BVI Yacht Charter

The BVI are part of the British territory and are located in the Caribbean, east of Puerto Rico. The largest islands are Tortola (where the capital Road Town is located), Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke, along with fifty other smaller islands and cays. Forty islands, of which only 15 are inhabited (and from the earliest settlements they were defended the environment and natural beauty): these are the numbers of the British Virgin Islands, an archipelago in the Caribbean Sea and one of the overseas territories of the United Kingdom. Most of the BVI (British Virgin Islands stands for) are of volcanic origin and each of them is guardian of a peculiarity that distinguishes it from others.BVI-YACHT-CHARTER-LIVE-THE-DREAM
The BVI Yacht Charter Experience 

White beaches and lush mountains in Tortola, Anegada nell’atollo colorful corals, spectacular rock formations in Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke white beaches. The BVI are characterised by a still “virgin”, wild and unspoilt. Today the careful protection policy and the establishment of the National Park of the British Virgin Islands has allowed the Archipelago Sea and has retained its bright blue and forests to preserve their flora and fauna. The ecosystem of these Caribbean islands is protected in 20 national parks, 19 parks on land, which develop from the remains of the rainforest inhabited by migratory birds and authentic rare birds, and marine 1, the wreck of the RMS Rhone , a ship owned by the British Crown that because of a hurricane broke in two in the waters of Salt Island and sank 29 October 1867 with all its cargo of men and goods. Diving lovers visit this vessel, which is at 25 meters deep, and after 117 years, is almost intact. The reputation of exclusivity of the BVI is deserved: there is no crowding of structures; only buildings designed in perfect balance with the natural environment it occupies. Also next to traditional structures as beautiful hotels and resorts, in recent years has developed a welcome made up of apartments, villas and cottages, jewels the BVI. One of the most famous uninhabited is Norman Island, probably the model for Robert Louis Stevenson for his novel Treasure Island. Whether you want to relax on white beaches (as The Baths in Virgin Gorda) or look for an adventure snorkel the reef (see Anegada), or do you prefer a tour of the famous bars of Jost Van Dyke, BVI is just made for you! Fabulous beaches, coral reefs, cafes on the beach or the trendy bars, combined with transparent blue water and marine super-equipped: an unforgettable adventure.

7 Days BVI Yacht Charter Itinerary:

Day 1st Norman Island
Day 2nd Cooper Island
Day 3rd Baths, Bitter End and Virgin Gorda
Day 4th Beef Island
Day 5th Sandy Spit, Great Harbour and Jost Van Dike
Day 6th Peter Island
Day 7th Road Town, Tortola


The BVI Capital:

Road Town was built in 1840 and is the capital of the BVI. It is located in the center of the island of Tortola, one of the richest of beaches, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. It owes its name to the term “the roads”, in technical jargon it refers to a less protected but a port where you can easily anchor a ship. The city is built around the Main Street, the first street you come to the waterfront, which is surrounded by wooden houses and brick and bright colors. To see J.R. O’Neal Botanic Gardens and the BVI Folk Museum. If you move away from the city, however, there are bays and beaches such as Cane Garden Bay, Brewers Bay and Smugglers Cove. Really panoramic Sage Mountain National Park, whose peak reaches to 510 meters and is covered by dense vegetation. Shells, boats, artifacts recovered from the sea and handicrafts can be seen at the North Shore Shell Museum in Carrot Bay. Almost completely rebuilt after a fire in 1853, Road Town still retains some ancient building, as the LegCo Building and the old prison. City space and faces an amphitheater on the sea, with a port always full of yachts that here you can also rent to discover the other islands. Road Town is the center of political and commercial life of the archipelago, but although it is always very populated, maintains a very calm exterior, typical of the tropics. Very characteristic also the shops that are located in cities and recalling the Indian style, with red tin roofs. In the area of Wickham’s Cay you can dine almost facing the sea, tasting local fish such as mahi mahi or wahoo.
bvi-yacht-charter-viewBVI Yacht Charter Useful Informations: 

  1. Nautical Bases and Airports:
    The most important nautical bases are Tortola and Saint Martin, and airports are the Beef Island Airport (EIS), currently on the island of the same name, near Tortola and the Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) of Saint Marteen.
  2. Climate:
    The BVI enjoy a tropical climate moderated by trade winds. Temperatures vary throughout the year, from 32 ° in the summer up to 29 ° in winter. Rainfall is quite variable, but the wettest month is September, while the driest are February and March. The hurricane season (although occasional phenomena) is between June and November.
  3. Travel Documents:
    You must have a passport valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in the country and do not need an entry visa for less than 30 days of stay. For those coming from the United States we are advised to contact the travel documents required for entry to the US.
  4. Vaccinations:
    No vaccination is not required mandatory or optional for the access in the country.
  5. Currency and Customs:
    The official currency is the american dollar US $ and is forbidden to bring amounts exceeding US $ 10,000. We should request specific inputs of medicines and food in general.


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