Bonifacio (Corsica) Charter Yachts is what will make your vacation better!

Bonifacio (Corsica) Charter Yachts will take you to its Southern tip, Bonifacio, to explore and cherish the grandeur of its history. In pages, Bonifacio holds the glorious past, but once you are there you can actually relate that the beauty you imagined is meagre to what it actually is! If you are still not convinced, then read on to get a better imagination.

Why sail to Bonifacio (Corsica)?

Bonifacio is the star of Corsica, which lures people to it from all over the world. Standing since 828 AD, Bonifacio of Tuscany curves the harbour with such extravagant beauty that it resembles the home of ‘Laestrygonians’ in Homer’s Odyssey.

This spectacular town in Mediterranean, with a 200ft limestone ledge over the inky blue sea exudes an explainable mystic serenity. What makes it all the better are the beaches and Citadels, so explore them in crewed Yacht Bonifacio.

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Bonifacio (Corsica) Charter Yachts will sail you to this amazing places. The Harbour is something that is certain to draw your attention. From there you can easily go to every must-visit location! To give you a better insight, below are some recommendations for you to check.


Bonifacio is less than 10 nautical miles away from Santa Teresa di Gallura, one of the most important and known marina of Sardinia, in Italy.
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Beaches near Bonifacio

This is the first thing to start with. Once you reach the Bonifacio harbour, you must set sail for its amazing beaches and see what they have to offer. All the magnificent beaches have amazing bars and restaurants, serving authentic cuisine and great music.

  • Balistra Beach


In the Gulf of Sant’Amanza, this beach will help you to have an amazing experience of paragliding.

  • Grande Sperone Beach


Located in the south of the Golf, this is a beautiful beach with wild waves and fine white sand.

  • Rondinara Beach


This is the beach where you are to put on your swimwear and take a dip in the amazing water. This beach is perfect for both couples and family.

  • Tonnara Beach


In the Gulf of Ventilegne stands this alluring beach. The coarse white sand is something very rare and what makes this all the more special is you can try the adventurous Jet Ski and Kiteboarding.

But if you think beaches are all you have in your Bonifacio vacation, you’re wrong as there’s a lot more for offer.

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Sail to explore the beauty of Bonifacio

  1. Visit the Lavezzi Island for its marine preserve.
  2. Col de Bavella and Alta Rocca – these are the two places that will show you the true sense of nature’s beauty.
  • Hike 70 meters up the cliff from the harbour and see the beautiful medieval architecture of the city.
  1. Visit the church of Saint-Dominique (13th century) and Church of Sainte-Marie-Majeure (12th century) – relics of a not-forgotten past.

Best Bonifacio Charter Yachts

If you are sailing in Mediterranean, the first thing that will grab your attention are an amazing wind, blazing waves and the vast blue sea! To make sure that you sprinkle adventure and luxury to your experience in your Bonifacio vacation; here are few Yachts that will help you to have the best experience.

  1. Lizzi

bonifacio-corsica-charter-yachtsThis sheering beauty can accommodate 6 guests in 3 cabins. This is the best choice for you if you are travelling with family. In this yacht, these are the facilities you will have –

  • Meals and drink
  • Internet
  • Boat
  • Snorkelling gear

Price: € 28,000 to € 33,000 per week depending on the season.

  1. J Six

bonifacio-vacationThis crewed Yacht Bonifacio has a very modern interior. There are 3 cabins, 2 have a queen-sized bed, and 1 cabin has twin beds. If you want to enjoy this yacht to the max, then the best time is to sail in the summers. What ‘extra’ they have to offer you –

  • Tender
  • Kneeboard
  • Water skis
  • Beach game.
  • Internet
  • Entertainment system

Price: € 23,000 to € 26,000 per week approx.

  1. Levante

crewed-yacht-bonifacio-levanteThis Sunreef 80 with 4 cabins can accommodate around 10 people (8+2). If you want space, comfort as well as safety (especially if there are children), this is a perfect choice.

  • Diving equipment for 6 people
  • Crewed Yacht Bonifacio
  • Kite-boarding
  • Neil Pryde Sail
  • Kayaking
  • Air Con

Price: From € 39,500 per week approx.

These are the perfect crewed Yacht Bonifacio for your south-Corsica Trip. You can make your trip all the more better if you visit there during the high season during the holy week. This makes it more interesting and lively!

You can also try the cafes near the harbour for breakfast and then spend the night sailing. Bonifacio Corsica Charter Yachts are sure to give you the experience of a lifetime!



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