Chartering a Yacht in Ibiza Becomes Fun if You Know Which Vessel to Choose

This summer, set sail by chartering a yacht in Ibiza! Ensure to choose the right vessel before you set off. Before you become perplexed with the numerous choices available, take a look at the few choices here.

Your yacht charter in Ibiza with the best vessel –

Choice 1 –

Crewed and Bareboat Catamaran

Ibiza is one of those Mediterranean destinations which you can visit all year round. With the easterly winds breezing through and providing a chance to anchor at any dock, chartering crewed catamarans in the Balearics is an ideal option.

The crewed multi-hulled vessels have a solid base with wide deck-area and a set of professionals (technical team, chef, stewards, and captain) to assist you in this sail. Also, by availing a yacht charter in Ibiza, you can enjoy the benefits as – specialised cabins, private quarters, Jacuzzi, raised decks, kitchen area, lounge and a well-stocked bar.

Just in case you wish to set sail on the Mediterranean waters all by yourself, a bareboat catamaran is a great choice. Make sure that you know the climate and read the ways correctly.

  • Shallow waters
  • Spectacular rocks
  • Clear anchorages
  • Spacious decks
  • A catamaran, whether crewed or bareboat, can be the ideal choice.

[Note: Renowned for their stability and size, these catamarans are THE option if you want to sail with the temperate winds along the crystal waters. Balanced on dual hulls, these are not just one of its kind regarding facilities but also suitable for travelling in groups.]


Choice 2 –

Crewed Motor Yacht

For those looking for chartering a yacht in Ibiza – Ibiza also provides all that is required for a crewed motor yacht. From solid anchorage points to the top class mechanism, ideal speed against the clime to a chance to enjoy the exciting nightlife against the Mediterranean coast!

Courtesy to its streamlined decks and sleek design, motor yachts can surely cut off the strongest of winds (especially trade winds which attack at times) at a comparatively faster pace. Looking to corner your yacht via the inland creeks?

Well, a compactly designed motor yacht is a viable option. Though the Mediterranean has calm weather all the year round, you cannot always predict a sudden gust.

Choice 3 –

Skippered and Bareboat Sailboat

For the ones who love sailing, chartering a sailboat in Ibiza is a great way to start the voyage. To relish this journey, going for a skippered sailboat is always recommended. With the captain ensuring you have an excellent itinerary that doesn’t miss out any attraction, you can enjoy the leisurely sail like the ancient times. Sailboats can be your companion this sailing season if you wish to cruise on the languorous Mediterranean waters.

If self-administration is your call, then sailboats are the ones that you must check out. Bareboat sailboats, however, need proof of your sailor’s license and experience certificate.

For yacht charterers, this island brings forth an inexhaustible series of water activities followed by breath-taking cliffs, solitary coves and turquoise waters. There are large areas – UN World Heritage Sights as “God’s Finger” (Benirràs Bay) making chartering a yacht in Ibiza a must!



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