St Maarten 14-Days Yacht Charter Itinerary

Discover the island of two souls during your 2 weeks charter in St Marteen

A single island with two distinct souls, one French and one Dutch, hidden in the corner of the Caribbean, about 250 kilometers east of Puerto Rico and south of the island of Anguilla. This is the island of St Maarten, but also Saint Martin, depending on the French or Dutch pronunciation. We are talking about the smallest area divided into two nations. Two different peoples and cultures have coexisted peacefully in this strip of paradise for more than 350 years.

Today, thanks to a luxuriant nature kissed by a magnificent sea, it is increasingly the leading destination in the Caribbean for lovers of pleasure boats.


The legend behind the origin of coexistence

A lovely legend explains the origins of the division into two parts of the island: according to the myth that the Dutch and the French decided to divide the territory, each entrusting the task to one of their soldiers. The two, drunk with red wine – the French – and the other with jenever – the Dutch – put themselves back to back and left in the opposite direction along the island until they found themselves at the starting point. The Dutchman, however, was drunker – jenever is more alcoholic – and made less progress. But it was not a problem since the French obtained a larger territory, and the Dutch became more prosperous.

Two different souls

Much time has passed since then, but something remains: the Dutch part of the island of Saint Martin is known for its lively nightlife, casinos, duty-free jewelers, and rum. The French side, on the other hand, is wilder and, if possible, more authentic: not surprisingly, there are several nudist beaches, many markets, and restaurants where you can taste the authentic local Creole cuisine. The French one is a hilly area with smaller towns, and even the shopping is less hectic and compulsive than on the Dutch side.

A very important and characteristic aspect, however, is the total absence of borders or barriers between one part and the other. Movements from one place to another are guaranteed so much that often you don’t even realize you have crossed to the opposite side.

14 Days Yacht Itinerary from/to St Martin

Below we talk about a possible 14-day itinerary to be experienced by boat sailing the coasts of St Maarten and the neighboring islands. Are you ready to go?

Day 1: Arrival in St Martin

In our travel itinerary, we chose to get to St. Martin from New York, but it is also to get here from Paris. Usually, the arrival time at the airport is around the early afternoon. An excellent time to start getting to know your rental vehicle and the crew on board, settling in the cabins you have chosen, and start getting used to it.

Day 2: Maho Beach, Mullet Bay, and Happy Bay Beach

Let’s start exploring this island from its most famous and photographed beach: Maho Beach. Why is she so famous? If you’ve seen photos or videos of planes landing a stone’s throw practically from the beach, this is Maho Beach.

Maho Beach is right in front of Princess Juliana International Airport, where you can see objects and people literally “flying away,” swept by the power of aircraft engines.

Subsequently, from here, we continue along the coast to explore Mullet Bay in the Dutch part, then encroaching on the French area of the Terres Basses. We continue further to Friar’s Bay, but our final destination is Happy Bay.

Also reachable with a 20-minute trek from Friar’s Bay, Happy Bay is very little frequented and, for this reason, considered a jewel of the island, still intimate, with a white sand beach and palm trees to provide shade.

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Day 3 – 4: Saba island

The third and fourth days are dedicated to discovering an island not far from St Maarten but still not very popular with tourists: Saba.

Saba is not the typical Caribbean island because it is of volcanic origin and is practically a volcano in the middle of the ocean; it does not have many beaches but only peaks, yet it is home to exceptional marine life, a paradise for divers and snorkelers.

Although ours is a boat trip, we do not believe it is a problem to land ashore to discover the wonders of Saba. With one of the many comfortable taxis, you can reach any destination, even if it is the trekking that reigns supreme, with trails and paths for all types of hikers, from beginners to the most experienced.

One of the most striking is the ascent to Mount Scenery, the sleeping volcano of Saba, a climb of 1064 steps.

On the way back, you can explore the tiny capital, The Bottom, and the Windward Side, with its red-roofed houses.

If there is still time, you can head to one of the island’s two tiny coves, from where you can snorkel. One is right under the airport: Cove Bay.

Day 5 – 6: St Barths

We leave Saba to dedicate the next two days to exploring the magnificent and chic St. Barth.

St. Barth is a dream island, a favorite destination for VIPs, and the international jet set.

With its small and luxurious hotels and elegant and refined style, St Barths enjoys the reputation of an island for the rich, and indeed it is enough to look around to see large megayachts anchored in its surroundings, or the port of Gustavia, the capital.

However, the beaches are all accessible, public, and free, and we know we will find some genuinely breathtaking ones to relax in: Anse de Colombier and Anse des Flamands are just two of St. Barth’s jewels. Another famous beach is also Anse de Grande Saline, and of course, with our charter boat, we can indulge ourselves in choosing which ones to visit.

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Day 7 – 8: back to St Maarten

Back on our home island, since we haven’t had enough trekking, we dedicate the next two days to exploring the hinterland. The first stop may be the highest point in St. Martin, aka Pic Paradis.

Sure to take in beautiful views, if you feel in the mood for adventure, you can pay a visit to Loterie Farm, where you can fly through the trees on a zip line.

You cannot miss visiting Fort Louis, the ruins of a fortress overlooking Marigot and from which you can admire a magnificent coast view. The view will certainly repay the effort of the climb.

Finally, for dinner, we recommend Grand Case, not by chance nicknamed the “gastronomic capital of the Caribbean.”

Day 9: Ilet Pinel

Today is a relaxing day in one of the pearls of St Maarten: Ilet Pinel.

Located along the northeast coast, Ilet Pinel is a small island where there is no structure, as it is part of the Sint Maarten Marine Park.

It can be reached by boat and, from our experience, if you have to choose a particular time of day to visit it, it is better in the afternoon as its most beautiful beach faces west. A slice of heavenly beach, the privilege of the few visitors who come here.

A sportier alternative to lounging on the beach is to circumnavigate the island by kayak in search of your deserted beach.

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Day 10: Prickly Pear Cays

The day begins by navigating towards the last leg of our journey, Anguilla. Before heading to the island, however, we make a slight detour to the northwest and reach the Prickly Pear Cays.

These are two small uninhabited islands located about six miles north of Road Bay, Anguilla. The two coral islets are divided by a narrow channel and are respectively named Prickly Pear east and Prickly Pear west. The westernmost of the two is mainly made up of coral rock and shrubs, making access particularly difficult. A white sand beach characterizes the eastern one on the north side.

Day 11 – 13: Anguilla

Anguilla boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is not for nothing that Rendez-vous Bay and Shoal Bay East have long been in the top 3 of the Tripadvisor ranking.

Perfect location to touch the crystal clear sea typical of the Caribbean, Anguilla is also part of the “English Caribbean.” Its position between North and South America makes it fall within the scope of the United Kingdom.

There are several attractions in Anguilla, undoubtedly different for each period of the year. The best times to visit this paradise location are between December and April.

In Anguilla, it is possible, if not obligatory, to snorkel, go hiking and take relaxing walks along the seafront.

Inevitably, visit The Valley, the capital of Anguilla, with its inhabited and populated streets. The clubs in the city are ideal for aperitifs and after dinner.

Another destination to visit is the Wallblake House, the perfect place to get to know the typical colonial style that has historically urbanized the island in past centuries. A dip in the past is ideal for discovering the history of the place.

Anguilla, on the other hand, is a small island to the east of the mother island: you usually go there for a day trip. Equally suggestive but less accessible is “Dog Island,” an uninhabited islet that can only be reached with a reservation: a romantic destination much appreciated by couples.

Day 14: Back to St Maarten

Here is your last day of yacht charter in St Maarten. You can dedicate the morning to the last baths before saying goodbye to the crew and our splendid boat, heading to St. Martin airport, where the return flight awaits you.

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