Caribbean Catamaran Vacations

The Eastern Caribbean is the ideal destination for your high-end catamaran holiday. Expertise exciting sailing. The quiet, warm and crystal clear water is perfect for swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling and an entire variety of other water sport playthings. Wonderful shores – some with others and active, enjoyable beach pubs with not another man in sight. The Caribbean is full of quaint hamlets, historic sites and much more. The Bahamas also, are another great yacht chartering place.


We feature specially chosen charter catamarans – those which we believe offer the greatest comfort, facilities, levels of service, water sport toys etc., for the sailing yachts of their kind.
Whether you agree with this or not, you enjoy most folks will have known as a great Caribbean catamaran rentals destination. This is because this place covers a huge place and offer amazing diversity. It’s warm and lovely, has fascinating cultures, incredible beaches and maybe above all, the Caribbean has a tremendous collection of crewed yachts, luxury yachts and superyachts, comfortable and spacious catamarans in bareboat and skippered charter, which you experience and can lease a really spectacular holiday around the different Isle groups.



The Caribbean is an all-natural wonderland onshore, but likely most of all, it’s an ocean laden with treasures, from miniature shore ridden coral atolls to large mountainous islands exuding colourful and rich traditions. More than ever crewed luxury yachts are starting to investigate distant and more exotic Caribbean Isles, so request captain or your charter agent to find out more on some of these more distant treasures. If you are an expert sailor, now it’s the time to enjoy your Caribbean catamaran bareboat charters. Because of the scale and diversity of the various yacht and catamaran charter regions of the Caribbean we’ve covered the important charter places separately. Please notice that if there’s a charter boat cruising place, not covered here that you’re interested in, please contact us and we’ll provide that info to you in the form of a yacht charter itinerary.
Both beginner and skilled private yacht charterers alike are brought to the Caribbean for safe waterways, its warm winds and delightful anchorages. The Caribbean is an unique area that’s beautiful tropical islands that lie as laid out on a big blue sea snug within a tropical isle necklace.

The Caribbean is also steeped in a rich history of sailing experience. Since the days of pirates and galleons the Caribbean has been host to some of the most pleasing sailing everywhere on earth. The trouble is, with charter boat operators and so many outstanding Caribbean catamaran charter places to select type, where do you begin when planning a vacation?


The Caribbean main high season is from mid-December to March, when the winter escapees from Europe and North America arrive in their best amounts. Although hurricanes are in general uncommon in the southern Caribbean, the hurricane season is from late July to early October. Sadly, they can be common around Cuba, Bahamas and the east shore of the U.S. every few years. This is the most inexpensive time for chartering in the Caribbean and there are some great deals. Nonetheless, along with running the risk of thunderstorms, this time of year also will be related to lighter (or nonexistent) winds.

As with many places that are boating the Caribbean shoulder season, in this event from April to July, is also an excellent time as there are coast based visitors, some wonderful settled bright weather, and warm yet constant wind to charter a boat. The Caribbean is composed of many distinct multi-state (and multicultural) volcanic isles.

Here is a simple list of some of the Caribbean luxurious yacht charter hotspots to contemplate when you lease you luxurious crewed charter yacht experiencing. This is by no means an extensive list and there’s more info on things to see and do under each Caribbean private yacht charter place in the Caribbean. Additionally, when you hire a yacht with us we’ll give you a customised hand that you and your crew have a couple thoughts to pick from on your own charter written itinerary idea.



Catamarans supply firmness, seclusion, comfort and a big cockpit and are ample. The charters can be incredibly lavish, with all the amenities of a resort. In the Caribbean, cruisers spend nearly all their time lounging, eating or reading in the boat’s cockpit, making the catamaran ideal for a relaxing experience. Monohulls are for those who genuinely love the sport of sailing. They heel over at 30 to 35 degrees, making them wetter and less cozy, but they offer sailing functionality that far surpasses that of the catamarans.


The initial step in planning a charter will be to determine how many islands to see given your time frame. Research charter companies and decide which island you want as a foundation; then you can plan an itinerary for the week, taking into consideration distances between islands and factoring in activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, island exploration, volcano hiking and shopping. 

The most important part of planning a sailing excursion is selecting your crew members. It’s not unusual to experience and hear about personalities clashing on charters. At these times, money and time is squandered on what could have been a great trip. Choose those who have had at least a little sailing experience. Just as a captain on a plane has the final say, so does a captain of a boat.



For seasoned sailors, it is thrilling to sail among the four principal islands: Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada. With constant 10- to 25-knot winds, the sailing is among the best on the planet. Anchoring nightly in peaceful and safe anchorages gives sailors liberty to explore and soak up British and French isle culture.



Day 1st – Depart Roadtown, Tortola for The Bight, Norman Island 
You can stop at the entry of Normal Island to snorkel the Caverns. The sea life isn’t really vibrant, but it’s exciting to snorkelling into some of the caverns, which are not rather deep. Pick up a mooring buoy in The Bight. The William Thornton called Willie T is the pirate ship that is floating /restaurant you can’t miss. The feeling is fun and the food is rapid. Ashore is the Pirates Pub bar & grill where you will generally hear live music, pleasure. Beware of the barrelled pirate rum!

Day 2nd – Depart The Bight, Norman Island for the Indians
Pick up a mooring buoy. The Indians is mainly a dive and snorkel spot. The stone are dark coloured as they protrude above the waterline, but under the waterline is a view that is completely different! The reef is like a wall of tropical fish, sea fans and brilliant coral.

Day 3rd – Depart the Indians for Cooper Island and Salt Island
Cooper Island has a restaurant ashore for dining and a white, palm fringed beach for exploring. The scenery is quite unique from the other islands as it is more open, yet very well protected. At nighttime you’ll be able to see across the Sir Francis Drake Channel and occasionally can catch a glimpse of a 200’ schooner with lighted sails. This is a great area for the children to a little fun on the dinghy. And, one of the finest characteristics it the sunset! It’s certainly fantastic…colours like you haven’t seen! Pick up a mooring buoy. Salt Island is the well known place of the Wreck of the RMS Rhone. This is an excellent location for the divers in your group to take their first dive. It’s possible for you to rent dive equipment to take onboard or you can set up a rendezvous ahead of time. Salt Island is, in addition, great for exploring. Ashore are three salt ponds which belong to the British Crown, but are managed by the local people. You can purchase salt that is picked, research the shore to find several shells, numerous kinds of stone and sea glass.

Pick up a mooring buoy for your overnight stay. Trellis Bay is famous for full moon celebrations, which bring a fantastic celebration with a delicious BBQ, mocho jumbee stilt dancers, fire jugglers, live music and astounding fireballs! Besides the monthly full moon parties, Trellis Bay is also a very energetic bay decorated with tons of local artwork created by Aragorn who owns the art studio in Trellis Bay. The fresh baked bread loaves are delectable!


Day 4th – Depart Trellis Bay for The Bathrooms 
Leave early so you can fix a prime mooring buoy at the Baths! The Baths are unbelievable with enormous boulders (house sized) actually piled in addition to each other. There are several routes through the boulders that lead from one amazing shore to the next. There’s a pool, and a restaurant for an enjoyable lunch with an amazing view at the top at the Baths.

The hi-light of the bathrooms is undoubtedly the rock climbing/exploring (there are ladders, platforms and ropes to assist), but the snorkelling is, in addition, awesome. It is simple to spend all day here!

Day 5th – The Baths for Gorda Sound
You should depart by early day from the Baths to pick up an overnight mooring ball in Gorda Sound. There are several places to go and explore. Eating at Saba Rock isn’t recommended, but you should truly see with Saba Rock where you are able to walk around the back side of the isle in the Saba Rock Gardens – the landscaping is beautiful and encompassed completely with conch shells. There are hammocks to relax in, a gift shop, a game room and you’re sure to find huge tarpon at the pier after sunset. The Bitter End is, in addition, excellent for night time fun.

This is mainly a snorkel and dive stop. The reef is huge, incredibly vibrant and dynamic. This would be a great location for a dive. Great Harbour is home of the infamous Foxy’s. Really dynamic parties can be discovered several times a year. Foxy frequently plays his guitar live adlibbing tunes as he goes – typically humorous songs about anyone in his presence, when the enormous bash isn’t happening. It’s a good time. The BBQ dinner is really great. There is usually a friendly, crab-chasing gold Labrador on the seashore. You can cool down with a delicious ice cream at the store just a brief walk down the shore.


Day 6th – Green Turtle Cay
You’ll drop anchor at Sandy Cay or pick up a mooring buoy at Green Turtle Cay. Both offer white sandy, deserted isles with snorkelling, exploring and swimming. This would be a great time for a picnic lunch! 

Cane Garden Bay is completely seashore ashore with water sports and restaurants. Quito, a well-known local vocalist is excellent for night-time enjoyment (at times isn’t overly good for children), but the best food is found at Myett’s Garden Inn and Grille (highly recommended.) If you’d like to do some exploring Callwoods rum distillery is also found at Cane Garden. There is some snorkelling, but Cane Garden Bay is best for relaxing on the beach. This is a terrific place to rent a water bike or a kayak if you don’t lease any water playthings for your yacht. You will comprehend the infamous tire- swing ashore whose image is used in several magazines that are Caribbean.


– Gustavia Harbour in St Barts – European quintessence, nightlife, restaurants and shopping
– Nelson in Dockyards in Antigua – attractiveness and history in a harbour
– Sundown in St Lucia
– St Kitts from Brimstone Hill Fortress for the beauty, history and spectacular views
– Anegada for its abandoned beaches, reefs that are fringed and the unique flora and fauna of the salt ponds
– The BVIs for anchorages and the wonderful beaches
– Guadeloupe for its diversity – cosmopolitan flair is offered by one side, bordered by coral reefs and beaches and the other has open lands with volcanic summits, the rich, rainforest and waterfalls.


St Bart’s Pail
– Grenada Sailing Holiday
– Heineken Regatta – a Caribbean sailing and celebration Regatta – The Heineken St Maartens.
– Here is the complete list of sailing events and Caribbean catamaran rentals.


– New Year’s Eve at the BVIs, St Martin and St Barts Gustavia
– More information on sailing occasions and Caribbean yachting
– Please see the Special Caribbean place links on the left for more.

Whether you agree with this or not, you enjoy most people will have heard of the Caribbean as a great yacht charter destination. This is since this location covers a huge region and provide fantastic diversity. It’s warm and beautiful, has fascinating cultures, awesome beaches and perhaps most importantly, the Caribbean has a tremendous selection of crewed yachts, luxury yachts and super yachts that you’ll be able to rent and experience a truly spectacular holiday round the different Island groups. The Caribbean is a natural wonderland onshore, but probably most of all, it has an ocean laden with treasures, from miniature beach ridden coral atolls to substantial mountainous islands exuding colourful and rich customs. An area which is well-known for its beautiful waterways and islands, there’s no better way to undergo the Caribbean than on a crewed luxury yacht charter vacation.


More than ever crewed luxury yachts are starting to explore more exotic and remote Caribbean Isles, so ask your charter agent or captain for more information on a few of these more distant treasures. Due to the scale and diversity of the different yacht charter regions of the Caribbean we have covered the major charter locations independently. Please be aware that if there’s a charter boat cruising region, not covered here that you are interested in, please contact us and we will offer you that advice in the type of a yacht charter itinerary.

Both beginner and skilled private yacht charterers alike are drawn to the Caribbean for secure waterways, its warm winds and beautiful anchorages. The Caribbean is a special place that has beautiful tropical islands that lie as laid out on a large blue sea snug within a tropical isle necklace.

The Caribbean is also steeped in a fertile history of sailing adventure. Since the days of pirates and galleons the Caribbean has been host to a number of the very most satisfactory sailing any place on the planet. The issue is, with charter boat operators and so many brilliant Caribbean yacht charter locations to choose type, where do you start when arranging a holiday? Your Boat Holiday is your preferred and personal charter assistant. 

The main Caribbean sailing season runs from November through to July. The Caribbean primary high season is from mid-December to March, when the winter escapees from Europe and North America arrive in their best numbers. 

As with many locations that are boating the Caribbean shoulder season, in this case from April to July, is also an excellent time to charter a boat as there are coast based visitors, some wonderful settled sunny weather, and warm yet steady breeze. The Caribbean is composed of many different multi-country (and multi-cultural) volcanic islands. There are amazing sailing grounds stretching from Cuba and Jamaica in the west, through the Windward Islands, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, The Leeward Islands as well as the Dominican Republic, concluding off the coast of Venezuela with Trinidad and Tobago: the best and most beautiful pearls for sailing charters Caribbean.



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