A comprehensive guide to Aeolian Islands holidays by boat

Well-known for its beauty, active volcanoes, delicious cuisine, local wine and fascinating history, Sicily is an unbeatable yacht charter destination. Contact Your Boat Holiday to investigate about charters in the Aeolian Islands as well as in Sicily.


Sicily is the largest of the italian islands, with a land area of 25,706 sq kilometres (9,925 sq miles). Moreover, Sicily is also the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Each one of the occupiers left behind their ethnic influences which have combined to give Sicily a character as distinctive as its Arabic-Norman architecture of the Middle Ages. A trip to Sicily is an experience to be treasured.

The Aeolian Islands

The annals of the UNESCO World Heritage Site is recorded at least 5,000 back years and hints of the presence of man can be found in the form of ancient villages pottery, excavations,, ruins and tools. The setting over time is a volcanic one, “Fire above and below” is how one writer describes their ambience, “baking underneath the continuous glare of Sicilian sunlight.”

Colourful fishing boats line dynamic ports, filled with charming cafes, pubs and eateries.

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The mild climate, typical of the Mediterranean sea, allows an astonishing variety of actions and makes this late autumn in addition to a paradise during early spring.

Aeolian Islands Boat Holidays Sample Itinerary:


The Aeolian isles are occasionally known as the Lipari Islands or Lipari group because the biggest island is called Lipari. The other islands comprise Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi and Panarea.

Each isle has its own unique features and with the on-going volcanic activity here, these isles should not be missed.

These isles get really active between 15 July and 20 August.

The sea bed slopes off quite quickly from the shoreline as these islands are volcanic in origin. Most of the suitable anchorages in standard depths are full by 1500-1600 hrs, so if arriving after you may have to anchor a bit farther off in 15-18m. Go prepared with a lot of chain (60-80m).

Vulcano Island offers many anchorages. Important reminder: as the seaside is rocky, take attention.

Lipari is  the biggest island in the group. A nice spot to look for Aeolian Islands fortes, notably their enormous capers. There are 2 or 3 (overpriced) pontoons here with great shelter, except from Easterly winds.

Approximately 40NM from Messina. Reported to have a nice and equipped marina located on the south east side with plenty of space, Salina has great facilities with toilets and showers on coast. Electricity and water included in the berthing price. Provisioning within decent walking distance, also restaurants and taverns.
The tiny village of Lingua is reported to have the best granita (pistacchio and gelsi flavour) of all the archipelago.

Alicudi and Filicudi
This really is a pleasant little quiet town with a ferry pier that is concrete, but very unprotected from the wind and also the swell. There are mooring buoys available here.

During the summer Panarea, is crowded of sailing and motor yachts, some of them reach this little island for her active nightlife and pubs. While sailing in Panarea, you can leave the boat at buoys, there are two fields.

Observing Stromboli (an active volcano) erupt in the dark is a sight not to be overlooked.

Anchor on the black volcanic sand bottom in front of the Isle of the main town on the NE.

Go to the crater during the nighttime. A great 3/4 hour walk with headlamps. All the equipments might be rented and guides are mandatory. Instead, you can raise your anchor and sail on the northwestern side keeping a safe distance in front of the lava trail. Eruptions every /-10minutes – a spectacle you’ll never forget after sailing the Aeolian Islands.



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