Luxury Yachts for Rent in Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale! A name that brings forth images of geometrically symmetric streets crossing paths with crystal clear water channels laid across the Las Olas and Riviera Island conglomerate. Joining hands with Miami on one side and Port St. Lucie on the other; its geographical reach spreads over 80 sq miles housing more than 6 million people on areas inhabitable.



The city of Fort Lauderdale is known for its innumerous bays and anchorage points which make meandering around this coastline a sailor’s paradise. One can simply avail Fort Lauderdale yacht charter and sail through the New River dropping anchors at Lake Sylvia, New River Sound, Middle River as well as the Rio Barcelona canal. In addition to these, Stanahan River, Lake Mabel, Hollywood Harbor, Biscayne Key, Fisher Island, Sands Key and Virginia Key are equally attractive destinations.

However, if a sailor’s mind wants to explore the diverse waters, then the key islets of Old Rhodes, Totten and Largo islands emerge as viable options. In this respect, experts recommend May and October as the best time to hit the Floridian shores. So, set sail through the busily hydro ways of Fort Lauderdale without much delay!



Enjoy Fort Lauderdale by yacht

Bask in the temperate glory of Fort Lauderdale, as slanting sun rays create a relaxing sailing ambiance. Contemplate the trade winds while passing along the colorful coasts of Riviera Isles and Biscayne Bay. Our expert crew on-board will strive to make your yacht vacation an ever cherishable memoir by sufficing to every intricate need possible.

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Fort Lauderdale Yacht Charter Experts

Allow us to plan an exotic itinerary for your Fort Lauderdale yacht charter. Be it a custom route or specific destinations, we will chalk out the perfect plan for your vacation keeping in mind wind movements and optimum climatic conditions. Safety is our first priority; so rest assured of receiving the best service while on board with our service.


Fort Lauderdale Top Destinations


Prior to signing the payment cheque, choose all preferable destinations after complete scrutinization of the available routes and their subsequent expenses. Your choice will also depend on your duration of stay as well as the number of people travelling.

And Even More Awesome Places


Fort Lauderdale Sailing Itineraries

The sailing route at Fort Lauderdale shall begin with the Sunrise Bay. Situated on the northern ends of the city, it will take your vessel to the Middle river, via the Rio Barcelona canal. Pass along the corrugated coast of Riviera isles and fall into an extensive water body of Lake Mabel. Shift over to the Atlantic waters and hit the exquisite Miamian shores. Sitting right next to this is the Biscayne Bay (last stop within the mainland).

Bid adieu to the American mainland and sail eastwards as the Greater Bahamas emerging slowly from behind the horizon. You can even choose to halt at Elliot Key, Rhodes Key or Crandon Park while on the Bahamas voyage. Drop your anchor on the Bahamas and once done, make way back to Riviera isles in Fort Lauderdale. On your way back, pass by Miami as you enter New River through the Rio Barcelona canal; thereby making your final anchorage at Sunrise Bay.

Florida Keys


Day 1st Fort Lauderdale
Day 2nd Elliot Key
Day 3rd Key Largo
Day 4th Islamorada
Day 5th Duck Key and Hawk's Cay
Day 6th Newfound Harbour
Day 7th Key West

To the Bahamas


Day 1st Miami
Day 2nd Berry Islands
Day 3rd Little Harbour Cay
Day 4th Holmes Cay and Great Harbour Cay
Day 5th Great Harbour Cay
Day 6th Bimini
Day 7th Return to Miami

Our recommended charters in Fort Lauderdale

Crewed & Bareboat Catamaran in Fort Lauderdale

A 5-days or 7-days boat rental in Fort Lauderdale can be best sufficed by booking a catamaran. Especially, for calm waters like the Middle River or Stanahan River, vessels with fixed keels serve the purpose aptly.  Premium vessels also come with alfresco dining, a private Jacuzzi, and flybridges depending on the budget of a customer.


Crewed Motor Yacht in Fort Lauderdale

When planning for a day voyage, it is advisable to opt for a motor boat rental service. Owing to their mono-hulls, and slender gait, these can reach impressive velocities of 40-50 knots thereby aiding one-day voyages around Fort Lauderdale. Hire motorboats with us and receive an onboard crew sufficing to your topographical desires.

While on-board availing the boat rental in Fort Lauderdale, allow our chef to serve your taste buds with some mouth lacquering cuisines. While at Keystone Islands or the all-famous Miamian beach, you shall receive the opportunity of devouring on a plate of ‘Shrimp & Gritts’ or ‘Conch Fritters’. More so, a few pegs of whiskey along with it will only add to the dish’s grandeur.


Skippered & Bareboat Sailboat in Fort Lauderdale

Be it mono-mast or multi-masts, sailboats project a precise amalgamation of heritage and luxury. Courtesy of their varnished maple wood flooring, tactile sails, and wide decks; a Fort Lauderdale yacht charter can be experienced best while on a sailboat. Sail along numerous Bays and embrace the Northern gales as they flock against your goldi-locks.

If you are an adventurous soul, then seek for bareboats as a go-to partner. Simply, submit your sailing license, set up the compass and sail aboard along the Las Olas island group. However, we would recommend you to go for our crewed vessels. With a skipper and crew on board, you will be able to fathom the Miamian humdrum while sipping on a glass of red wine.


Yacht Rentals in Fort Lauderdale

Embrace the true beauty of Biscayne Bay on board a crewed Fort Lauderdale yacht charter. Book the vessel of choice depending on the budget and route and our expert professionals will suffice for all your needs. While the captain will take you through the most scenic of coastlines existing in the Middle and New River; food and booze will be your all-day partner. When tired, allow our masseurs to take care of the stress with an intriguing oil therapy.

Bareboats on the other hand will allow you to be a master of your trade. If you are well-acquainted with the Northern gales, set yourself free in the North Atlantic waters. However, skippered vessels are also a considerable option if the budget is tight but a trained skipper and cabin crew is a necessity.