Why are Caribbean Bareboat Vacations the Perfect Holiday Escapade?

Has the thought of Caribbean bareboat vacations ever crossed your mind?

If a boat charter in Caribbean is a must for all the sailing lovers, a bareboat Caribbean charter is the greatest expression of freedom, relaxation and fun that a charter can offer in the  paradise on Earth par excellence. 


A bareboat is the  a sailing vessel that comes without a skipper or a crew of any kind. In fact, there’s no readily available food on board either. It entails one of a kind sailing experience for part-time sailors and their friends or family where the whole group charters a yacht and has complete freedom of exploration.

If you are in for such escapade, what better place for a bareboat sailing experience than the Caribbean waters?

What makes the bareboat Caribbean charter special?

The first reason for choosing the Caribbean for your sailing holiday adventure is that it tends to have a much better and drier weather from May to October compared to the Pacific coast. This makes it perfect for the combination of rainforest cum beach experience. There are dense and green jungles, but there is never too much rain for it to be an annoyance.


Besides the weather, sailing the Caribbean is also full of tiny islands (above 7000 in total, covering around 1 million sq. mile area), each one with a distinct flavour of its own. Dock your bareboat vessel at an islet you feel like, and explore the land. Meet the rural community, try initiating dialogue with them or learn their local dance. Lots of travellers come back from the Caribbean, filled with experience and knowledge of the local lifestyle.

The Caribbean also has plenty of wildlife exquisiteness to offer. Take your boat and head to the Kekoldi Reserve, the Braulio Carrillo National Park or the Cahuita National Park. These regions are inhabited by a mix of different ethnic groups who have lived in harmony for years.

There is just something about the Caribbean coast, about the slow pace of life it offers, about the cheerful, almost carefree nature of its people that make it one of the best places to charter a yacht.

Now, things you require for a bareboat Caribbean charter:

The first requirement for chartering a bareboat catamaran in the Caribbean is to have a sailing license. Most yacht charter companies these days refrain from giving out vessels without a license.

Apart from the necessary documentation, one also needs to have adequate sailing experience. The stand-in skipper needs to possess navigational skills and knowledge of the Caribbean waters to make sure the group doesn’t lose its way in foreign waters.

One may still be able to go for bareboat Caribbean charters without being able to brandish an official license. All that one needs to do is convince the chartering company of their sailing competence. This is because the company would ideally want to minimise any insurance claims.


Choose from among a range of vessels, available in both monohull and double hull varieties. Treat your adventure seeking soul aboard a Caribbean bareboat catamaran.  

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