Christmas Sailing Holidays

Chartering a yacht over these vacation weeks is an excellent chance to get family as well as friends away from the cold northern winter to relish the tropical weather, crystal clear waters, white sand beaches and blue skies of the Caribbean, AsiaIndian Ocean and East Mediterranean and West Mediterranean destinations. Planning your Christmas sailing holidays is constantly one of the best parts about the vacation itself and in case you chance to be taking a sailing excursion in the near future, the first thing you need to determine is where you need to go. Are you really trying to find the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, complete with white sand and palm trees? Or are you after a rugged and wild experience? Looking at various factors we have narrowed the list down to our favoured Christmas destinations to charter a yacht round the world:

Caribbean Christmas Travel:
We take you to the Caribbean that is concealed on a usual shore hotel holiday from you! Feel the warm wind fill the sails, swim with turtles, snorkel the reefs, see the sun set from a beach bar – daily!
Composed of over 5,000 islands, reefs and cays and uniting easy line of sight sailing and challenging open water delights, the Caribbean is a veritable sailor’s resort area. From the 700 islands of the Bahamas to the 365 beaches of Antigua; the lush, tropical isle of St. Lucia to the European dash of St. Martin; the shipwreck dive sites of Tortola to the exotic jungle attractiveness of Belize, sail the Caribbean and realise your nautical dreams.

British Virgin Islands Christmas Cruises, Tortola:
The British Virgin Islands boast that they have more yachts there than anyone else on the planet, reminding everyone that this destination is the right area to charter a yacht. What makes this destination so perfect? To start, the consistent trade winds, line-of-site navigations and wealth of sheltered anchorages. The ideal blend of deep water island hops that are simple is perfect for the whole family. Combine all of this with breathtaking rock formations, picture perfect beaches, crystal clear waters, abundance of on-shore activities and a great variety of dining alternatives, and you also can see why so lots of people like to sail here. Make sure to go to with Anegada with its immaculate white sand beaches and colonies of pink flamingoes. A bloom covered island nestled in the quiet, sheltered warm water lagoon that is ideal for young kids, if you’re sailing as a family you won’t wish to lose Marina Cay.

St. Martin Luxury Christmas Cruises:
St. Maarten has to be one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world and it’s no wonder why as this island is overflowing with beauty. The island is ruled by both French and the Netherlands and when you visit you actually get to experience two cultures in a single place. Anticipate beautiful deserted beaches full of silky white sand, exceptional waterfront restaurants and extraordinary shopping. The enchanting tropical scene joined with nightlife, world-famous beaches and other islands the number one Caribbean getaway.

New Year Yacht Party in Cuba:
Cuba sailing holiday takes in a wonderful assortment of what this incredible island offers. Cuba is a huge island, around 800 miles long by 80 miles wide with a vast array of wonders to explore. Gorgeous Spanish colonial architecture, glittering white-sand shores, hand rolled cigars, vintage cars, Cuban jazz, snapping dominoes and transistor radios that are crackling.
Cuba is like nowhere else on the planet, and has charm and an electric energy. The historic seaport capital, Havana, has a charming if not crumbling historical heart filled with colourfully painted buildings. Amazing old classic American automobiles bumble down the atmospheric roads filled with the odor of Cuban cigars as well as lively local art. As you wander down the capital’s cobblestone streets that are broken, the sound of renowned Cuban jazz is not far away.

St Barth Christmas Sailing Holidays:
Gustavia Harbour on St Barts is a celebrated destination for a mega yacht charter, which converge on the isle each New Year’s Eve for the ultimate yacht-hop extravaganza. No more than 60 yachts can fit at the quay, which, given the amount of yachts available for Caribbean charters each winter, places fixing a spot on par with snagging a prime reservation at a top. 
Yachts up to 200 feet long are welcome to St Barths, creating a star-studded arena featuring many of the finest me gayachts in the world. Many repeat charter clients reserve six months to a year ahead of time, understanding that the finest charter yachts for the occasion are always in demand that is utmost. Just steps away from Gustavia Harbour is just one of the very luxury shopping districts in the Caribbean. If you are interested in Caribbean Catamaran Charter for your Christmas travel, click here

Fiji Christmas Sailing Holidays:
In the Southwest Pacific there are 300 stunning isles over a sizable region of ocean waiting to be explored. These islands are surrounded by plenty of lovely lagoons, breathtaking reefs, crystal clear waters and sea life. Fiji is also famous for having some of the very welcoming people about. The remoteness of Fiji makes exploring these water and islands unlike anything else on the planet. Find the land of coconut plantations, astounding beaches, tropical rainforests and underwater experiences. Experiencing Fiji is not difficult, as English is widely spoken and it’s known to be rather safe. If you are looking for those long sandy beaches with palm trees and coral reefs make certain to get to the Mamanuca Islands. If you need to experience the traditional way of life, ensure that you head to Yasawa Islands where the astounding scenery and crystal clear lagoons go perfectly with the laid-back lifestyle here.

New Year Yacht Charter in the Seychelles Islands:
The Seychelles Islands can best be described as heaven on earth with towering granite stone, swinging giant palm trees and turquoise inlets that are framed with dazzling white sand beaches. These 115 islands lay off the east shore of Africa south of the Equator and are absolutely breathtaking. The outer islands are low-setting, mostly coral atolls and sailing is done primarily within the interior isles, all together which make for simple island hopping. Mahe is the most developed and biggest isle and deserves to be explored at the mountains soar to almost 3,000 feet above sea level and the tropical forests are laced with hiking trails. Picturesque bays and coves line e 44 miles of coastline and boast 65 world-class beaches.

Christmas Cruises in Thailand:
Thailand is truly an amazing destination for sailors from everywhere on earth. Mountain ranges, towering palm trees, Sandy beaches and bright blue sea make for an unforgettable landscape. Chartering a yacht here enables you to find peace and tranquility while still letting you indulge in the sensational nightlife. Each isle will share the same tranquil waters but feature incredible landscapes and different beaches. Should you want to escape the busyness and explore the exotic flora and fauna, hidden coves and bays head to Phuket. Everywhere you go in Thailand anticipate the warmest of welcomes as well as excellent food from the locals. 

Christmas Cruises in Whitsunday Islands, Australia:
The 74 Whitsunday Islands are along the northeastern shore of Australia, right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Water sports along with diving and snorkeling excursions brings yachters from all over the world to experience these waters. The eight principal islands here offer resorts but there are plenty of deserted islands and sandbars to see too. Make sure to anchor at Bauer Bay as you will get the best view of the islands and walk to the top. Blue Pearl Bay is the place at if you want amazing snorkeling and lots of whale sightings, you’ll want to anchor. Make sure you don’t miss Whitehaven Beach, considered one of the best beaches in the world. True to its name this shore offers some of the purest on earth and charms visitors with lovely sunsets pure white sand and breathtaking views.

Christmas Sailing Holidays in Canary Islands, Spain:
Found just off the coast of Africa, the Canary Islands, in Spain, are a popular European holiday destination, especially for those looking to take to the seas. Unspoiled nature and favorable winds make this a year round destination. The isles are a mix of warm local hospitality, people, historic influences and different cultures. The very best way to explore the isles would be to travel to and from them by yacht. The beaches of Gran Canaria are among the favorite of all visitors in addition to the bustling nightlife of Tenerife. The island of La Palma is what makes this destination stand out among the rest though, and some visitors here refer to it as the most amazing spot on the planet. With sheltered marinas, breathtaking beaches and favorable winds; this is one of the greatest places to be on the water on the planet.

Christmas Travel in Sicily and Amalfi Coast, Italy:
Sailors are brought to this part of the Mediterranean for its famous beaches, secluded anchorages and quiet fishing villages. As this early city begs to be investigated, you’ll need to spend some time in the port of Palermo. Visitors can expect stunning structure, remarkable cuisine and historical squares. Also plan on visiting Catania at which you’ll have incredible views of Mount Etna, along with Trapani and Marsala.
Why don’t you take a Crewed Yacht Charter in among the Italian charming destinations – Sardinia and Corsica, Amalfi Coast, Sicily

The Amalfi Coast is an enclave of wealth and stature tucked along Italy’s south western shore, within cruising distance of Naples. Start your Amalfi Coast yacht charter vacation (check our Amalfi Coast Sailing Itineraries) in the city where pizza was born and where the historic city center remains the largest in all Europe—perfect for exploring cuisine and Neapolitan architecture likewise. Take another day to explore the nearby ruins of Pompeii, a Roman city which was destroyed in the two-day eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. and remained buried beneath ashes for the next 1,500 years. Many of the towns are former fishing villages that evolved into modern day tourism hearts, while add ing fine dining, boutique shopping and charming cafés keeping their bona fide charm.

Get lost for a few hours on the old stone roads, glancing down narrow alleyways where generations-old family stores sell everything from olive tapenade to wooden cutting boards. Your yacht will dock or anchor alongside conventional working boats, a lot of them built of wood and painted by hand. A yacht charter immerses you in the beachfront culture of the Amalfi Coast, all the while ensuring that you’ve got every creature comfort imaginable.

The Italian island of Sicily is the biggest in the Mediterranean Sea. Since the isle stands apart geographically from other regional isles like Corsica and Sardinia, Sicily yacht charter itineraries are usually circumnavigations. Volcanoes make Sicily memorable as a unique yacht charter destination.
Among the must-visit sites on Sicily is Mount Etna, that is the biggest active volcano in all of Europe. Reaching more than 10,000 feet above sea level, Mount Etna is the tallest mountain in Italy south of the Alps. It is almost continuously erupting, creating a rich layer of volcanic earth that supports breathtaking orchards and vineyards providing the local restaurants on shore with fresh produce.

Your yacht charter itinerary can also comprise a short cruise to the Aeolian Islands, which are just north of Sicily. These islands include Stromboli, which also boasts an active volcano. Minor eruptions occur practically constantly and are easily observable from the security of your charter yacht’s sun deck. Sit in the hot tub after sunset and sip on Brunello or a great Italian Barolo while you view nature’s fireworks display in the space. Subsequent to the show, retire to a dinner of chicken or veal Marsala prepared by your yacht’s chef with locally grown and bottled Marsala wine. The other stunning Islands of this Archipelago are Panarea, Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Alicudi and Filicudi. The main ports to reach the Islands are Milazzo and Portorosa.

Deeper south in the Mediterranean you’ll find Malta – a beautiful and little archipelago which is increasing as a top new charter destination. Malta is experiencing a glamorous revolution – while keeping its fascinating local history and culture. Great combo would enjoying Sicily Malta Charter, to include both the destinations in your Christmas travel. 

French Riviera Christmas Destinations:
This coastal area along the Mediterranean is just packed full of stunning scenery and breathtaking beaches. Full of sunshine throughout the year, to charter a yacht here will probably be an experience unlike any other. This region manages to do an incredible job of combining the rugged landscapes with the big cosmopolitan resorts of Cannes, St Tropez, Monaco, Nice and Monte Carlo. For exceptional cuisine and lively nightlife, head inland to any of these areas. To escape the crowds, yacht down to Porquerolles and Port Cros where the atmosphere is relaxed and gently swaying palm trees is all the activity you’ll see. Historical architecture along this shore together with little marinas and white sandy beaches make this one of the most fabled areas to charter a yacht.

Christmas Cruises in Turkey:
Turkey boasts over 8,300 kilometers of shoreline, and an seas four abundance of coves, inlets, bays, beaches and marinas. Sailing in Turkey is amongst the best in the world due to the crystal clear blue waters, the constant winds and the abundance of beautiful beaches and secluded anchorages. Turkey has been the meeting point between the Far East and Mediterranean and cuisine and the culture in this country can represent this. The stretch of Turkish coast line is broken up in four distinct yacht charter places; each offering their very own unique experience. Head up the Ionian Coast if you’re searching for the best climate and to find the coasts which brought forth the rich culture of the Ionians or in the event that you are feeling like finding mountainous shores head to the West Lycian Coast. Rock tombs make up much of the Easy Lycian Coast and also the Carian Coast is the most popular sailing ground.

Greece Christmas Travel: 
Greece of the finest areas on earth to charter is boasts over 3,000 islands and islets and actually The historical archeology, stunning natural landscapes and abundant culture draws on yacht goers from all around the globe. Some of typically the most popular islands to explore comprise Crete, Mykonos and Santorini. In Santorini you will find hillside towns that are striking, white washed houses and sunsets to die for. Mykonos is where you’ll find the busyness of the Greek Isles, so head here if you wish to go through the epic nightlife and packed main shores. Sail during the various islands, both inhabited and not being here explored by the primeval seas, under the glorious Mediterranean sun. Take a look to our Greece Travel Guide.



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