4 Days Yacht Charter Itinerary in St Barths and St Maarten

If you are looking for a way to escape from everyday life, even for just a few days, what we propose is a short but intense itinerary to be savored moment by moment.


The locations chosen for our trip are the wonderful Caribbean islands of Saint Barths and St Maarten. Taking advantage of the proximity between them, we have created an only 4 days itinerary, designed for those who do not have too much time available but still want to enjoy the maximum possible from their Caribbean stay.


Where are we?

If you have never heard of these islands, it is not a surprise. These are two very attractive locations in the tourism sector but which are often lost among the vast offers that this area of the Caribbean can boast.

St Barths and St Maarten are two islands located a few nautical miles from each other and east of the British and American Virgin Islands. A little further north is the island of Anguilla.


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Saint Barths

Saint Barth (Saint Barthélemy is its full name) is rich in vegetation, inlets, and hills overlooking the sea.

It was Christopher Columbus who first landed on the island in 1493, baptizing it with the name of his brother, Bartolomeo. Inhabited at that time by indigenous people dedicated to fishing, over the centuries Saint-Barth has witnessed the passage of numerous peoples and dominations such as Swedes, French, and the Order of Malta, following one another over the years and leaving each clearly and still visible signs today.


Nowadays Saint Barth is a tourist island belonging to the French West Indies reserved for a few due to its considerable popularity that over the years has attracted elite tourists such as stylists, actors, and world-famous models, in turn raising the prices of luxurious villas overlooking the sea and mostly 5-star hotels.

On the other hand, a trip to these parts is worth all the money spent. In fact, Saint Barth combines a wild soul with extraordinary views and nightlife made up of beach parties, lightheartedness, and lots and lots of fun.


Saint Maarten

There are those who call it Saint Martin and others Saint Maarten, and those who are confused, believing they are two different islands. In reality, it is the smallest inhabited area in the world to be divided between two different states: the southern area, Saint Maarten, is Dutch, while the northern part, Saint Martin, belongs to the French overseas countries.

The border between the two areas is really just a formality. In fact, there are some signs along the streets but no one actually asks for an identity document.


The French side is larger and has Marigot as its main city. it is famous for its beaches frequented by naturists, for shopping, including the colorful open-air markets, and for its rich French and Creole cuisine.

The Dutch side, on the other hand, is famous for its very special feature. Princess Juliana International Airport is one of the main attractions of the island and is considered the most dangerous stop on the planet for landings as the runway is located close to a very popular beach, SXM Maho Bay, where the planes almost touch the beach crowded with bathers just before touching the ground.

The most important city is Philipsburg, known for its nightlife, beaches, casinos, duty-free shops, and exotic rum-based cocktails.

Despite the two different nationalities, English is spoken fluently on both sides.

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Finally, here is our 4-day itinerary in St Barths and St Maarten, short but very intense:

Day 1

Circumnavigating Saint Barths

Our tour starts early in the morning from Gustavia, the capital of Saint Barts. We spend the first day of navigation circumnavigating this small island. In fact, your main concern will be which of the numerous white-sand beaches to visit.

Among the many, we point out the beaches of Saint-Jean, Gouverneur, and the Saline, truly wonderful for colors and surrounding nature.

In the evening we seek shelter in the magnificent Anse a Colombier, ready to set sail early in the morning.


Day 2

Route to Grand Case

We cross the Saint Barthélemy Channel heading to the French part of Saint Maarten and precisely to Grand Case. It is a long and wide seafront bay lined with numerous bars and restaurants. A perfect location to indulge in the local atmosphere by shopping in small boutiques or simply spending the day at the beach.

We head to Philipsburg for the night. It will be our starting point for tomorrow’s destinations.

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Day 3

Saint Maarten, the Dutch

We head to the Dutch part of the island for a day dedicated to extravagance and history.

A visit to the famous SXM Maho Bay is a must, where you can wait for the arrival of a plane while landing.

Also not to be missed is the view from Fort Amsterdam, an ancient fortress from the 1600s overlooking the sea, with several cannons and breathtaking views of the surrounding bays and beaches.


Day 4

An unforgettable last day on the Island of Fourche 

Before returning to Gustavia’s marina for final farewells, we still have one day left to take full advantage of. For this reason, after heading for Saint Barths, we reach the island of Fourche. 

Located off the north-eastern coasts, it is a real Eden, a destination for numerous excursions and where it is possible to relax on an enchanting beach of light sand, bathed by turquoise and transparent sea, with sloping bottoms ideal for swimming and practice snorkeling.


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