Christmas and New Year Eve by Yacht in the Bahamas

Spend Christmas and New Year Eve under the Bahamian sun with your charter boat!

The Bahamas are perfect for yacht and pleasure boat rentals, and during winter months they become the perfect place to party in the sun as you sail to remote and paradisiacal islands.

This island nation is made up of hundreds of islands and atolls seem made for boat cruises, thanks to factors such as the natural protection guaranteed by the reef and coral atolls that make the sea almost always calm, enormous navigation spaces, picturesque villages, and the typical Caribbean hospitality.



Are you wondering if you still have time to book a charter this winter or maybe a last-minute for Christmas or New Year Eve? The answer is yes!

The Caribbean and the Bahamas offer breathtaking cruises, with quiet beaches of soft white powder and clear, warm waters perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and carefree days of fun with water games.

Onboard your spacious charter yacht, looked after by the crew, with the only people chosen by you, lost in a magnificent sea, you will spend unforgettable moments.


Why celebrate Christmas and New Year’s eve on a yacht in the Bahamas?

Yacht Charter in the Bahamas during the holiday season and New Year’s is the best way to escape the cold winter to unwind in the Caribbean warmth with family or larger groups.

It is up to you to choose whether to mix in the festivities that abound in Nassau and the main islands or seek your own private entertainment on isolated atolls where you will be the only people around for miles.

Your vessel (motor yacht, catamaran, or sailboat) will indeed be equipped with all the first-rate facilities and entertainment systems at your disposal. All in complete comfort and safety, guaranteed by a crew of proven experience.

What will you need to bring? Your desire to be in company, have fun and enjoy an incredible experience, in addition to your swimsuit!

Yacht charter in the Bahamas is generally a casual, relaxed type of vacation, and the attire is casual. For clothing bring swimwear, shorts, T-shirts, a sweater or sweatshirt, and long pants for cool evenings. Of course, it is also helpful to bring more formal attire for elegant dinners. An evening dress, for example, for a gallant dinner in a chic restaurant.


Why the Bahamas?

The Bahamas is a popular year-round destination that reaches the height of its peak season during the winter months and the holiday season. Many escape the cold of the northern hemisphere by taking refuge in this corner of paradise, a stone’s throw from the United States.

The Bahamas are a huge archipelago that extends over the Atlantic Ocean, with mild temperatures all year round. A paradisiacal archipelago of over 700 islands, of which only a handful are permanently inhabited, offers a breathtaking, unique, and incomparable landscape. The Bahamas are a corner of paradise, a treasure trove of emerald-colored seabeds, coral reefs, freshwater caves, the famous Blue Holes, pristine bays, mangrove forests, nature reserves, and 260,000 square kilometers of dream beaches that have also inspired cinema. The schools of colorful tropical fish make it one of the most loved and evocative spots for lovers of the sea, sailing, and snorkeling.

Some of the most famous destinations are Nassau, the capital and major center of social life, which is known for its casinos, festivals, and duty-free shopping; the archipelago of the Exumas, an endless strip of atolls known for their beauty, for sport fishing and snorkeling; the Abacos islands, famous for their classic postcard beaches and scuba diving.


Why choose Your Boat Holiday as your trusted broker?

Whether you are looking for a yacht to rent during the holiday season, to spend the New Year in the Bahamas, or even for a winter vacation, Your Boat Holiday is the name you can count on and trust.

We guarantee our clients a wide selection of charter boats ranging from luxury motor yachts to classic sailing yachts and catamarans. Thanks to our many years of experience we are able to offer solutions that can be easily customized according to your needs and our support staff will be at your complete disposal to identify the best boat for you and then follow you step by step in all the rental phases.

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