Best way to discover the Caribbean? Sailing across the sea on board a boat or a catamaran! – British Virgin Islands

This is one of an article series we dedicated to discovering the Caribbean by boat. In this one, we will sail with you to the British Virgin Islands sea. If you want to know more about Caribbean wonders, don’t forget to read the other articles we dedicated to it.

For example, the one who talks about the Grenadines Islands.

If you are dreaming about a boat experience in the Caribbean Sea, the British Virgin Islands is the ideal location.

The best way to discover the Caribbean sea

We are talking about a paradisiacal archipelago made up of about 40 islands, some of them of small dimensions, with white sand beaches, quiet bays, and rich in sea life. Impossible not to be charmed by the thousands of colorful fish that you encounter while swimming or diving over the coral reefs.

Today only 15 islands are permanently inhabited. Here nature still takes over the man’s hand.

They are part of that band of islands that ideally separate the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea. The British Virgin Islands are located precisely east of Puerto Rico and they should not be confused with another group of very close islands that instead compose the US Virgin Islands.


The British Virgin Islands

Our destination, as you can easily guess by their name, is in fact part of the overseas territories of the United Kingdom and, however, it is curious to note that the local currency is not the British pound but the US dollar.

It is not possible to land here directly with a scheduled flight but you necessary need to stop in a neighboring state such as Puerto Rico or Antigua and take a charter flight.


The British Virgin Islands are attended by sailing lovers from all over the world who find here the ideal conditions to practice this sport throughout the year. The presence of trade winds guarantees acceptable temperatures for most of the seasons.

What if you are not an experienced skipper? Don’t worry about that! You can turn to a charter company that will be happy to organize every aspect of your sailing holiday in the British Virgin Islands.

For this kind of trip, we recommend a serious and reliable rental company. Our company offers its customers the best solutions in terms of boat tours and crew expertise. Check their websites and ask for any doubt or information needed!


Moving quickly from one location to another with your rental boat you can discover the best locations. Among them we point out:

The largest and most populous of the islands is Tortola which is also home to the capital, Road Town. There are many interesting things to see here: there is the Virgin Island Folk Museum, dedicated to local folk traditions, Fort Burt, a former colonial fort from the 18th century, and the Anglican Church of Saint Phillip, an African church dating back to early 19th century, used mainly by African slaves from the British Virgin Islands.

Our top selection of catamarans based in Tortola, BVI:


Virgin Gorda

Second, in size, we find Virgin Gorda on which is located the most famous beach of the archipelago, The Baths. Beach characterized by the presence of large granite blocks that meet each other creating tunnels, arches, and panoramic caves open to the sea.

The islet of Jost Van Dyke derives its name from the Dutch pirate who was among the first colonizers of these islands and where take place one of the whitest sandy beaches, White Bay. A treasure of unspoiled nature.

We can not finish off in style without mentioning the coral atoll of Anegada and its “Horseshoe Reef”, the fourth-longest coral reef in the world of 29 km.

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