Amalfi Coast and Pontine Islands Boat Charters

A quintessential Mediterranean cruise awaits those who dare to challenge a course where surprises never finish, a very Italian lack of infrastructures, thanks to a mixture of breathtaking scenery, delicious flavors, and, alas. Be prepared to take the attractiveness with the discomforts, and use these clues to enhance the former and diminish the latter. As you’ll read, as a general rule try to utilize the recommended anchorages and bays because the cost of the seasonal pontoons, docks, and harbors is only equaled by their dearth of safety. The Amalfi Coast and Pontine Archipelago are a must when you are planning your sailing itinerary in Italy.



Salerno – AmalfiPositanoCapriProcida – Ischia – Ventotene – Ponza – Palmarola

Gastronomy: You will not have a shortage of surprises when you sit down at the table in this area. Everybody understands the buffalo milk mozzarella, few know that it comes from this region. The locals like their suppers long and substantial, and you may experience a little sensation of overfilling. When you eat around here, you understand the total value of a siesta and stop wondering why the locals close their businesses between 12 and 4.

The area swells that should be anticipated at any given period of the year and is open to SW winds and strong NW. July is normally very composed. August can be tricky. Because of the shortage of both, natural harbors and infrastructures, the weather (ch. 68, Italian, and English) and the barometer should be monitored frequently. The only all-around safe areas, easy to enter even at nighttime, are Circeo (US military base, beware), Formia, Ischia Porto and Casamicciola (if you actually have to), Porto Miseno, Napoli, and Salerno. Night entrance and shelter from Northwest gales can be readily anticipated additionally at Ponza, Ischia Ponte, and Procida Corricella. Southerly gales are tougher to get shelter from: Ponza E side and Ventotene harbor. Easterly gales are rare. Anchorage isn’t considerable and infrequently with good holding. Tricky anywhere else. Seasons: go their in June or September.

Italy’s beautiful Sorrentine Peninsula was found along by among the Phlegraean Islands, Procida is a scenic destination and also the beginning of your sailing vacation in one of Italy’s areas that are most appealing, detaining.

Procida wears its rich history on its sleeve, today. The Terra Murata Fort stands on the island’s highest point, overlooking a scenic Mediterranean town of multicoloured, multi-tiered building that has inspired movies and numerous novels.

Place sail from Procida to discover the Phlegraean and Pontine islands, and Italy’s famed Amalfi Coast. A few miles around the Gulf of Naples lies Naples itself—a buzzing metropolis listed among the world’s famously the birthplace of pizza and oldest cities. The buried towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum and brooding Mount Vesuvius are a short sail away, and beyond is Sorrento: the start of the Amalfi Coast.

Ponza stands deservedly high in the list of the very most exquisite islands of earth. The village is close to perfection, some restaurants are truly good, and the beaches are spectacular along with the scenery amazing. Unfortunately, things get a little worse as it pertains to practicalities. The shelter is infrequently good and nowhere entire, the hydrofoil captains ought to be shot, some restaurant owners hanged, the marina’ owners that are ‘ skinned living along with the port captain jailed. The incredible ‘Chiaia di Luna’ cove, open to the west, is simply awesome, with its sheer white cliffs, turquoise water, horseshoe shape and white sand.

This impressive engineering feat works like an amplifier for waves. These enter to pester the inferior yachtsmen who paid an excessive sum for the use of the wharf to the neighborhood incapable and amateur harbor crew. The coast guard has not much ado, so they’ll likely inform you that you’re in the maneuvering bridge of the primeval ferry. Have fun. The most effective alternative, of course, is to anchor outside the Roman harbor, weather allowing 40°47’40.45″N, 13°26’0.47″E. The stairs that are distinctive to the village as well as the brilliant squares are worth an expensive stop. Fish is tight, meat has seen better days. Look for your food with care, especially in high season. The area E of Ventotene, marked by yellow buoys, is OFF LIMITS!!!!

Ischia is rightly renowned for its health spas, of which there is an extensive pick around, for the trendy village of Ischia Porto, Lacco Ameno, and St.Angelo. Ischia Porto is the chief harbor, appears that its piers are made of pure gold (at more than 100 euros a night for a 12 mts) and the hydrofoils barrel in criminally to raise an actual tsunami. It’s a magnificent place to stay, but don’t forget the old guys helping you with the lines are unofficial, never to be tipped, and seldom capable if you have cash. There are several exceptional food shops and fishmongers between Via Roma and Via Regina Elena. Should you would like to sleep gently, anchor with adequate shelter and good holding S of the bridge linking Ischia Ponte and the brilliant Aragorn Castle 40°43’47.02″N, 13°57’44.97″E. Although health spa fans might find comfort in the historic hotels at Lacco Ameno, the north coast is not that appealing. St. Angelo in the south shore is calmer, nicer and one can hop to sleep nicely in northerlies only off the little harbor. When you visit the island, go high. Avert high season. There is a marina in Casamicciola, which combines both, cost and lack of charm

Procida is smaller than both, Capri and Ischia, and its small villages still conserve a delightful appeal, particularly Corricella. The little village, just a neighborhood of the only town essentially, has a splendid miniature (and almost worthless) harbor and communicates that exceptional feeling of quiet southern villages where you truly do see people around doing merely social chit-chat. The bay in front of the village is wide, nice, with adequate holding, nicely sheltered from the N and W, with only a rock in the middle (3 meters deep) and no ferries around to trouble your stay 40°45’32.56″N, 14° 1’43.30″E. True, the local Sunday power boaters can be worse. But overall the island is essential, definitely to be preferred in case of the tight program over Ischia.

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Porto Miseno is less than 4 miles from Procida and offers the very best shelter in the whole area, with some mooring buoys and someplace for anchorage. A tremendous marina was impounded for mafia some time past and looks like a phantom harbor. Go there, if the weather is poor, and you’ll be in a pond. Also, as you will notice the ultimate product are available everywhere, and also while the place is dedicated to mussel farming, is tasty.

Capri is a place that someone should really see. The island was Emperor Augustus’ private estate and nobody ever believed him an idiot for this choice. Capri is merely a location that is perfect. Regrettably, everyone thinks so, and also the place is packed with peasants, both and wealthy celebrities. Outrageously expensive. The harbor is astonishingly the most economical of the region, but to find a mooring is a desperate venture. If they supply you with a berth on the initial pontoon, right by the entrance the hundreds of hydrofoil- killers refuse. Anchor outside or, in the event the wind is from the N, sail around this beautiful island and anchor by the Faraglioni in the S bight of Marina Piccola 40°32’32.48″N, 14°15’5.54″E. Bottomless and wide open, but acceptable in quiet weather. No advice on shops or restaurants. There are simply too many tourists around to anticipate a reasonable bet. Just anchor go ashore and walk around, leaving someone aboard if you like to relish the best streets, wealthy villas, amazing cafes, and commanding views. Most old-timers concur that there’s too much new money around. Well, that’s the same everywhere!

Amalfi Coast is steep, straight, and long, which often means a remarkable place to go to from acreage and a nightmare for the sailor. And also the rule is supported. The locals as well as nature, including the authorities, make this a tough spot for boats to visit. The only adequate harbor is Amalfi, and there’s a high-priced room for very few boats. Simply anchor off the coast and listen to the prediction. Due to the nature of the coast, you’ll have the boat constantly in sight. Also bear in mind that numerous areas between Amalfi and the point, including the tiny islands off the shore, are OFF LIMITS, and the coast guard is not there to give advice but merely to individuals that are excellent. Although not affordable at all there are loads of places to eat and drink. For a more interesting stop, make it to Salerno, a cheerful, charming, and agreeable city. There are many excellent restaurants, pizzerias, and taverns (try the Cipolla). Grocery stores and the fishmongers are full of inexpensive and yummy stuff, amazing wine at low prices, great leather shops, and so on… The harbor is a busy commercial heart, with a couple of ridiculously expensive marinas indoors. You save miles walking between the harbor and also the town and also the weather is generally quiet. Hop into the harbor and find yourself a suitable place, in case it blows from the South. Reserve now your yacht charter in Amalfi and the Pontine Islands aboard our yachts, served by the experienced and professional crew!



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