North America

The lakes, keys, banks and passages of North America invite exploration at every stop be it a hunt for grizzlies in Alaska or the fishing and diving opportunities of Florida. There’s real variety here and enormous panoramas to enjoy. You will sail in the Florida keys, a true pleasure. Pleasant breezes, tropical climate and clear waters make this a good location year round. When you’re not sailing try fishing, diving, snorkeling or water skiing – as long as you’re in or on the water.

Or you can optionals for a journey along the Northern Atlantic in romantic fog from New York to take in the nautical landmarks, timeless architecture and picturesque harbors of the coastline. Highlights include the exclusive seaside community of Newport, historical Boston and the salty coast of Maine. Artist colonies and excellent restaurants will tempt you ashore and the remnants of a whaling trade. A sailing vacation along the coasts of North America offers both adventure and relaxation.

We Love North America

The perfect period to sail in North America is from June to August. Discover the best sailing areas and watch the gallery.