7 Day Yacht Charter Itinerary from St Tropez to Portofino

7-day itinerary between the French and Italian riviera: from St. Tropez to Portofino aboard an exclusive yacht in search of glamorous landscapes.

Experience a magical atmosphere with a tour of the charming strip of the coast that stretches from the elegant French town of St. Tropez to the Italian gem of Portofino. Take to the seas aboard a sumptuous charter yacht among quaint towns where you will be mesmerized by stunning views and landscapes, discover the wildlife hotspots, the mix of cultures, and the vibrant nightlife they offer while enjoying worldly relaxation and privileged tailor-made for you, your family and your friends.



Yacht Itinerary from St Tropez to Portofino

Day 1 -> Port Grimaud, St Tropez – Pampelonne Beach

Lying on one of the most beautiful bays of the French coast, St. Tropez is the ideal place to start your journey in the northern Mediterranean Sea aboard a luxury yacht for hire. It is one of the most popular destinations, a spot for the international jet set, and is frequented by world-famous VIPs. Talking about its splendid beaches, the most glamorous is certainly the one named Pampelonne. Spend the afternoon relaxing on its golden sand, snorkeling in turquoise waters, or doing water games, and then indulge in dinner under the stars.


Day 2 -> Pampelonne Beach – Cannes

Begin your relaxing cruise along the charming canals of the “Venice of Provence” before docking at the Cannes harbor and stroll through wonderful shops and cafes along the Croisette. Go to the island of St. Honorat where the water is a dazzling blue to do some snorkeling or spend your time in one of the reserved and luxurious spas of the place. On your return, a rich gourmet dinner awaits you on your vessel.


Day 3 -> Cannes – Antibes – Villefranche-Sur-Mer

Lift anchor towards the port of Antibes, one of the largest in Europe. Admire the quaint old town and its castle. After lunch, reach Villefranche-Sur-Mer, a village of incomparable charm with the historic center that drops sheer to the sea. In this bay with a bucolic beach, take a swim in crystal clear waters. Visit the Provencal markets before retiring to your yacht for the night.


Day 4 -> Villefranche-Sur-Mer – Monaco

A short crossing takes you to the glitzy Principality of Monaco as you enjoy a breakfast of French pastries served by your crew. Explore the cobbled streets on foot with your family as you choose how to spend the afternoon browsing the monuments, museums, including the Oceanografic and upscale shops. Live a unique dining experience with dinner on a Munich night cruise before spending the evening in the famous Casino.

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Day 5 -> Monaco – Sanremo

Enjoy a breakfast on the covered deck as you cruise to Italy’s clear waters. Dock in the tourist port of Sanremo and choose one of the water activities such as diving excursions and diving experiences in the nearby villages of Arma di Taggia and Santo Stefano al Mare while for surf lovers we recommend the nearby beach of the Tre Ponti. At nightfall, venture into the heart of the city for a special dinner based on the typical dishes of the Ligurian culinary tradition.


Day 6 -> Sanremo – Varazze

Cruise gently along the beautiful coastline with sparkling waters before reaching Varazze, a village where sea and mountains blend together. Stop beyond Finale Ligure to take a dip and snorkel or hear the waves on the jet ski! Moor for a delicious lunch and to enjoy this quaint and colorful country.


Day 7 -> Varazze – Genoa – Portofino

Drop anchor in the tourist port of the lively city of Genoa with its extraordinary attractions such as the ancient port, the characteristic narrow streets, and the famous aquarium. Don’t miss a city tour before setting sail in your sumptuous and comfortable boat to Portofino, the picturesque crescent-shaped seaside fishing village while enjoying a deluxe dinner prepared by the chef on board with your friends.


Day 8 -> San Fruttuoso / Portofino

You can spend the last day in nearby San Fruttuoso: an unspoiled bay set between Camogli and Portofino that you reach by tender with short navigation and where you can immerse yourself to contemplate the famous Christ of the Abyss, a huge bronze statue that rests on the bottom of the sea. Return to Portofino and soak up the atmosphere of this elegant, world-famous Italian destination before saying goodbye to the crew and leaving your yacht.


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