautical license.

There are plenty of things to do with your boat rental in Langkawi during your visit there. Visit the Payar Island and its hip beaches, or try the Langkawi cable car and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the pristine location. Another great place to visit in the island is the Art in Paradise Langkawi which is a 3D museum for art and mural paintings. Also, snorkeling, scuba diving, and coral reef trips are some of the islands major attractions.

7 Days from Langkawi


Day 1st Embark in Langkawi 
Day 2nd Pulau Payar
Day 3rd Pulau Tepur, Pulau Gubang Darat 
Day 5th Danyang Bunting
Day 6 th Kilim River Geopark
Day 7th Tanjung Rhu Beach

Langkawi & Thailand


Day 1st Koh Phi Phi Don
Day 2nd Koh Lanta / Koh Po 
Day 3rd Koh Muk
Day 4th Koh Ha Yai 
Day 5th Koh Rok Nok & Koh Rok Nai
Day 6th Butang 
Day 7th Koh Tarutau – Langkawi

Top Destinations in Langkawi


Enjoy your Boat Rental in Langkawi

The adjoining islands that you visit during your yacht charter in Langkawi have loads of things to do. You can enjoy the spa retreats in Rebak Island and relax your mind and body in the beautiful Malay beaches or opt for water sports and parasailing that is available in all the isles of the region.


Langkawi Yacht Charter Experts

Our Langkawi boat rental services ensure that you get the best in class amenities and guidance during your trip to the Malay isles. From our skippers who know the terrain like the back of their hand to our chefs who can cook you some of the most scrumptious oriental meals, every part of your vacation will be nothing short of your perfect dream coming together!