Brand-new Benetti Oasis 34 mt built-in 2024 available for Charter

Your Boat Holiday is thrilled to announce the charter availability of the newest addition to its fleet, the Benetti Oasis 34M, named A+. Set to deliver in May 2024 and to grace the charter market in August, A+ promises an unrivaled experience of luxury, relaxation, and well-being. Embark on a journey of rejuvenation as we delve into the exquisite features and offerings that make A+ a sanctuary on the seas.


Benetti Oasis 34 mt Deck and Infinity Pool

1At the heart of A+ lies its signature Oasis Deck, featuring expanding sea terrace wings and a centrally integrated infinity pool on the main aft deck. This exclusive space provides an immersive experience, allowing guests to indulge in panoramic views while basking in the luxury of an infinity pool. The seamless connection between the interior and exterior spaces creates an environment where tranquility and luxury converge effortlessly.

A+ Wellness-Focused Amenities

The Benetti Oasis A+ is meticulously designed for wellness enthusiasts. The superyacht boasts a dedicated fitness area with a spin bike, treadmill, and free weights. Immerse yourself in a wellness journey while enjoying personalized experiences crafted with your health in mind. From gourmet cuisine tailored for well-being to invigorating fitness facilities, every aspect of A+ is designed to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

Benetti Oasis 34mt Luxury Accommodations

A+ can accommodate up to 11 guests in five elegantly appointed cabins. The main deck features a full-beam master stateroom with a king bed, offering unparalleled comfort and privacy. The lower deck comprises two VIP guest staterooms with queen beds, one guest stateroom with a queen bed, and another with a twin bed and two pullmans. The spacious cabins and stunning views redefine the standards of luxury yacht experiences.

Exclusive Sea Terrace and Accessibility of the Benetti Oasis 34 mt A+

A+ sets itself apart with its exclusive sea terrace, where fold-out wings expand the sunbathing area, providing breathtaking 270-degree views. With only five steps separating guests from the water, A+ ensures easy access to the sea. The mobile Sea Lift adds to the accessibility, serving as a diving springboard and a jet ski hauling system.

A+ Benetti Oasis 34M Charter Details

Charter enthusiasts can embark on the A+ experience in the West Mediterranean starting from August 16, 2024. As the seasons shift, A+ will gracefully move to the Caribbean, extending its luxurious offerings to those seeking a winter escape.

In the world of luxury yachting, A+ emerges as a trailblazer, setting new standards for luxury, wellness, and seamless connections with nature. Your Boat Holiday invites you to experience the epitome of luxury aboard the Benetti Oasis 34M, where every detail is curated to ensure a voyage of relaxation, revitalization, and unparalleled enjoyment on the open seas.

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