7 Nights / 8 Days Yacht Itinerary in the Grenadines starting from St Vincent

Are you ready to sail the seven seas? Do you feel a bit like the pirate Jack Sparrow as he sails from island to island on his ship? Good! So this itinerary among the remote Caribbean islands of the Grenadines is right for you.

The reference to the famous corsair of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is not entirely fortuitous because some scenes of the film were shot right in the islands we are going to visit.



St. Vincent and the Grenadines, this is its formal name, is an island state of 32 main islands, most of which are small and sparsely populated.

They are part of a Caribbean islands’ belt that ideally separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea and is located exactly north of Venezuela, between the islands of Santa Lucia and Grenada.

Historically part of the British Empire, today they are an independent state that is part of the Commonwealth. Their official language is English but some local dialects deriving from French are also still spoken.

Calm and crystal clear waters and a constant wind almost all year round makes this archipelago the ideal place for starting a boat cruise. Let’s see what the main stages of our journey will be:


Day 1 – Week Sailing Itinerary to the Grenadines from St Vincent

St Vincent – Bequia

Most boat trips to discover the Grenadines start from St Vincent, the largest and most populous main island, which is also home to the capital, Kingstown.

We will sail from this island with our charter too but it seems right to take advantage of the cruise on the first day, as well as to take the right measures of life on board, also to discover some gems of the city that hosts us. Kingstown is a lively town, full of colors and flavors from its many fruit and vegetable markets, and is home to one of the most important botanical gardens in the entire Caribbean.

It is worth visiting it as well as the jungle that surrounds it, organizing an excursion, to fully immerse yourself in the Caribbean culture and climate that awaits you in the days to come.


Day 2 – 7 Days Yacht Itinerary from St Vincent to the Grenadines

Bequia – Mustique

Set sail from St Vincent early in the morning, with a few nautical miles we reach the first of the wonders that await you: Bequia.

The main destinations are Admiral Bay, a real natural harbor, or the capital, Port Elizabeth.

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What is a 7 days sample boat itinerary for the Gr4enadines?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] Here’s the ultimate 7 days yacht itinerary from St Vincent to the Grenadines: – Day 1 St Vincent – Bequia – Day 2 Bequia – Mustique – Day 3 Mustique – Canouan – Day 4 Canouan – Day 5 – Day 6 Mayreau and Tobago Cays – Day 7 – Day 8 Head north to Mustique and back to St Vincent [/sc_fs_faq]

Bequia is better known for its lively nightlife and entertainment spots but it also has an ancient soul linked to its centuries-old history as an island of fishing boat builders

In addition to taking advantage of the wonderful Bequia beaches, we recommend you to visit the local centers to admire the artisans intent on carving wood to make any type of object or souvenir.

Port Elizabeth also offers us an excellent shelter for the night. We will sail the next day for the beautiful Mustique.


Day 3 – 7 Days Boat Itinerary to the Grenadines 

Mustique – Canouan

Exclusive destination loved by many famous personalities such as actors, singers, and royal heights. Today Mustique is home to a few but very luxurious resorts intended for a select audience. Its white-sand beaches are one of the most sought-after and exclusive travel destinations in the world. There is not much to say except that you will fall in love with these places, so much so that we will gladly return later in our tour (we assure you!)

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Day 4 – Itinerary by Boat of the Grenadines 


On the fourth day of navigation, we face the longest stretch of sea to reach Canouan. The island, in addition to being home to the longest airport runway in the Grenadines, is a true luxury paradise. It is home to a professional golf course, fabulous villas, and numerous exclusive resorts as well as a well-equipped marina and four of the most pristine beaches in the Caribbean.

Canouan is also a strategic starting point from which to set sail to reach the Tobago Cays, the highlight of our itinerary.


Day 5 – Day 6 – Grenadines Week Yacht Itinerary

Mayreau and Tobago Cays

Mayreau Island, the smallest inhabited island of the Grenadines, has bays, like Salt Whistle Bay, among the best found in the Lesser Antilles. If you are a diving lover, be sure to visit the shallow centuries-old wreck of the Purini, located just 12 meters underwater;

Tobago Cays are an exceptional nature reserve home to green turtles, hawksbill and leatherback turtles, sea eagles, and nurse sharks.

They are a group of five uninhabited islets (Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Jamesby, Baradal, Petit Tabac) part of the Grenadines archipelago and protected by a large coral reef called Horseshoe reef. Some of the scenes from “Pirates of the Caribbean” with Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley were shot right on the wonderful Petit Tabac.

If the beaches are enchanting, as we said the real wonder is found on the seabed. Do not miss the opportunity to dive and be surrounded by fish of all sorts of sizes and colors.

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Day 7 – Day 8 – Yacht Itinerary from St Vincent to the Grenadines

Head north to Mustique and back to St Vincent

As promised, we return to Mustique to enjoy one more day visiting this beautiful location, sipping cocktails on the beach while spending the last evening under the banner of Caribbean joy!

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