7 Top BVI destinations to make your vacation better!

Chartering a yacht in the British Virgin Islands is a dream! The scenic beauty of the reef line beaches looks like heaven on earth. Located in the Caribbean, east of Puerto Rico; these form a beautiful part of the Virgin Islands archipelago. The rest of the island constitutes the US and the Spanish Virgin Islands. There is no doubt that it is one of the best BVI yacht charter destinations!


Best BVI tourist spots for you to visit!

When you are visiting the British Virgin Islands, there are seven destinations that are must-visit spots. Here are the places that you have to add to your checklist now!

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  1. The Baths National Park

It is located in Virgin Gorda; this bay is a perfect tourist attraction with several granite rocks scattered in the clear water. You can swim and explore the sea pools and grottoes there.

  1. Horseshoe Reef

Another amazing place is located in Anegada which is a must-go BVI destination. One major attraction there is the fresh lobsters. You can catch them and get them cooked by the chef on your yacht.

If you want to enjoy some more of the lip-smacking seafood and spend a solemn night on the beach, there are two perfect BVI hotels for you –

  1. Anegada Beach Cottages – Price: In winter it ranges from $200 to $300
  2. Anegada Reef Hotel – Price: Winter ranges from $150 to $400 and in summer it is from $135 to $365.


3. Great Dog

This place is perfect for adventure and sports lovers! It is famous for kayaking and swimming through canyons. You will absolutely love this place for its reef and aquatic animals. Enjoy a great sail to the Great Dog.

  1. Dolphin Discovery Trip

What makes this one of the best BVI charter boats tourist spots? The memories that you will make and how amazing the feeling is to find yourself among the aquatic enchantment. It is located in Tortola and is famous for bottleneck dolphins. It is very near to Capital Road, where you can also spend a night in a hotel. In this Dolphin Discovery trip, you will be able to swim with several dolphins under the surveillance of experienced and certified trains. You can also enjoy a great belly ride.

If you want more out of this tour, here are some excellent BVI hotels, Tortola

  • Jacob’s Apartments and Nature Trails – Price: Starts from $210
  • Heritage Inn – Price starts from $185 to $285 on an average for winters per night. During summer for the charges is $125 to $185 at night.

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You will get all the amenities but with an ethnic touch of this place’s culture.

  1. Bomba Shack

Imagine coming to the Caribbean and not partying. It is simply not possible. This is why Bomba Shack in the West Tortola is the most happening moonlight party place ever! Sip some hard-hitting mushroom tea and party till dawn, don’t miss on this BVI charter boat tourist spot.


  1. RMS Rhone National Marine Park

How closely have you experienced the aura of marine life? What if you get a chance to experience it from a 26-meter depth among corals and reefs? On the Southwest coast of Salt Island, you will be swimming between two coral caves through tunnels and overhangs. Also, there is a blonde rock and a fascinating variety of aquatic lives which includes fishes like – snappers, grunts, parrotfish, and of course live coral! This is certainly a not-to-miss destination sport of BVI yacht charter.

  1. North Sound

This place is in Virgin Gorda and is absolutely perfect for water sports and is a hub of yacht clubs and moorings. You can try diving, sailing, jet-skiing, water skiing and so much more. You can also sail to the secluded beaches of Norman Island and Sandy Clay. All these make it one of the most amazing BVI boat tourist spots.

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Now, you know that you will be going to these places on your yacht. But there are certain places that call for a night’s stay. Let me give you a fair bit of an idea on the local BVI hotels that will bring you closer to the aestheticism of the Islands. If you are in Virgin Gorda, Fischer’s Cove Beach Hotels – Price: $123 to $315 in winters per night and during summers, it is around $100 to $205. This should be your staying destination.

The best time to visit the British Virgin Islands is from December to February. So, pack your bags and plan for the best BVI yacht charter vacation!

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