All the reasons why the Egadi Islands are ideal for a boat vacation

With the New Year approaching, we are sure that many of you will already be fantasizing about summer and 2021 and what destinations to choose to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. If you think you are out of place, well, you are wrong! For us, it is worth the same desire to escape from everyday life that, especially at this time, seems to be even more massive than usual.

For this reason, we have decided to dedicate this article to one of the locations that we care most about and that we believe is a perfect location where to live the experience of the boat rental: the Egadi Islands. This small archipelago, composed of three main islands, can offer unique views and enchant anyone lucky enough to visit it. So at least it was for us.

So let’s see together some useful tips and suggestions for those of you who want to enjoy a sailing or motorboat vacation in this beautiful Italian resort.

Where are the Egadi Islands, and how can I reach them?

The Egadi Islands are located a few kilometers of navigation from the west coast of Sicily, approximately halfway between Trapani and Marsala. This proximity to the beach makes them perfect as a destination for a boating vacation.
If you are at your first experience and do not want to exaggerate the navigation in the open sea, we suggest you rent a boat and visit the Egadi Islands. The closest and most convenient airport is undoubtedly the Vincenzo Florio di Trapani, but you can also land at Punta Raisi and then get to drill by land (about an hour by car).

Which are the main islands, and what are their characteristics?

The archipelago consists of 3 main islands, Favignana, Levanzo, and Marettimo, and two smaller but very picturesque islands are Formica and Marrone.

The Egadi Islands: ideal for snorkeling

If you love the sea, snorkeling, and diving, you will not find it hard to fall in love with these places. Moving quickly onboard a boat, especially if your option is to rent a motorboat, you will be incredibly easy to reach the waters of the countless coves that characterize the islands. Just from these coves will start your journey to discover the wonderful underwater world of the Egadi!

A stop also in the beautiful Sicilian land

The Egadi Islands, however, also offer ideas for life on land. Among the various, we remember on the island of Favignana the Palazzo Florio, and the old tuna-fishing factory with the adjoining museum. Places that recall the origins of fishers of the inhabitants and tell the story. You can not miss the sunset seen from the castle of Santa Caterina, located at the highest point of the island. Finally, if you love hiking and mountain, we recommend the trekking routes on the island of Marettimo.

What are the advantages of renting a boat on the Egadi Islands?

Renting a sailboat or motorboat and spend your vacations in the Egadi will be a regenerative vacation for you. As we said, this archipelago optimally lends itself to be discovered far and wide onboard a boat. You will feel part of nature, and from it, you can draw all the strength that this land can give.
The proximity of its islands to the Sicilian coast allows you to visit even in a short time most of the beauty that these territories have to offer.

But what more does a boat vacation offer?

What is more beautiful on vacation than being able to choose every day to visit a new place, without having to respect schedules, without the thought of being stuck waiting for a means of transport or tied to its timing? Nothing at all!

A vacation on a boat is synonymous with freedom. Onboard a yacht, using the boat rental service, you will have none of these thoughts. Guided by your skipper, you will float far and wide at will. Still, always in complete safety, you will be free to decide day by day which route to follow and whether to opt for a day of total relaxation lying in the sun or whether to seek adventure exploring the most hidden and less popular views of the Egadi Islands.

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