Are you Looking for a Port to Sail to the Maddalena Archipelago? The Cannigione Marina is for you!

The Cannigione marina is a consortium made up of 5 companies that manage the numerous piers and provide a series of equipment also for winter activities on land.



The structure is dedicated to both tourist and commercial pleasure and is among those able to offer the widest and most complete range of services for boating in northern Sardinia. Its geographical position is above all strategic for navigating towards the Costa Smeralda, Gallura, and more generally the entire Sardinian island.


How to reach Cannigione? Where is this marina located?

Cannigione is located in the north of the Italian region of Sardinia and precisely in Gallura, an ancient province now well known as the home of the Costa Smeralda, a wonderful coastal stretch overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea very close to the archipelago of La Maddalena, renowned for the colors of the sea and its pristine beaches.

Cannigione overlooks the Gulf of Arzachena and is very close to other very chic local marinas such as Porto Cervo, Portisco, Porto Rotondo and Golfo Aranci.

This port is easily reachable from Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is about 30 minutes by car driving to the north. Alternatively, you can always reach the port city of Olbia by ferries that connect it daily to the rest of Italy, as well as to Corsica and the south of France.

What is the best port of embarkation for the Emerald Coast?

The ideal starting point for the Emerald Coast, in North Sardinia, is the marina of Cannigione.


What services does Cannigione’s marina offer?

The Marina di Cannigione tourist port is one of the best equipped and organized on the Costa Smeralda. It boasts 400 berths for boats up to 25 meters in length and depths on the quay up to 4.5 meters deep.

The quay is equipped with columns for electricity and water supply, while the services include a restaurant, a bar, a laundry, a pharmacy, an ATM, and a car rental.

This marina is also equipped with a shipyard complete with cranes for any boat intervention.



What could be a boat itinerary starting from Cannigione?

Your Boat Holiday boasts an excellent knowledge of the Costa Smeralda and has gained great experience in chartering boats in Sardinia thanks to the many customers who have relied on us for the organization of their charter boat holidays.

What could be a possible sailing itinerary from Cannigione to the Emerald Coast?

A sample 7 days boat itinerary from Cannigione to the Emerald Coast: – Day 1: from Cannigione to Santo Stefano island – Day 2: from Santo Stefano to Palau – Day 3: from Palau to Spargi island – Day 4: from Spargi island to Santa Teresa di Gallura – Day 5: from Santa Teresa di Gallura to Pink beach (Budelli island) – Day 6: from Budelli island to La Maddalena Island – Day 7: from La Maddalena island to Caprera island – Day 8: back to Cannigione marina


Here is one of the possible itineraries:

  • Day 1: from Cannigione to Santo Stefano island

With an area of only 3 square kilometers, it is one of the smallest islands in this archipelago and is located halfway between the Sardinian coastal city of Palau and La Maddalena island.

Considered one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, Santo Stefano island, with its 50 hectares of unique nature, is the ideal place for a holiday of pure relaxation. The colors of the sea, ranging from turquoise to blue, blend with the warm pink of the granite rocks. 

A rugged coastline, constantly caressed by the breeze and its small white sand beaches makes this place a natural masterpiece.

Guests love to visit the Cala Fumata bathing establishment while the most beautiful panoramic view is observed from the Punta dello Zucchero (101 meters).



  • Day 2: from Santo Stefano to Palau

Palau is a small village born in the late nineteenth century and inhabited by a few thousand residents in winter but capable of welcoming thousands of tourists during summer, thanks to its strategic position for visiting Costa Smeralda and the Maddalena archipelago.

Clubs, lights, and events animate the summer nights of this village especially in the port area while, near the town, a natural sculpture appears shaped by an artist. It is the famous rock of the Bear, a symbol of Palau, with its head facing the sea.


  • Day 3: from Palau to Spargi island

Uninhabited due to its rugged nature, it has an almost circular shape with few inlets and numerous sandy bays. Spargi rises in front of the western coasts of La Maddalena and is the third-largest island in the archipelago national park with an area of over four square kilometers. A little to the west emerges the rock called Spargiottello, a diving paradise. 

The island depths are all surprising: great submerged attractions are the shoal of Washington, off Punta Zanotto and the wreck of Spargi, a Roman cargo ship (35 meters long) from the 2nd century BC, found in 1939 in the Corsara shoal. Part of the cargo is exhibited at the Nino Lamboglia museum in La Maddalena town.


  • Day 4: from Spargi island to Santa Teresa di Gallura

The sea is the undisputed star of Santa Teresa Gallura, a small village of about five thousand inhabitants, which in summer is filled with thousands of tourists, who enliven it with aperitifs in trendy bars and live music. The town follows the sinuous course of two inlets. To the east Porto Longone, where the tourist port is located, to the west the bay of Rena Bianca, an expanse of fine sand with dazzling colors, a few steps from the main square of the town. Its clear waters enchant with a thousand shades, several times awarded with the European Blue Flag. It is controlled from above by the impressive Longosardo tower, built at the behest of King Philip II of Spain.


  • Day 5: from Santa Teresa di Gallura to Pink beach (Budelli island)

Budelli island’s Pink beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, alone is worth the effort of navigating up to here. It owes its name to the color of the sand, rich in tiny coral fragments and shells that give it this spectacular color.

Since 1998, rules have been introduced for the integral safeguard of the beach which has therefore been closed to the landing, bathing, and anchoring of all types of boats. Therefore it is necessary to disembark in a nearby bay and then reach it on foot. 

You will find yourself in front of clear waters that break on the reddish shoreline and, behind it, the Mediterranean vegetation offers bright colors.


  • Day 6: from Budelli island to La Maddalena Island

La Maddalena is the largest of the archipelago’s islands and it bears its name. It has a triangular shape and almost 45 kilometers of generally high and jagged coasts and rich vegetation made of berry trees like the characteristic myrtle. The diffuse reddish rocks color together with the clear water create a continuous and fascinating color contrast. The highest point of the island is Monte Guardia Vecchia (156 meters) which is accessed via a road offering excellent views.

Due to the coasts nature, there are many small coves, among these, we point you out:

Cala dello Spalmatore, located to the north and rich in granite formations;

Cala di Abbatoggia, located to the north and formed by granite cliffs and small sandy stretches, still preserves an uncontaminated environment;

Cala di Giardinelli, located on the island’s eastern side and sighting Caprera, is full of spectacular granite formations.


  • Day 7: from La Maddalena island to Caprera island

Caprera is the Maddalena archipelago’s second-largest island, as well as a completely protected area. The eastern part is hardly practicable, shielded by pink granite rocks, steep and covered with Mediterranean scrub. This characteristic meant that in 1982 the island became a nature reserve.

Among the unmissable bays, there is certainly Cala Coticcio, the ‘Sardinian Tahiti’ which for its beauty is absolutely worth visiting. In the south-eastern part, you cannot miss Cala Dei Due Mari, one of the pride of the island, where clear water bathes both sides of the inlet. Or the splendid beach of the Relitto, characterized not only by white and thin sand but also by the skeleton of an ancient ship on the shore.


  • Day 8: back to Cannigione marina

We return to the Cannigione Marina where we end our fantastic itinerary!

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