Are you planning an holiday with friends? What about renting a boat in the Mediterranean Sea for summer 2021?

The summer season has just passed but you are already thinking about the vacations 2021? You can’t wait the time to embrace the sun and the sea and your only wish is to enjoy a good time with your friends? Do not be afraid! You are not the only one.

The period immediately after the summer vacations is the most traumatic, we know, with the return to work and to the normal routine that tests our good mood. And then, which can be the best medicine if not planning the next trip? Follow us in this magnificent dream called to adventure in the Mediterranean with friends on a boat to rent.

Why choose a boat vacation when you are in a group?

Because it’s an ideal solution, whether you’re a team of close-knit friends, a gang of just daring young men, or a mixed group of boys and girls. We tried to give an answer to these questions, hoping to make you dream about your next destination in the Mediterranean Sea for vacations 2021. A dream that can easily become reality!

We talked about it with Giulia Di Leo, Founder & General Manager of Your Boat Holiday. Expert in the charter world, she answered our questions:

What kind of vacation do you live onboard a boat rental?

Whatever type of vacation you are looking for, whether it is pure relaxation or wild nightlife, if you decide to rent a boat in the Mediterranean you will not be disappointed. The best way to live this experience is by doing it in a group, even better if of close friends.

From the very first moments, you will breathe an atmosphere of enthusiasm and desire to participate in life on board. As you go along that you will then familiarize yourself with the boat you will be more and more comfortable and happy with having opted to rent a boat rather than rent a house on the land.

Men, women, or a mix, what is the ideal group to rent a boat?

There is not all this difference actually. The important thing is that you like being together and the sea is for you an important element for your vacations. Giulia, for a  group of girls, recommends the rental of a catamaran because, in addition to offering larger spaces (always remember not to bring too many things on board!), both in the cabin and on the dashboard, is more stable and easier to steer than the sailboat.

For kids, perhaps in search of emotions, the sailboat can be experienced as a way to put yourself to the test trying with turns, side winds, and even sustained speed. Obviously, all this guided by an experienced skipper.

What differences do you feel compared to a vacation at the classic sea?

Surely it is a different way to discover and experience the sea, maybe even upside down. We are used to looking at the sea from the beach, you will discover that even look at the coast from a boat has its charms. If we then talk about benefits, I can think of for example those periods of the year when the beaches are crowded with people, where you have to run in the morning soon to carve out your own space and find some peace in the general bustle seems a utopia. You can forget all this onboard a boat. Each occupant is guaranteed the space necessary to carry out any activity. The group is then free to go ashore whenever and wherever he wants, with no time or time limits. The boats at rental never close!

What are the best places to visit during your boat charter?

The Mediterranean in general offers us perfect locations for this type of vacation. I think that places like Sardinia, the Amalfi Coast, and Sicily, with the Aeolian Islands, are paradise to visit at least once in a lifetime. With their views and coastlines, they lend themselves optimally to tours by yacht. After all, who makes us do it to stay in the same place if we have the possibility to move quickly by floating on water?


A boat vacation there will allow you to wake up in the morning in a different harbor and dine every night enjoying a different sunset. If we were to find some negative side? Obviously, it is useless to be naive. Some negative side of living onboard is found, especially related to the sometimes cramped spaces to share and the privacy that at certain times may be limited. Nothing that can not be addressed by a group of friends, with the relaxed smile of those who are enjoying a unique experience.

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If after this short article you feel particularly interested and want to learn more about the speech, we understand you very well! We greet you by leaving you our references for the rental of boats in the Mediterranean, and if you need some advice, ask to speak with Giulia!



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