Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2021

A great success for the 60th edition of the Antigua Charter Yacht Show

The 60th edition of the Antigua Charter Yacht Show, an international exhibition of boats and yachts that takes place annually on the island of Antigua, has just ended.

A spectacular and impressive fleet of charter yachts gathered on the occasion of this event which has now become a classic of yachting in the Caribbean and which is celebrating its diamond anniversary this year.

ACYM represents one of the highlights of the season and is certainly not to be missed for brokers, owners, charterers, and all yacht lovers in general.


After the cancellation of the 59th Antigua Charter Yacht Show last year due to the global pandemic and health and safety concerns, the anticipation was very high, considering the long tradition of beauty, culture, rich history, partnerships, relationships, and festivities that characterize this event. An event that has absolutely not betrayed expectations.

The cancellation of last year’s show for the first time in its history due to the pandemic has indeed set the stage for an even more grand celebration with dozens of ships already registered long before the go.


Where and when did the Antigua Charter Yacht Show take place?

The event took place from 4th to 9th December once again at Nelson’s Dockyard Marina in English Harbor (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Falmouth Harbor Marina, and Antigua Yacht Club Marina, both located in Falmouth Harbor.

Within walking distance of the surroundings of these English ports are a variety of first-class restaurants and lively entertainment venues. There are also historic forts to explore, numerous well-maintained hiking trails, museums, and water sports to enjoy.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Nelson’s Dockyard is the island’s flagship. It is in fact the only Georgian shipyard still functioning in the world.


Who is it for?

Some of the largest yacht charters on the market, exclusive events, and a thriving island atmosphere characterize the Antigua Charter Yacht Show, designed above all to amaze yacht brokers and members of the international press. During the 5 days of the exhibition, they were able to learn about the layouts of the yachts, experience their particularities, and interact with the different crews.

Furthermore, an additional optional day has been added, called “Day Sail”. A sixth day designed only for brokers, invited for a micro-charter around the beautiful coast of Antigua aboard a selection of the best charter yachts in the world.


A thrilling first experience for the “new member” of the board of directors

One of the novelties this year was the addition of a new member to the ACYM team, Captain Andrew Burridge. An Antigua resident and superyacht enthusiast, Captain Burridge has taken the helm of some of the world’s most iconic yachts during his 25-year career, including the S / Y Maltese Falcon and the S / Y Sea Eagle II.

He a vast experience in the world of yacht charter that he was able to donate to this year’s event.

Prior to the event, he commented: “I am delighted to join the ACYM team and look forward to continuing to make this unique Charter Yacht show an annual success and everyone’s favorite destination show for brokers and yacht crew”.


Many side activities

Not only boats but also a lot of other surrounding entertainment also characterized this edition of the Antigua Charter Yacht Show.

The most important and appreciated was the chef’s competition. Now in its 21st edition, this exclusively playful event gave each crew the opportunity to demonstrate their culinary and service skills reserved for charter guests.

Other popular events have included the online welcome event, wine tasting, award ceremony, and a Mingle After Show.

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