All You Need to Know about Chartering a Yacht in St. Tropez

In the heart of French Riviera rests this sundry little domain of St. Tropez, where yachts are the cars and the sun shines brighter against the blue Mediterranean waters…

For those looking forth to chartering a yacht in St. Tropez, July-August are the months to sail, with temperatures ranging within the lower side of 60s–80s. Here’s a guide to la belle vie in Saint Tropez!

Vessels you can choose for your yacht charter in St. Tropez

The Sophisticated and Bold Catamarans

As you plan on chartering a yacht in St. Tropez, you have got two options: either go in for a crewed vessel or choose out a bareboat catamaran.

In case you are choosing the former (which ideally is the case in most scenarios), you will get a crew to deal with technical and course-related issues. Also, the chef will come up with his or her own set of cuisines with a typical French flavour.

The Adrenaline Junkies – Motor Yachts

When you have a catamaran to compete against, a crewed motorboat is a great alternative. Why? When you avail this yacht charter in St. Tropez, you get –

  • A specified and technically sound crew to attend to all your needs.
  • Apart from that, these single-hulled vessels beat the catamarans in terms of speed.
  • They are also perfect for day-visits (most of the St. Tropez and associated islands are single day visits).

Imagine using these vessels for a host of water-sports activities ranging from snorkelling to scuba diving; quite an interesting thought, is it not?

The Regal, Majestic and Elegant Sailboats

When leisure is on your mind, the majestic sailboat is the one to choose.

You will have a veteran guiding you about the best places to check at the right times. Albeit, the crew members will consistently ensure that the vessel is in perfect condition, while you can simply regale in the sun with a glass of wine.

Are you one of those who enjoys a solitary journey? In that case, a bareboat charter is the option to cherish your privacy with your dear ones.

Vacation mode on!

When in France, you cannot beat the picturesque islands. Hence, it is time to avail a yacht and take a look at those nearby cut-offs from the land which mark the essence of St. Tropez.

While chartering a yacht in St. Tropez, if there’s one place that you cannot – let’s say; must not miss out is – Iles de Lérins. With the joint islands of Sainte Marguerite and Saint Honorat, these are often misrepresented as the Cannes islands but are set at a distance from the glamorous land.

Antibes is another stunning place to visit. Surrounded by privately owned villas, this little domain boasts of offering a perfectly etched coastline followed by gorgeous coves, the range of white beaches and a very strong Roman and Greek culture.

Cannes, the glamorous list is THE ONE TO VISIT! Apart from men in tuxes followed by a bevvy of beauties in gowns, this little island also presents piano bars, casinos and upmarket boutiques.

This year, make sure St. Tropez is on your go-to list for this is the place to be if you are looking for a quiet serenade and a memorable yacht charter in St Tropez.



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