A Guide to Yacht Charter in Amalfi Coast: Things to Do!

Have you ever seen a painting where you think that a painter has deliberately created a magical space that makes you fall in love at first sight?

Well, that is exactly how you are going to feel when you catch a glimpse of the magical island of Amalfi Coast! Between the shimmering sea and periwinkle blue sky, this island enchants every visitor who comes its way.

Known locally as Costiera Amalfitana, the 25 mile stretch of coastline between Positano and Vietri sul Mare is a juxtaposition of vivacious colours against the backdrop of a placid Tyrrhenian Sea. An average day in Amalfi arouses the senses with sparkling colours, balmy fragrances and outlandish sensations. Relishing it necessitates embarking on a yacht charter in Amalfi Coast and letting this enchanted atmosphere pervade one’s senses.

Wait with bated breath for here are the best places you will go once you have booked your Amalfi Coast yacht rental.

  1. Vietri sul Mare: The gateway to Amalfi Coast

Vietri sul Mare offers a different taste to its visitors. It is known for its ceramic production which dates back at least to the 15th century.

This quiet town on the hillock is scattered with pre-renaissance churches across its periphery. The Church of St. John the Baptist is a major tourist attraction, as are the Palazzo Solimene, Villa Guariglia and the Museum of Ceramics.  

  1. Conca Dei Marini: The aromatic maritime settlement

Conca Dei Marina sits comfortably between Amalfi and Furore. It is situated about 2 miles southeast of Amalfi and is a natural extension of Amalfi Coast. The lemon grooves of Conca Dei Marini are its defining characters, and the air around the town is heavy with the balmy aroma of these lemons. It is said that the first of now legendary Sfogliatella Santa Rosa, which enchanted even Napoleon, the Great, was prepared by a nun from the Monastery of St. Rose.

Today, Conca Dei Marini is a boiling pot of culture, tradition, natural beauty and of course, lemons. It is in such proximity to Amalfi that you’ll hardly feel like you have left its coast.

  1. Furore: A place of otherworldly magnificence

Located about 5 miles east of Amalfi, Furore is the farthest from what its name suggests. The pristine beaches of Furore have left many wandering souls awestruck with its otherworldly magnificence. It can be reached in a little over an hour on your Amalfi Coast yacht rental.

  1. Positano: Amalfi’s dearest cousin

Next, to Amalfi, Positano is arguably one of the most well-known destinations in this part of Italy. Named after the Greek God of Sea, Positano is a slightly lavish but no less exquisite cousin of Amalfi. It has been a much sought-after tourist destination throughout history, with affluent Romans spending a sizeable amount of their fortunes in building houses here.

The vertiginous 19th and 20th-century establishments tumbling down to embrace the ocean in a sun-kissed milieu of colours are indeed a sight worth relinquishing.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Book your vessel for this paradise and get set on your yacht charter in Amalfi Coast.



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