Aeolian Islands Sailing Guide

Seven islands in the Tyrrhenian sea in the province of Messina, all of volcanic source: the nearest island to Milazzo and Portorosa are Filicudi, Alicudi, Panarea, Stromboli, Vulcano, Salina and Lipari

Take a look to our recommended 7 days sailing itinerary for yacht charter in Aeolian Islands, with embark in Milazzo, Portorosa or Capo d’Orlando:

Day 1 Vulcano
Day 2 Lipari
Day 3 Lipari and Salina
Day 4 Salina and Panarea
Day 5 Panarea and Stromboli
Day 6 Salina and Filicudi
Day 7 Filicudi and disembark

The complete guide for sailing the Aeolian Islands

Through this site some of the tourist operators of the open-resort sector propose their constructions to the tourists to help them to orient of resorts, rental houses, resorts, restaurants, services and other – and legal – offered among the many ones. The Aeolian Islands (italian Isole Eolie) are a volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily. They bring up to 200,000 visitors per annum ., and are a favorite tourist destination in the summer The biggest island is Lipari, and tourism marketing usually names the entire archipelago the Lipari Islands because of the ease of pronouncing Lipari compared to Aeolian. The other islands comprise SalinaVulcanoStromboliFilicudiAlicudiPanarea and Basiluzzo. The town of Lipari has about 11,000.

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Astonishingly beautiful and exceptionally varied, various uninhabited islets of the Aeolian archipelago and the seven islands were designated a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2000. Their volcanic origins made a remarkable heritage of black-sand beaches, smouldering craters and splintered, rocky coastlines. Isle-hoppers can detect their individual attractions: from the spartan conical Alicudi, where donkeys are the sole type of land transport, to the international jet-set playground of Panarea.

This has been a volatile section of the world ever since Filicudi, the very first land mass, emerged from the sea 600,000 years past. There are two active volcanoes, Stromboli and Vulcano, and volcanic activity on most of the other isles or thermal waters waiting to be exploited, of some sort, whether steaming fumaroles. Winter storms see the islands cut off for days.

Like many coastal communities, the isles, with a total population of 10,000, have very distinct characters depending on the season. The head count swells to 200,000 in summer: ports fill with yachts; bars and with overflow beaches the very beautiful and the very affluent. In August, the affluent and renowned sail in to Panarea on their multi-million-euro yachts to dwell villas or € 500-a-nighttime hotel rooms, and they don’t do it quietly. This is easily the most fashionable and expensive of the islands, however there’s more variety in the Aeolians than a quick jaunt around Panarea’s shores in peak season might lead you to consider.

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Sailing Aeolian Islands Italy: Weather and anchorages

In summer there are only two dangers: westerlies (simple to forecast, and channel 68 is kind of dependable) and thunderstorms, that may bring abrupt 40-knots gusts in pitch black visibility They are simple to spot. You don’t desire to be in Stromboli if one arrives. I sailed in Patagonia/Magellan strait but the challenge is stood up by Sicilian thunderstorms. Both NW and SW tend to come more from W. In thunderstorm you could have to switch side of any island for a couple of hours. Lipari is never a great anchorage for the ferry traffic that is endless. Vulcano E side almost bottomless. Filicudi fine in good weather. Forget Alicudi completely. If you can get into, some bays on the W side of Lipari and vulcano fine little anchorages. The anchorage in Stromboli is simply off the NE tip of the island. See for foul anchor in rocks in Ginostra, Cala Basiluzzo and Nave. Filicudi: stone W of cavern and the island. Salina: Pollara W side. W sides of Vulcano and Lipari. Thermals from NE in calm days between 1 and 5. Great for sailing. Risks: apart from the rocks, easy to see but not at night, SE of Filicudi of Panarea and W, none whatsoever. You only require a delta, and perhaps a long anchor chain -cqr. 


Aeolian Islands Sailing Guide: Harbours

Unpolyte, crowded, noisy and little. Forget them. To fuel. Water: the isle are now in deep water deficit, and to get water is not going to be simple. I am hoping you’ve a water maker, otherwise slip a 50 euro note in the salina fuel dock. Last year I spent two months without a harbour, it might be done. The deck will endure a little but I described the customers about the water shortages. No diesel (too shallow) and water at the marina if they are in good mood. UNDOUBTEDLY shop in the fish market right behind the harbour. Wine shop and excellent butchery between the first and the second street behind the harbour end (the marina end). Store in the marketplace: tuna and swordfish a and affordable. Merely broil them quick or make sushi or tartare (great recipes on our site for the Sicilian fortes). Mussels are really good and not dangerous. Clams additionally. Prawns not to be relied upon.


Aeolian Islands Sailing Guide: Natural beauty, landscapes and seascapes

The 5-hour return night hike on top of Stromboli is something you’ll never forget. The landscape is just one of powerful contrasts, black sands, small but very high islets with crystal clear waters and perpendicular walls, reddish lava forming little coves and deep caves, pillars of frozen stone jumping out of the ocean. Each isle has its very own attributes and peculiarities, but they all can embrace the voyager with that magic spell that made this place our favourite on the planet, hands down.

Sailing Aeolian Islands Blog: Local insight

Life on the islands of the archipelago is extremely funny out of the active months of July and August. The neighborhood citizenry is somewhat strange, to say the least… Only get lost in the streets and by sundown you will be sipping with the locals.


Sailing Aeolian Islands Italy: Art & Museums

Alas, not the area’s strong point. If Lipari and Salina sometimes boast interesting venues, itis a pity to loose time into any building that does not serve food or booze. 

Sailing Aeolian Islands Sicily: Gastronomy & Wines

You won ’t have shortage of surprises when you sit down at the table in this place. The locals like their suppers long and substantial, and you also may experience a slight sensation of overfilling. When you eat around here, you comprehend the entire value of cease and a siesta wondering why their companies shut between 4 and 12 … The number of fish is very extensive, the local specialties endless. 

Local Wines: High alcohol levels for Sicilian wines, extensive variety, strong body.


Aeolian Islands Sailing Itinerary: 

Stromboli: It’s impossible to overestimate the subtle charm and violent beauty of the exceptional island. With its volcanic fireworks that are constant, the fiery furnaces of hell are closer to the sky in relation to the tolling of the church bells. Sometimes, with westerly winds, a violent thunder remind the pub -going visitors that really one is standing on an open scar on the Earth’s crust. The pirotecnic show could be either leisurely appreciated sailing under the Sciara of the W side during the night, or deservedly admired from the top after a 3-hour hike. The main village is a continuous surprise of tiny streets, shouting fishmongers, perfect whitewashed houses, little squares, tiny shops and fashionable bars (Barbablù on the very top of the list). Remaining here during a gale is a serious matter and requires a perfect mastering of a continuous lookout and anchorage techniques with lines ashore. Reserve for Stromboli your most serene days. The supermarket is rather depressing, but the butcher supporting the port can elevate the spirits of any great trencherman. Fish could be purchased from a supremely voice-talented chap who goes around yelling ‘Pesce fresco’ (fish fresh) around noon in the primary square.

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Panarea: the most fashionable destination Panarea, in the archipelago flies high in the central days of August and quickly falls into a quiet somnolence for the remaining part of the year. The good anchorage of Milazzese enables tranquil stays in westerlies, and also a good starting point to walk around the alleys of the isle. Eateries here tend to be more pricey than quality that is great, so are the shops. Not a lace where to stock up, but surely Panarea offers the top swimming areas in the area at Lisca Bianca Basiluzzo, Cala Nave and Cala Giunco.

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Salina: this double-cone isle offers good shelter just S of the Santa Marina harbour. The town of Santa Marina resides around the main street, running between stylish balconies old Sicilian houses, fine shops and big churches. One can walk up and down this road without getting bored. The fishmonger right in the harbour is one of the finest in the islands, so is the butcher in the main street. Attempt a fresh cannolo at Matarazzo, right behind the terminal. 

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