Make your Anegada sailing holiday most memorable with the finest Yacht travel guide!

What makes the Anegada sailing holiday so special amongst all the other British Virgin Islands? The reason is, unlike other islands in the archipelago which are on volcanic eruption; Anegada is on corals! Exploring this cruising ground in Yacht will give a week of memories to cherish for a lifetime. Here is a complete guide for you to make sure that you don’t miss the best places while on your Yacht vacation.



Destinations to go during Anegada boat charter 

“Put on your shades, take the sunscreen and tan yourself with the eccentric beauty of Anegada.”

When it comes to visiting the best destinations, here are few places where your BVI Anegada Yacht Charter will take and make you feel closer to the Caribbean beauty!

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Hit the Beaches

While you are there on the yacht sipping your morning coffee, rejuvenate your senses with the astonishing beaches. Follow the trail of sand here –

  1. Horseshoe Reef

What if you get a chance to step down from your yacht and dive to swim amongst the beautiful coral water? You can actually do this in Horseshoe reef. The clear water with myriad fishes and corals will take you to a serene zone of tranquillity.

Also, don’t forget to catch some fresh lobster.

  1. Flash of Beauty

Can you imagine walking on glass-water? Yes, the water here looks amazing with a crafty glass reflection. You can come here with your family and enjoy, but this place is especially for couples to cherish some moment of togetherness.

  • Loblolly Beach

Snorkel in waves and enjoy the alluring water touching your skin and soothing your soul! Dedicated to every adventure lover, do not miss this beach in the itinerary of boat charter in British Virgin Islands. Lie under the sun and enjoy the warm rays falling on your skin. Don’t forget to check out some great stuff at the gift shop on the beach!

  1. Windlass Bight Beach

What do you think about those amazing sea turtles? Here, you will get to see several of them walking on the beach! Moreover, there are some amazing fresh lobsters that you can catch and take it to your yacht! The chefs there will cook it for you!

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Your Anegada sailing holiday is not complete without shopping!

Stroll in some great gift stores; after all, Caribbean stuff and goodies are something everyone admires!

  • Purple turtle (boutique)
  • SeaGrape Boutique
  • Faulkner’s County Store
  • Soggy Dollar’s Boutique
  • Dotsy’s Bakery
  • Lit Bit Taz

These are some of the great shopping stores and around the beaches. So, all you have to do is, get down from your yacht and take a walk on the beach, shop and get back to your luxury sail!

Go clubbing!

There is something amazing that you must know if you are traveling in BVI Anegada Yacht Charter! You can party there with some great music and fine drink. Coming to food, the chefs will serve with some amazing seafood cuisine along with other Caribbean delicacies.

The other place where you can go for clubbing is the Cooper Island Beach Club! Now, that is what you call nightlife. Stunning music and performances for fun-filled grooving!

Now, you can do it all when you book some stunning yacht for your Anegada sailing holiday. So, here are some ideas and information that will help you to get the best charter for limitless fun!

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The Best 4 Yachts for Charter in Anegada


  1. Name: EUPHORIA (Catamarans)
  • Cabin: 4
  • Berth: 7
  • Size: 62 feet and 5 inches
  • Price: $26,000 to $28,000 per week

Catamaran Euphoria Brochure: Click here

Amenities: Internet, Jacuzzi, Snorkelling facility, Kayaks, wakeboard, etc.


  1. Name: Amara (Catamarans)
  • Cabin: 5
  • Berth: 10
  • Size: 62 feet and 5 inches
  • Price: $ 28290 to $ 31900 per week

Catamaran Amara Brochure: Click here

Amenities: Complete entertainment system, deep sea fishing, ocean kayak, etc.


  1. Name: Lush (Luxury sailing boats)
  • Cabin: 4
  • Berth: 8
  • Size: 92 feet and 8 inches
  • Price: $47000 to $51700 per week

SY Lush Brochure: Click here

Amenities: The Internet, entertainment system, auto pilot, furling mainsail, air con.


  1. Name: Tilly Mint (Luxury sailing boats)
  • Cabin: 3
  • Berth: 6
  • Size: 70 feet and 3 inches
  • Price: $21500 to $23500 per week

SY Tilly Mint Brochure: Click here

With all these boat charters in the British Virgin Islands, plan your holiday to Anegada soon!

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