Luxury charters in Exuma

The Exuma is famous around the world for its 360-odd cays stretching like an elongated chain over a distance of 120 miles. Most of these cays are uninhabited, making them the perfect holiday retreat for some peaceful unwinding.


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One of the most striking things you’ll notice on reaching here is how far removed this place is from the usual touristic baits. There are no casinos here and no posh fine dining outlets. What you will find though are some wonderfully exotic little eateries, undisturbed white sandy beaches, and sapphire blue water perfect for kayaking, kiteboarding, and snorkeling. The Exuma is also known for being home to a rare breed of swimming pigs, dolphins, giant starfish, and plenty of iguanas.



Enjoy your yachting holiday

Chartering a yacht in Exuma will give you a chance to venture beyond the cays and explore the rest of the Bahamas. You can also hit up the likes of Nassau, Freetown, Bannerman Town, Cat Island, Long Island, San Salvador Island, Rum Cay, Conception Island, Crooked Island, and Berry Islands.

Exuma’s unique location makes it accessible also to the Cuban coast as well as Miami in the US. The mild temperate weather in this part of the world makes it a great place to visit for tourists practically all through the year.

Exuma Yacht Charter Experts

At YourBoatHoliday, we strive to serve our valued customers to the best of our ability. You can be rest assured that your association with us doesn’t end with chartering a yacht in Exuma. In fact, that’s where it begins. Feel free to contact us on our 24x7 helpline and fire away from your queries. We’re also reachable on text messaging via WhatsApp on the helpline numbers provided.


Exuma Top Charter Destinations


The Exuma presents a rather unique and exotic destination unmatched around the world for its serene ambiance. Watch the Flamingo – Bahama’s national bird – or the Hawksbill turtle regaling in its natural habitat. Visit the Big Major Cay and witness the world’s only swimming pigs in action! Chartering a yacht in Exuma promises to be a truly one-of-a-kind experience, one that will add richly to your travel memoirs!

And Even More Awesome Places


Exuma Yacht Charter Itinerary

A sailing itinerary in Exuma must before all else include the popular cays - Rudder Cut, Great Guana, Big Farmer’s and Leaf – collectively all which will take you the good part of a day.

You must then head to Nassau, one of the most frequented parts of the Bahamas presenting a unique mix of tropical utopia and a lively metropolitan life. A boat rental in Exuma must also include a trip to Eleuthera where the deep blue waters of the Atlantic mix with the turquoise of the Carribean forming a ‘glass window’ – a sight you will have to see to believe.

7 Days from Exuma


Day 1st Highborne Cay
Day 2nd Allen Cay
Day 3rd Hawksbill Cay
Day 4th Waderick Wells Cay
Day 5th Staniel Cay and Pig Beach
Day 6th Norman's Cay
Day 7th Nassau

Miami to the Bahamas


Day 1st Miami
Day 2nd Bimini and the Gulf Stream Islands
Day 3rd The Berry Islands
Day 4th Abacos
Day 5th Exuma
Day 6th Eleuthera and the Out Islands
Day 7th Nassau and Miami

Crewed & Bareboat Catamaran in Exuma

Heading out to the sapphire sea to drown your worries and just have a ball of a time? Charter our services for crewed boat rental in Exuma and leave all the hassles of logistics to our efficient crew. However, if you’d love a dash of adrenaline and excitement out in the sea, you could also consider renting out one of our bareboat.

Our catamarans come in both crewed and bareboat varieties – each with its own distinctive flavor. 

While our crewed catamarans will come an entire fleet of the crew including a skipper and a chef, our bareboat can be chartered without any of those. However, if you’re renting out one of our bareboat, make sure to present your nautical license (a mandatory requirement).


Crewed Motor Yacht in Exuma

Motor Yachts are a fun way of exploring the waters of Exuma. These mono-hulled vessels come in a slew of sizes catering to groups of all numbers. Our motorized yachts are ideal for day travelers who would like to cover the most accessible points in a short time span.


Skippered & Bareboat Sailboat in Exuma

For those looking for a rather languid, easy-going experience – our sailboats offer the ideal solution.  Very different from our fleet of motor yachts and catamarans, these sailboats come with a long mast and help paint the perfect picture of a seafaring adventure!


Yacht Rentals in Exuma

At YourBoatHoliday, our only endeavor is to provide the best conditions for our valued guests. Chartering a yacht in Exuma with our services will allow you to witness this part of the world in all its splendor and glory!

Our on-location crew knows the way around these islands like the back of their hands. Trust us to deliver a quality holiday experience around the cays for you and your loved ones. With an island for practically every day of the year, Exuma presents the opportunity for visitors to spend as long as they would like with something new to discover every time they venture out into the waters!