All the reasons why the Maldives are one of the best places for a yacht charter vacation!

Unparalleled luxury, breathtaking white beaches, and an extraordinary underwater world are the ingredients that make the Maldives the ideal destination for an unforgettable charter boat vacation. To improve your experience and make it truly unique or convince yourself if you still have doubts, here is a list of tips and reasons why you should consider the Maldives as your next yacht charter destination.


About the Maldives

White sand beaches, warm turquoise waters full of colorful fish, bright sun, and nights full of bright stars are the visiting cards of a unique place in the world, which, in addition to the comfort offered by a charter yacht, also provides a long series of activities between sports and romance.

Visitors can immerse themselves in extended diving or snorkeling sessions above a stunning coral reef; you can practice all kinds of water sports such as surfing, water skiing, kayaking, and paragliding over the water, or take the time to explore the uninhabited islands.

In addition to breathtaking landscapes and sceneries, the Maldives has many fun, exciting and romantic activities to enjoy when visiting.

Here are six reasons to convince you that the Maldives is a must on your wish list:

Reason n.1 – Go on unforgettable dives during your charter in the Maldives

Seeing what lies beneath the surface of the water in the Maldives is a must. Corals, tropical fish, sharks, turtles, and rays populate an extraordinary world that can only be best appreciated by diving. All resorts provide their customers with a diving school thanks to high safety standards, state-of-the-art equipment, and passionate and experienced instructors. 

In addition, the seawater here is so warm that it is often not even necessary to wear a wetsuit. This is why the Maldives are considered the perfect place to try their hand at this activity.

The most famous snorkeling site in the Maldives is Hanifaru Bay, a plankton-rich bay in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of the Baa Atoll. It is easy to see dozens of giant manta rays performing complicated stunts in search of nutrients. Seeing them appear numerous on days when the water is transparent is an incredible experience.

The hammerhead sharks are among the most bizarre marine creatures quickly spotted in the Maldives waters. An exciting experience consists of diving up to thirty meters deep at dawn to observe a huge school of hungry hammerhead sharks searching for food. The best site for this type of sighting is the famous Hammerhead Point.

The largest fish in the world, the whale shark, also populates the waters of the Maldives. It can be observed in particular south of the Ari atoll and during the full moon when the currents between the atolls are stronger. About ten meters long on average, they are entirely harmless because, despite their size, they feed exclusively on plankton.

To observe the playful dolphins of the Maldives up close, instead, it is not necessary to dive into the sea. Just take part in an excursion aboard your yacht to spot many moving freely and challenging each other in acrobatic aquatic tricks.

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Reason n. 2 – Take advantage of the hurricane’s absence.

The Maldives are rarely subject to tropical cyclones. However, they have a rainy season where winds can be powerful and reach up to 150 km / h. Although this aspect should not be underestimated, the positive side is that the adverse weather is concentrated almost exclusively in the months between July and October.

Therefore, winter and spring are the perfect time to set sail aboard your charter yacht and enjoy a holiday, enjoying the warm sun, the always blue sky, and the clear sea.

Temperatures in the Maldives regularly fluctuate between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius all year round, but there is no doubt that the best time to visit is during the winter.

The climate is drier and less humid between December and April, and the daylight hours are longer than in other seasons. February is the driest month in the Maldives, with only 38mm of rain, while from December to March, the country sees around 250 hours of sunshine per month, more than the summer months, when the average figure is about 200-210 hours.

Reason n. 3 – Live the experience of a luxury shipwreck.

Live the dream of a (false) shipwreck, let yourself be accompanied on deserted sand tongues, and romantically cheer with your partner with a bottle of champagne, waiting for the sunset.

The Maldives is the ideal destination for a romantic getaway for couples or a dream honeymoon. For this reason, almost all resorts offer the opportunity to experience the thrill of a ‘shipwreck’. You will be ‘abandoned’ on a deserted and unspoiled island with everything you need to spend the day alone with your partner or family. The Dhoni (the typical boat of the Maldives) that accompanies you to your destination will leave you at the mercy of yourself a beach of fine white sand surrounded by a turquoise lagoon. You will be able to explore the island, enjoy excellent food, sunbathe and swim in the company of loved ones, feeling just like a modern Robinson Crusoe.

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Reason n. 4 – Sleep under (or above!) the stars

Suppose you want to experience an alternative night, getting off your yacht in the Maldives. In that case, you can choose all kinds of alternative accommodation: in addition to luxury resorts, even secluded bungalows, and stilt houses on the sea, some islands offer the unique opportunity to sleep under the sky, contemplating the celestial vault or waiting for the first light of dawn directly from your bed. Exclusive locations such as bubble-shaped beach tents, transparent spherical capsules positioned on the sand, and mobile glamping structures away from any light pollution can give you the sensational experience of touching the sky with your finger and falling asleep while admiring a fantastic show.

One of the most magical experiences that can only be experienced in the Maldives is walking on the Mudhdhoo island beach, which lights up in the dark at night, creating a natural “sea of ​​stars”. This is a natural phenomenon known as bioluminescence, in which bright blue light is emitted by living organisms in water, such as some types of plankton. The effect is fantastic because the sea reflects the starry sky’s glow. Strolling along this phosphorescent beach gives you the magical and unique sensation of walking on the stars.

Reason n. 5 – Enjoy chill time in a luxury resort

How to increase the pleasure of a yacht charter trip to the Maldives? It is straightforward; you just have to give yourself a relaxing day in one of the magnificent resorts that populate these islands, between a bath, a relaxing massage session, and spa treatments.

Almost every resort in the archipelago has luxurious and comfortable spas where you can let yourself be pampered and regenerated for whole days with spa treatments, yoga sessions, and massages of all kinds based on natural oils from local products. Some of these structures have set up special underwater rooms where expert hands can pamper you in front of windows that reveal a fantastic underwater world.

Among the countless possible choices, it is worth visiting the Crossroad Maldives, the first (and until now only) marina for large yachts (up to 55 meters or 180 feet) with 30 berths available. A stop at Crossroad Maldives is an experience not to be missed. In addition to the marina, the location is equipped with clothing and accessories, boutiques, beauty products, and high-end souvenirs. No less are the high-quality dining options or its spas.

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Reason n. 6 – Visit Male

The Maldives capital is undoubtedly the best place to meet the locals and get to know their reality. Colorful houses, busy markets, and cozy tea shops, where you can chat with the islanders and share delicious local dishes, are just some of the attractions of this unusual capital.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the National Museum, which presents the best overview of Maldives’ history in the whole country, or the Old Friday Mosque, with its coral stone tombstones.

This small town offers several attractions such as nightlife, large mosques, tree-lined avenues, palm-lined squares such as Republic Plaza, a poignant memorial for Tsunami victims, and a jaw-dropping fish market, one of the most exciting places in the city.

Malè represents the true commercial epicenter of the country and the arrival point of all local fishermen who land with the catch of the day to be immediately put on sale in a color triumph and delicacies.

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