7 Day Yacht Itinerary from Mahé, Seychelles

Located off the coast of East Africa, Seychelles is an archipelago of unique islands, made of coral and rock, washed by the Indian Ocean, and characterized by extraordinary naturalistic richness. This context is perfect for a dream trip aboard an exclusive yacht, in search of relaxation and harmony.


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Ideal spot for the summer season vacation, with their landscapes Seychelles, offers a postcard view that is reflected in crystal clear waters rich in underwater life: the pristine white sand beaches, the wild nature of their rainforests, and the rare creatures of the local fauna. These places are a true paradise corner.


Day 1

Mahé → St. Anne (1 hour)

The Seychelles tour begins in the late morning aboard your yacht where you will be greeted by an extraordinary crew and the beautiful view of Mahé. You can explore its quaint, vibrantly colored architecture before setting off for a cruise along with the St. Anne Marine Reserve where you can take some spectacular photos before mooring in a shelter for the night.


Day 2

St. Anne Marine → Fregate Island (1 hour 30 minutes)

Spend your morning visiting the oldest reserve in St. Anne Marine Park. Dive into one of the best snorkeling spots where numerous species of fish with extraordinary coral life. Have lunch onboard your catamaran before leaving for Fregate island, beautiful and sought-after thanks to its splendid nature. You can rest on the beach of Anse Victorin before a romantic dinner onboard overlooking the ocean.


Day 3

Fregate Island → Cocos Island → Grande Sœur → La Digue (45 minutes)

In 30 minutes you reach the enchanting Cocos Island: a protected natural area ideal for snorkeling, the natural habitat of rays, moray eels, sea turtles, and sometimes even whale sharks. In a few minutes, you can reach the island of Grande Sœur with your yacht and enjoy its extraordinary beach where you’ll be enchanted by the magnificence of the place until the sun goes down.

What is the best 7 day boat itinerary from Mahe, Seychelles?

Here’s the ultimate 7 nights and 8 days yacht charter itinerary in the Seychelles, departing from Mahè: – Day 1 Mahé → St. Anne (1 hour) – Day 2 St. Anne Marine → Fregate Island (1 hour 30 minutes) – Day 3 Fregate Island → Cocos Island → Grande Sœur → La Digue (45 minutes) – Day 4 La Digue – Day 5 La Digue → Praslin Island (10 minutes) – Day 6 Saint Pierre → Curieuse → Cousin → Anse Volbert (Praslin Island) (45 minutes) – Day 7 Anse Lazio (Praslin Island) → North Island (1 hour 15 minutes) – Day 8 North Island → Mahé (45 minutes)


Day 4

La Digue

At the halfway point of your vacation, your charter yacht takes you in front of the suggestive port of La Digue: the most beautiful island with intense blue and green colors where you can spot a splendid blackbird, the rare Paradise Flycatcher, and enjoy the beaches of Grand Anse and Anse Source d’Argent, rich in pink granite rocks. You’ll have the opportunity to dive to observe the life of small creatures and then dock here for the night.


Day 5

La Digue → Praslin Island (10 minutes)

Arriving at the extraordinary island of Praslin you can drop anchor your yacht in the port of Baie Sainte Anne to venture into the Vallée de Mai, a Unesco site, one of only two places in the world (the other is located in Curieuse) to host the rare sea ​​coconut palm.

You can take advantage and relax among the beaches protected by large coral reefs such as Anse Georgette or Anse Lazio among its turquoise waters and a dense palm tree forest.


Day 6

Saint Pierre → Curieuse → Cousin → Anse Volbert (Praslin Island) (45   minutes)

Treat yourself to a day aboard your exclusive yacht among the islands surrounding Praslin. The Saint Pierre islet is ideal for snorkeling while a typical landscape can be found in Curieuse with large takamakas that shade the beaches where you can enjoy your lunch before leaving for Cousin and visit its nature reserve and finally return to Anse Volbert for the night.


Day 7

Anse Lazio (Praslin Island) → North Island (1 hour 15 minutes)

The last stop takes us to the small North Island, still intact, where you can walk through the indigenous flora and fauna to enjoy splendid views. Do not forget to discover each corner of the pristine environment, one of the largest coral reefs home to an abundance of brightly colored fish. End this day with an elegant and romantic dinner on the deck of your yacht.


Day 8

North Island → Mahé (45 minutes)

Departure early in the morning to Mahé, reachable in just under an hour of navigation, where you can celebrate final farewells with your crew and then relax with a cocktail before departure.

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