8 days / 7 nights itinerary around Felidhe (Vaavu) Atoll, Maldives

The main atoll of Vaavu (or Felidhe Atoll) hosts 5 inhabited islands of which Felidhoo is the capital. Tranquility and tradition are the characteristics of these places where there is a visible love for fishing and music. The Maldives‘ welcoming beaches and its wonderful diving waters are the ideal spaces for those looking for an extraordinary experience.



8 days / 7 nights itinerary around Felidhe (Vaavu) Atoll, Maldives

Day 1 – Hulhumale Lagoon → Gulhi Island, South Male Atoll (2 hours of navigation)

Board your yacht at 2:00 PM and head to Gulhi Island which is 2 hours from Hulhumale Lagoon. You can dock off this small bay and before setting off for your dinner you can visit its small and peaceful fishing village with the option of visiting a shipyard dedicated to local boats.


Day 2 – Gulhi Island – Tholhimahuraa (3 hours of navigation)

In the morning depart from Gulhi Island to sail to Felidhoo Atoll. You can land on the island of Tholhimahuraa, a beautiful strip of sand surrounded by coral reefs. It is the ideal area for snorkeling thanks to its rich marine life. In the Tholhimahuraa lagoon, you can moor for the night.

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Day 3 – Vashugiri – Fusfaruhuraa – Valafaru Falhu (5 hours of navigation)

Drop anchor in the morning and reach, 3 hours later, the extraordinary bay of Vashugiri. Take a cool swim before diving around the island, overflowing with colorful fish. Enjoy your banquet aboard the catamaran while it surfs toward Fusfaruhuraa, just an hour far, and its beautiful coral reef. Then choose your landing place for the night near Valafaru Falhu.


Day 4 – Rahgandu – Anbaraa

Travel for 45 minutes and then stop for a morning swim in the enchanting underwater beauty of the Maldives sea. After a 1 hour drive, you can stop for lunch in Rahgandu to enjoy its soft white sand. It only takes 45 minutes to get to the picnic island of Anbaraa with its unique charm where you can spend the night.


Day 5 – Bodumohora – Foitheyo Falhu – Maafunko Falhu

The uninhabited island of Bodumohora is just 1 hour and 15 minutes away: here you can take a stroll, take a bath and relax on the bewitching beach before getting back to your catamaran for a 3 hours navigation toward Foitheyo Falhu, an island extraordinary for snorkeling with caves, colorful corals, Graytip, Whitetip, and Hammerhead sharks. The sight of wonderful sunsets will accompany you, in 2 hours, to the Maafunko Falhu quay for the night.


Day 6 – Keyodhoo – Thinadhoo (2h 15m navigation)

Enjoy swimming in the Maafunko Falhu deep waters to discover corals and tropical fish in the warm hours of the morning before reaching Keyodhoo with a 30 minutes trip by catamaran. It is one of the inhabited islands of the atoll together with Thinadhoo, a fishing village perfect for a sea excursion, even at night. Mooring in its gulf is the perfect solution to spend the night.

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What is the best 7 days itinerary for the Vaavu Atoll (Felidhe)? ” img_alt=”” css_class=””] Our recommended 8 days / 7 nights itinerary around Felidhe (Vaavu) Atoll, Maldives: – Day 1 – Hulhumale Lagoon → Gulhi Island, South Male Atoll (2 hours of navigation) – Day 2 – Gulhi Island – Tholhimahuraa (3 hours of navigation) – Day 3 – Vashugiri – Fusfaruhuraa – Valafaru Falhu (5 hours of navigation) – Day 4 – Rahgandu – Anbaraa – Day 5 – Bodumohora – Foitheyo Falhu – Maafunko Falhu – Day 6 – Keyodhoo – Thinadhoo (2h 15m navigation) – Day 7 – Madippalhu – Alimathaa – Guraidhoo ( 5 hours and 30 minutes navigation) [/sc_fs_faq]


Day 7 – Madippalhu – Alimathaa – Guraidhoo ( 5 hours and 30 minutes navigation)

Sail in the crystal clear water and in 30 minutes you are on Madippalhu island with its pristine seabed. After 1 hour of navigation, you are on the islet of Alimatha, an exclusive resort offering world-class diving due to the presence of Nutrice and StingRay sharks. You can enjoy your lunch aboard your yacht overlooking the rich vegetation and then set sail in 4 hours to Guraidhoo bay for an overnight stop.


Day 8 – Enboodhoo Falhu – Sexy Beach – Hulhumale (5h 30m navigation)

Experience the last day of cruising on the fine sandy Sexy Beach, observing underwater life, or taking a kayak tour. You can have lunch in the harbor before reaching the beautiful Enboodhoo Falhu marina in just an hour and 30 minutes. Cool off with a swim in the company of marine varieties and then return aboard for a 1-hour crossing toward Hulhumale, your disembark port destination.

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