Delos Charter Vacation plan: All you need to make it perfect

To call Delos history to be the most appealing is still less in comparison to what it actually is! Delos, near Mykonos, cannot comprehend in pages something which itself defines the word history. With legends and archaeological facts garnishing Delos, there is every reason have a perfect Delos Charter Vacation plan.

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Now, you must wonder; if this great Greek place is offering so much, then why not spend time there in a Yacht? It is an appealing query if you have not been there before. To make sure there is no harm upon the preservation of Delos culture and history, there is no good hotel or other accommodation. So, the best option is to unfold the excruciating beauty of in Delos Yacht Charter.


This calls for some extremely important information that will suit you appropriately and give you a perfect vacation. Here you go.

Delos Charter Vacation plan

What are the must do’s in Delos?

When you are planning to visit a place as beautiful as Delos, the most important thing is to decide on the activities you want to engage. Start making your Must-Do list by adding these 5 activities at the top!

  1. Delos Charter sail

One thing you don’t want to miss is the windy sail in a luxurious Yacht. There you will have cabins which you can share, along with in Yacht facilities like meals, drinks, crew, amazing chefs, stunning view and of course a good mean to get a perfect golden tan!

  1. Explore Rhenia

Imagine walking through an uninhabited island where the sand below your feet and the sky above you bestows all of nature’s glory. Yes, it’s still untouched by human infringements and you can get up close and personal with the earthiness of the place.

So, after you have your lunch on your Yacht, take a boat and visit this place with a good guide who can brief you about the rich history.

  1. Swim and Snorkel

Dip and wet yourself with adventurous sensuality in the crystal clear emerald water.

  1. The Sacred Lake

Heard about the legends of Artemis? Now, it is time you visit the sacred lake where he was born. With the perfect scenic beauty sprinkled over the place’s archaeology; this is something you should not miss.

  1. Cleopatra’s House

It will take you by surprise as soon as you enter this place. No portraits or statues, instead what you’ll see are 2 statues of Cleopatra only till the neck flaunting the body with exquisite awe-inspiring detail.

These are the some of the exclusive things that you cannot miss in Delos.

Now, coming to the second part of the vacation plan.

How long is the Delos Charter sail journey?

After you get off the yacht at Mykonos, it takes a 1 and a half to 2 hours journey to reach Delos. In the meantime, you can enjoy the ride, sip beer or even jump in the water for a swim (of course with a life jacket even if you know swimming).

What are the timings of the boat?

The boat generally leaves at three times – 9, 10 and 11 am.

What is the fare?

For an adult it costs around €17 and students get a concession of € 3 for a boat ride. For the entrance it costs around € 5.

What are the facilities you will get on the Delos Yacht Charter?

Here is the list of things that you will get as complimentary in a trip to Delos–

  • English speaking guides
  • Lunch on board (don’t miss the pasta)
  • Beverages – soft drinks, coffee, tea
  • Beer
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • No fuel charges
  • Visit to the beach
  • Crew boats

These will help you enjoy freely without getting worried about planning and arranging everything all by yourself.

To end it well, here are few extra things for Delos Charter Vacation plan, which you should know. So, read on.

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Tips for your Delos Charter sail

Make sure you don’t regret missing any of the best things, so here are few extra tips –

  1. Manage one day and visit the ‘Three Apollo Temple’.
  2. Don’t waste time to find a shopping destination. There are no shops at Delos.
  3. Try eating at the small tourist sanctuary near Apollo Temple
  4. Don’t plan overnight stay, always return back to your Yacht
  5. Drink a lot of water, it is dry place and you can easily get dehydrated
  6. Carry sun protection!

All of this is just to make sure you have a great Delos Charter Vacation plan. Happy Cyclades sailing holiday!



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