Book your slot now!!!! Miami Boat party is around the corner

The idea of cherishing a lively evening with a peg of classical wine in one hand and a treat of meat steaks in the other is always intriguing. Especially when the name Miami Boat Party springs up, desires to attend this grand conglomerate becomes even stronger. This is why it is worthwhile to take a look at the intricacies of this affair that is expected to cast a spell over its enthusiasts and fellow participants.

A basic overview –

Every fortnight, the port of Biscayne Bay witnesses this all-famous sea party with utmost grandeur. Sources say, Miami dresses up in the brightest of colors during this time to garner a lavish touch to its visitors. An assemblage of the finest super yachts and catamarans make their way to these evenings. These include Miami superyachts, motorboats as well as catamarans.


These boat parties bring together the leading and iconic names in the yachting industry from builders and designers to owners and charters. Close espionage proclaims that Biscayne Bay hosts the perfect blend of the finest delicacies with a cascade of the country’s heritage red wine collection. However, what makes a special declaration is the theme of this Miami Boat Party which is worth taking a look at.

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The Theme & events –

“3 Parties, 1 Price”, is what the banners at Biscayne Bay spell out during these weekends. Daybreak instigates with a “Pre-Party” and welcomes visitors with a serving of cocktail. This is a two hours event and enthusiasts are advised to complete their check in’s at the earliest in order to receive their wristbands. These wristbands will grant you access to every event of that evening.


A Bus Trip follows this cocktail merry making and transports you to the core of the main event. This is a 30 min ride and is available only to the registered candidates. Main events post-dusk include the boat party and a lavish nightclub.

Boat party & Nightclub –

yacht charter in Miami is not complete without paying a visit to one of these sea parties. A three-hour event as it proclaims includes a conglomerate of itineraries from food, open bar and DJ’s. To top the cake with a cherry, a variety of water sports also find their way to the Biscayne Bay.

Monument Island is the exact location of every Miami Boat Party which lines up the best chefs from the county. Be sure to treat your digestive juices with some of the most exquisite sea foods and compliment them with a glass of red wine.

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For individuals looking to break all shackles and party hard, a nightclub leads them to their desires. This is the most extensive event of all the above and extends for over 6 hours. As per the words of the event manager,” Miami welcomes guests and yacht enthusiasts from every corner of the globe. Bring forth your Miami sailboats and indulge in an experience that will grapple your memoirs for days to come.”

Note: Candidates opting for early registration are provided exclusive access to all boat parties in the upcoming festive season of Miami as well as Biscayne Bay.

Amenities to consider –

Miami Boat Party brings together a host of amenities to keep enthusiasts and guests on their toes. Some of them worth considering are.

  • Water sports:


Snorkelling activities include aggressive lunges on a flying banana or jet skis. Moreover, water cycling, surfing and maneuvering inflatables mark as other interesting activities.

  • Finger Food:


A serving of tropical fruits coupled with fresh servings of lime and mayonnaise constitute this section’s prime attraction. Also, one can immerse himself in a private Jacuzzi and soak the temperate heat of the sun. Absorb the comfort of the Monument Island while sipping on to some pristine whiskey or red wine.

  • Tours:


Your yacht charter in Miami will have the privilege to voyage around the area’s breathtaking islets. Lush green vegetation, as well as azure blue waters, will complement your senses with feelings of a tranquil solace.

  • Activities:


Champagne showers will welcome you to its limelight; a bunch of adult games will seek your inner bachelorette to the scene.

For visitors –

Managers, as well as staffs, advise visitors to make their slot bookings as early as possible. Miami Boat Party allows docking of more than 100 yachts at the place and delays can deprive you of these mouthwatering opportunities. So, gear up, grab your sailboat or catamaran and head out towards Monument Island on Biscayne Bay.



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