14 Days Yacht Itinerary in the Virgin Islands

Are you ready to spend 14 days onboard a charter yacht, feeling a bit like explorers and a bit like buccaneers, sailing in the Virgin Islands archipelago?

We are talking about islands of extraordinary beauty, washed by the Sea of ​​the Antilles and distributed along the route that leads to Puerto Rico, to the north-west, and the lesser Antilles, to the south-east.

They are formally and administratively divided between the United Kingdom (British Virgin Island) and the United States (U. S. Virgin Islands) and welcome visitors by enchanting them with sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and a simply ideal climate in almost all seasons.


Day 1

Red Hook → Saint Thomas

The Red Hook landing place for your charter yacht is the ideal location to start this tour with destination Saint Thomas, an Island of the American Virgins that vaguely recalls San Francisco for its appearance. Drop anchor for the night on the waterfront of the capital, Charlotte Amalie.


Day 2

Saint Thomas → Saint John

Saint John, wild and rugged, owes its fame to one of the beaches parts of the US Virgin Islands National Park, Trunk Bay, which has a rich coral reef with coral species. Don’t forget to visit the charming village of Cruz Bay before anchoring the catamaran for the night.


Day 3

Saint John → Tortola

Tortola belongs to the British Virgin Islands: The walk to the sugar cane plantation and the ancient ruins of the Annaberg fort, immersed in a virgin forest overlooking a splendid bay, is unique and unmissable. After lunch, you can go with your yacht to watch dolphins at Dolphin Discovery.

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Day 4

Tortola → Sopers Hole → Norman Island

The bridge connecting Frenchman’s Cay Island to Tortola takes you to Sopers Hole for some shopping and sightseeing while in the afternoon you can visit the caves of Norman Island, ideal for diving among colorful fish, sea urchins, and corals.


Day 5

Norman Island → Peter Island → Road Town

Peter Island offers moments of relaxation in the luxury resort while Deadman’s bay with palm trees and crystal clear sea offer a paradisiacal landscape. Road Town is the stopover to refuel your catamaran with fresh food and drinks.


Day 6

Road Town → Salt Island → Cooper Island

The barren Salt Island is home to the wreck of the Rhone ship, which sunk during a hurricane and became an essential half for diving and snorkeling lovers who pass through these areas. For lunch, you can moor at Josiah’s Bay Beach and in the afternoon you can swim in the waters of Cooper Island frequented by dolphins.

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Day 7

Cooper Island → Ginger Island

Ginger Island boasts many dive sites on each side. Among the most important we mention the John James Point, home to dozens of species of seabirds as well as a splendid example of the variety of the colorful underwater world.


Day 8

Ginger Island → Marina Cay

Covered with flowers and protected by warm emerald green waters, Marina Cay allows you to experience a suggestive atmosphere in the evening onboard your yacht while enjoying a romantic sunset ..



Day 9

Marina Cay → Virgin Gorda

Sail to the island of Virgin Gorda, full of caves and ruins of ancient copper mines. The Baths beach with white sand and natural pools show a unique and dreamlike landscape.


Day 10

Virgin Gorda

Travel north to observe Mosquito’s island’s incredible biodiversity. After lunch, head to the delightful bay of Gorda Sound. Dock at the Bitter End Yacht Club for dinner and an overnight stop.


Day 11

Virgin Gorda → Anegada

Reach the northernmost island of the archipelago, Anegada, for a dip in the turquoise waters populated by sea turtles, stingrays, lobsters, wrecks of Spanish galleons and to learn about the variety of flora and fauna of the Horseshoe Reef.


Day 12

Anegada → Guana Island

Visit the ultra-exclusive private island aboard your yacht in this little corner of paradise with fantastic snorkeling opportunities at Monkey Point.

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Day 13

Guana Island → Jost Van Dyke

Take a refreshing dip in the natural swimming pool of the beautiful White Bay before landing for a relaxing lunch. In the afternoon, sail to Sandy Cay, a small island strewn with coconut trees.


Day 14

Jost Van Dyke → Saint Thomas

Now is the time to return to Saint Thomas after experiencing the British Virgin Islands for the last evening on your yacht. You will experience an exciting return trip to the island of St Thomas, the “glamorous” island of the American Virgins, where you will greet the crew on board before departure to return home.


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