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When you decide to enjoy a charter there are many things you have to consider, not only when and where and who you wish to join the party. I’m talking about the costs and expenses you will have during this amazing holiday with your loved ones. Depending on what type of vessel you are about the rent and also about the destination you will discover (as every places has its own prices, with pros and cons), you will have a different bill at the end of your cruise


How much cost chartering a yacht? 

The most common questions we receive from our customers before they embark aboard the selected yacht they booked with us for their charter, are: 

  • What does the price include?
  • What is APA?
  • What does APA stand for?
  • What are the extras?
  • How much is VAT? 
  • Can i have an estimate of the extra costs and expenses?
  • How much will i spend in terms of fuel?
  • What is the fuel boat cost?
  • How to calculate fuel boat cost?
  • What is the price to dock the yacht at marina?
  • And so on..

Our expert Charter Managers are glad to assist you with all the questions, clarifications, thoughts and doubts you may have from the selection of the boat, to the arrangements of your charter, until the disembark. We always reserve transparent and clear 24/7 assistance to our new and repetitive clients, without surprises. 

How do i calculate yacht fuel cost? 

When you charter a power yacht the most important cost to support is for sure fuel.
On the other hand, also when you rent a sailboat or hire a catamaran, don’t forget about the fuel cost for generators, for the outboard engine of the dinghy, etc. It would be a different cost at the end (definitively lower than aboard a motor yacht), but pay attention about air conditioning, especially when you spend the night at anchor. 


Yacht fuel calculation: how it works

After you have selected the yacht of your dreams and you are finally ready to arrange all the details of your boat charter, and for sure you already have an idea about your itinerary, it’s the time to take a map and find on it all the spots and destinations you wish to reach! Always considering the weather and sea conditions, that you cannot predict until 10 to 7 days before embarking.

Prepare your sailing itinerary

Your sailing route will depends on many factors, as the engine power and cruising speed of the yacht, the weather conditions and the nautical miles you intend to navigate. Naturally you will have also to be informed about the actual market price of the fuel in the destination you will sail, in order to have the right or most approximate calculation of the boat fuel cost


Our experienced technicians, together with the assistance and suggestions of our sales department, created an advanced, quick and efficient tool for the yacht fuel calculation, that we call the “Boat fuel calculator“. This toll allows you to have a concrete and actual calculation of the yacht fuel consumption and price, starting with the plan of your itinerary on the map, to the final result. 


Let’s begin: select the point of embarkation of your charter on the map. Now continue pinning all the wonderful spots you want to reach by boat during your yacht charter (as you can see the number of nautical miles will be automatically updated) to the disembark and you will obtain the total number of miles. 

Calculate the nautical miles

Naturally you can choose the unit of measures (nautical miles, miles, km, etc): in this case it would be the nautical miles and, every time you pin a new destination on your map, from the embark to the disembark, the total number of miles cruised will be automatically updated. 

Now that we have the total number of miles, mandatory to calculate the boat fuel cost of our cruise, we need to know the cruising speed of the yacht, the engine consumption together with the market price of diesel in our next sailing destination.

Engine power and consumption


Now that we have the nautical miles, we need to know the power of the engines, (the hp) and the real engine consumption of the boat we rent, in order to have the real yacht fuel calculation

The last essential element we need to obtain the yacht fuel cost of our charter, is the market price of gas in the destination we will sail. In order to have the actual prices of diesel, you can consult many updated webpages of marinas and fuel bunkers, that report constantly the actual rates of fuel day by day. (You can check also at

The fuel consumption formula


What we are looking is the expense of fuel we will have during our cruise.
Now that we have all the informations we need for the yacht fuel calculation, and so:

  • Total nautical miles;
  • Engine consumption;
  • Cruising speed;
  • Market price of gas;

We can proceed with the real boat fuel calculator, using our formula. 
Firstly we need to know the travel time of our charter, i’m referring to the cruise duration. The formula to obtain the cruise duration is determined dividing the number of nautical miles by the number of knots (the cruising speed of the boat). 


For example, if the nautical miles we are planning to navigate are 150 nm and the cruising speed of our yacht is 18 knots:

150 nm / 18 kn = 8,333 hr 

So if we want to cruise in total 150 nautical miles with a cruising speed of 18 knots, we will take about 8,333 hours. You will always have to consider the sea and weather conditions, that will influence the consumption of the engines.

And now that we have the “time”, the “duration” of our charter? How to calculate the yacht fuel cost? 

If the engine of our boat consume 250 lt/hr, we have to multiply the time of our cruise, so in this case 8,333 hr by the boat fuel consumption, so by 250 lt/hr:

8,333 hr / 250 lt/hr = 2.082,50 lt

2.082,50 are the liters we consume cruising for 8,333 hr with engine consumption of 250 lt/hr. Now we just have to multiply the number of liters just obtained by the market price of fuel, that we can suppose at 1,50 Euro/lt:

2.082,50 lt x 1,50 Euro = 3.123,75 Euro


Let’s resume the “magic formula” for yacht fuel calculation that our advanced tool provide automatically: if your sailing itinerary contemplate 150 nautical miles at a constant cruising speed of 18 knots, with 250 lt/hr consumption and marine diesel cost of 1,50 Euro/lt, at the end of our yacht charter we will have a bill of 3.123,75 Euro

The calculations of boat fuel cost always depends on sea and weather conditions, so the above results are approximate and can always vary because of atmospheric and natural events, that cannot be prevented. 

Our professional sailing tips and recommendations

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