Cruise through the Caribbean with a yacht charter and experience the luscious beauty

Are you planning a trip to the Caribbean? Did you think about sailing through the Caribbean Sea? The calm Caribbean sea is not only aesthetically beautiful to look at, but the weather conditions are absolutely favourable for sailing. Sail through the cool blue sea and breeze through smoothly, while you gaze at the last rays of sunshine grazing its shoreline. Beautiful isn’t it? Well, you can simply sign up for a yacht charter and experience the exotic beauty of the Caribbean.


Caribbean Charters Destinations: 

Opting for yacht charter Caribbean is an excellent way to cruise around those islands and take in its magnificent view that each of these islands has to offer. Wondering what’s in the itinerary? Well, you get to visit most of those islands situated in the Caribbean Sea and explore a few major hotspots for its exotic views. If you choose a chartered yacht to explore a place, then it includes places like:

  1. Leeward islands – Caribbean Charter Sailing

This comprises of a series of islands which starts from Antigua to St. Martin. It is one of the favourite places as it supports perfect sailing conditions. You get to start at Antigua and explore its rich historical background if you opt for a yacht charter. You can them move on to Barbuda and take in the magnificent view of sandy beaches. A few other beautiful places on the itinerary include St. Kitts and Nevis, Saba, St Barth’s, St. Martin, Anguilla and St Eustatia.

  1. Bahamas – Caribbean Charter Boat

Bahamas are absolutely perfect for yacht charter Caribbean to sail through its clear water while you indulge in some peace and tranquillity. Explore the secret beaches of Nassau Paradise Island and relax and bask in the sun. You can indulge in some snorkelling next day at Staniel cay. Some other places of interest include some caves at Bell Island, Guana Cay, Wardick Wells, Shroud Cay among others.

  1. Grenada – Caribbean Charters

Grenada is another favourite place for yacht charter and is an island situated in the southern part of the Windward Islands. Known for scuba diving, this region is best to observe underwater life forms and to unwind on a long vacation. Much of that island has still not been commercialised. So, if you are looking to connect with nature, then this is a place for you to be.

  1. Greater Antilles – Caribbean Charter Yacht

Looking for some greenery? Well, Greater Antilles might be something you might be interested in. Situated in the northern part of the Caribbean Sea, you will find its islands rich in biodiversity. The islands also boast of a rich cultural heritage as it comprises of countries like Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. Indulge in some food at their marketplace and come close to nature by exploring those jungle waterfalls by opting for yacht charter.

Indulge in some activities when enjoying Caribbean charter sailing: 

If you are in Caribbean, then it is a crime to not indulge in some activities. Have some fun by your preferences. A catamaran charter Caribbean provides with multiple opportunities to marvel at and celebrate life. So, be the captain by handling the helm of a yacht or observe life forms present underwater. You can opt for deep sea diving, scuba diving and even snorkelling to explore its crystal blue water.

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Experiment with food, if you are willing to be adventurous while you explore the marketplaces of Cuba. Have their ropa vieja and certainly try their tamales. If you have a penchant for music, you can always indulge in some salsa at any of their clubs in Cuba.

However, if you are looking for a vacation that would rejuvenate your soul, then look no further. Get a yacht charter and sail through the breezy Caribbean. Look for secret beaches and plan a quiet getaway just for some peace. There’s a lot you can do there; it all depends on how you plan it.

What is the best time to visit the Caribbean islands?

The best season to go sailing on yacht charter around the Caribbean is from November to July. The tourist flocks toward warm sun during winter season, which is from mid-December to March. There’s something called the ‘wet season’ which generally occurs around July and stays on until early October. During such times, sailing is on hold because of hurricanes, though they rarely occur around the Caribbean.

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Sailing through clear waters on a Caribbean yacht charter is a different experience altogether. Book your tickets now and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime!



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