Are you Dreaming of a Romantic Getaway in the Seychelles? A Boat Itinerary from Mahe is the one for you!

Despite appearing on any map as remote dots scattered in the middle of the ocean, Seychelles is one of the sailing destinations par excellence. They attract thousands of sailors and tourists eager to discover its spectacular beaches, among the most photographed in the world, and spend romantic honeymoons with this paradise as a backdrop.



Where is Seychelles located?

The Seychelles archipelago consists of an island and islets series located in the Indian Ocean, several hundred miles off the east African coast of Kenya, Tanzania, and Somalia and north of the Madagascar island.

What could it be a 10 days boat itinerary in Seychelles?

If you’re planning a 10 days charter in Seychelles, have a look at our sample sailing route: * Day 1: Arrival in Victoria * Day 2: from Victoria to Silhouette Island * Day 3: from Silhouette Island to Saint Joseph * Day 4: from Saint Joseph to Desroches * Day 5: from Desroches to Mahe * Day 6: from Mahe to Fregate * Day 7: from Fregate to La Digue * Day 8: from La Digue to Praslin * Day 9: from Praslin to Cousin – Cousine * Day 10: From Cousin to Victoria

How to reach Mahe, Seychelles?

Seychelles can be reached by a flight of varying duration depending on the place of departure but, in general, with a total duration of no less than 10 hours.

All flights to the Seychelles land at Mahé International Airport, the main island. From here it is possible to easily reach hotels, continue towards other islands or, as in our case, reach the capital Victoria and its marina.


What climate awaits us?

These islands enjoy a tropical climate with temperatures that normally hover around 30 degrees, with small variations depending on the period.

Seychelles’ peculiarity is that they are accessible all year round as this archipelago does not suffer from the cyclones that affect other Indian Ocean areas. This feature makes them particularly suitable to be navigated both on a sailboat and with any other type of boat.

The dry season runs from May to October when the winds from the southeast maintain a dry, cooler, and more stable climate with very little rough sea. From November and in the winter months Seychelles are instead affected and subject to monsoon phenomena characterized by warmer winds and more or less frequent rainfall.



Why has Seychelles considered a natural paradise?

In addition to the beauty of its beaches, this remote group composed of about 115 islands is very rich in flora and fauna and hosts numerous native species both terrestrial and marine, some of which are included in the list of those close to extinction. Its calm seas with some of the most heterogeneous bottoms in terms of biodiversity are appreciated not only by sailors but also for diving and snorkeling lovers.


What could it be a possible itinerary from Mahe?

Your Boat Holiday organizes itineraries in the Seychelles of varying duration according to the needs of its customers. Here is what a 10-day tour of these wonderful islands could look like:

  • Day 1: arrival in Victoria

Once we have landed in Mahe, Seychelles main island, we head towards the north-east coast and reach Victoria, the capital, where we can relax after the long flight by tasting some typical local dishes. In the afternoon we get to know our crew onboard and prepare for the departure the next day.

  • Day 2: from Victoria to Silhouette Island

Sailing north, our first destination is  Silhouette, a splendid National Park that offers splendid views of the island of Mahé, especially reaching Mount Dubon which, at 780 meters high, is one of the highest mountains in this nation. Its slopes are covered in the rainforest while the beaches are postcard-perfect with white sand and huge granite boulders. In addition to an abundance of fauna and flora, including many rare species, Silhouette is surrounded by a coral reef and therefore is also an ideal Marine National Park for snorkeling and diving.


  • Day 3: from Silhouette Island to Saint Joseph

We set sail early in the morning to the most distant destinations of our itinerary. In the two days to come, we will in fact discover the remote islands of Saint Joseph and Desroches.

These islands are considered to be external as they are located beyond the Seychelles plateau and comprise 72 sandy islets and atolls which are found scattered within a radius of approximately 1000 miles from Mahé.

Discovered by Vasco de Gama, the islands of Saint Joseph and Desroches are much less visited than the inland islands and offer unique biodiversity as well as fabulous beaches. One of the most popular tourist activities here is fishing (where it is allowed).


  • Day 4: from Saint Joseph to Desroches

It is a remote, magical and exclusive island. We will dedicate the day to the sea turtle sanctuary that finds shelter here.

  • Day 5: from Desroches to Mahe

Let’s go back to the main island to enjoy its most beautiful beaches. You just need to choose whether to head north or south.

The northern area of ​​Mahé is the most touristic of this island. Those looking for nightlife will find it in Beau Vallon, a town with a very long beach overlooked by several resorts, hotels, villas, and apartments but also nightclubs and restaurants.

To the southwest of Mahé, on the other hand, is the fine sand beach of Anse Boileau, a long white strip overlooking emerald waters. Although it is a fairly wide beach compared to many others on the island, it is not very busy and leaves room for privacy.


  • Day 6: from Mahe to Fregate

Fregate is one of the most exclusive islands of Seychelles and not by chance chosen as a vacation spot by world-famous VIPs. The island is almost completely private but it is possible to stay in one of the few luxurious resorts. In spite of what one might imagine, the island owners have long since implemented a series of initiatives aimed at safeguarding its natural environment. A large part of the income from tourism is in fact destined for nature conservation projects. A great example of how luxury and ecology can coexist.

  • Day 7: from Fregate to La Digue

We move to nearby La Digue and more precisely we drop anchor in front of Coco Beach to enjoy a day of absolute relaxation, the island is in fact known for the “relaxed” rhythm of its inhabitants. Here it is also possible to rent bicycles to wander around the island or to buy local coconut oil and vanilla products.

  • Day 8: from La Digue to Praslin

Praslin is the second-largest island in Seychelles and with around 8,000 inhabitants it is also the most densely populated after Mahé.

The main attraction is the Vallée de Mai (May Valley), a stunning botanical park declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can see the legendary Coco de Mer, an exotic fruit that cannot be found anywhere else. Visiting this park, similar to a jungle, gives the idea of ​​what the lush and dense vegetation of the island actually looked like before the arrival of the colonizers.

The northeast and west coasts are protected by large coral reefs and boast long sandy beaches such as Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette, ranked in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

  • Day 9: from Praslin to Cousin – Cousine

A short distance from Praslin is the twin islands of Cousin and Cousine.

These two jewels are surrounded by turquoise waters and are a haven for unique, rare, and endangered flora and fauna. Both are nature reserves that promote and protect the local environment by ensuring habitats and rare species respect

In particular, in 1992 Cousine Island was purchased by a private individual with the aim of restoring the island to its original natural state, removing non-native vegetation such as coconut plantations and replacing them with native plants.

In addition to the flora, many local animal species have also been included in this habitat, including hawksbill turtles, a species still in danger of extinction.

  • Day 10: From Cousin to Victoria

We return to Victoria for disembarking and final greetings before departure.

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