Where, when and costs to dock a boat in Sicily: Sicily yacht marinas

Sicily is an incredible place to discover, with history and a unique culture that separates it from the remainder of Italy. Acting as a bridge between Italy and Greece, the small islands that surround are certain to give you something new with each visit. Stunning scene is the result of the volcanic geography, while the extreme turquoise water and hidden coves mean it is simple to discover your own small part of heaven.

Sicily is one of Italy popular tourist areas, its historic interests supplemented by natural wonders for example Mount Etna, Europe’s highest active volcano, and the Aeolian Islands off the NE shore, in addition to a few of Italy’s that is picturesque wines and most distinctive cuisine. So, the months of August and July are occupied almost everywhere. Astonishingly, however, Sicily has less marina development than most other parts of Italy and cruising yachtsmen exploring the coastline will sometimes find themselves wedged in among fishing boats or bobbing alongside rough rock quays. However, maybe that is a portion of the allure of still keeping much of its own unique nature and researching an area steeped in history.


Selection of Sicily Yacht Marinas

Marina del Nettuno Messina
The marina is well set to see a number of the very delightful Mediterranean vacation destinations or you’ll be able to take the chance to discover the remarkable art, culture and history of the city of Messina. The marina Marina del Nettuno is located in Messina (Italy). Will have access to services that are quite essential, for example electricity and water. Its users may take advantage of its exceptionally varied fundamental selection of services. It is a marina with moderate ability for medium size boats, taking into account the number and size of its moorings. 

Marina di Cala del Sole
Onshore, it’s extensive leisure and shopping facilities. The nearby town of Licata is a good location to find also. The Marina di Cala del Sole is the new modern marina in the southern shore of the beautiful Sicily. The arrangement of inspiring designers of the marina was based on a modern idea of a fishing village, designed for owners who look as a chance to travel and excitement to international navigation, mingling local history, culture and unspoilt shoreline. Not just a port however a goal that becomes part of the journey or the starting point for some other destinations in its ancient culture and the Mediterranean.

Marina Villa Igiea in Palermo
The marina provides a warm welcome to yachts and nautical tourists of up to 65m at its brilliant modern facilitiy in Sicily. The sparkling turquoise waters of the harbour as well as the beautiful natural setting make it easy to see why so a lot of folks fall in love with this isle that is famed. Will have accessibility to basic services like electricity and water. Thanks to it´s favorable place, boaters can enjoy a wide variety of itineraries with unique mountains, appealing and enchanting coastal islands. Within walking distance of the Marina is the center of Sicily, Palermo and cities in Europe, with it´s cultural and historical churches, palaces and beautiful gardens. It really is an efficient port, which is half an hour of Falcone and Borsellino International Airport, and a few minutes from downtown.

Portorosa Marina
The Portorosa Marina is a well-equipped modern marina in Sicily that provides an excellent standard of customer and technical attention to its many visitors. It’s a perfect port for discovering the crystalline waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, or you can take pleasure in the superb range of leisure facilities onshore.
Portorosa Marina is an elegant and contemporary marina located on the northern coast of the Gulf of Patti, in Sicily, facing the Aeolian Islands. Surrounded by the crystal waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, it’s the Blue Flag acknowledgement since 1993, ensuring that all services are thinking about the protection of the marine environment. In this marina can moor up to 700 boats and yachts , up to 40 meters long with a maximum draft of 5 meters. This port has a wide range of marine services among which contain water, electricity and wifi in moorings, acceptable for all forms of boats. Their facilities are equipped with amenities such as laundry, drugstore, supermarket and supply shops. For people who must carry out maintenance or repair work, this marina has specialized services such as gas station, travel lift, ramp, dry dock, and all sort of repair services.

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Porto dell’Etna
Located in Sicily close to the historic town of Riposto (Catania), the Port of Etna joins extensive recreational facilities and a large harbour. The marina can accommodate boats of up to 40m and visitors are specific to love the bustle of the small town that’s securely attached to its marine tradition. Located in Sicily, Porto dell´Etna has 366 berths for boats up to 40 meters, split between a central pier and five floating pontoons. The port has reception office surveillance system, weather information desk, toilets, parking and boat care. The privacy of their customers is extremely important so each jetty access has video and goalie camera. Electricity and water supply in each mooring is prepaid. This nicely equipped marina also has dry dock gas station, 160 tons travel elevator, crane, mechanical repair service, carpentry, fiberglass and nautical specialty store. Due this interface, for it direction has been certified ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental protection. Remember the front office is situated in the control tower on the principal dock. There you can do all the paperwork.

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