14 Days Yacht Charter Itinerary in the American and British Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands Boat Itinerary: Discover this suggestive archipelago divided between the United States and the United Kingdom!

The Virgin Islands are an extraordinary archipelago that marks the border between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Very close from a geographical point of view, they are instead politically divided: one part depends on the United States while the other on the United Kingdom. The Virgin Islands are attended by sailing lovers from all over the world who find here the ideal conditions to practice this sport throughout the year. The presence of trade winds guarantees acceptable temperatures for most of the seasons.

Discover the unspoiled beauties of these islands that offer you adventure, relaxation, and fun with an endless series of activities for leisure and fun both in and out of the water!



The British Virgin Islands (BVIs)

This archipelago, as you can easily guess by its name, is part of the overseas territories of the United Kingdom and, however, the local currency is not the British pound but the US dollar. It is not possible to land here directly with a scheduled flight but you need to stop in a neighboring state such as Puerto Rico or Antigua and there take a charter flight.

The largest and most populous of the islands is Tortola which is also home to the capital, Road Town. Second, in size, we find Virgin Gorda on which is located the most famous beach of the archipelago, The Baths. It is a beach characterized by the presence of large granite blocks that meet each other creating tunnels, arches, and panoramic caves open to the sea.

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The United States Virgin Islands (USVI)

The US Virgin Islands are located in the stretch of the Caribbean Sea that separates the island of Puerto Rico from the British Virgin Islands, northwest of Leeward Islands.

The archipelago consists of about twenty volcanic origin islands, but just four are open to international tourism. Saint Croix, the largest and southernmost island, completely surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. Saint John, smaller and almost entirely declared as a National Park. Saint Thomas, home to the capital, Charlotte Amalie, the Caribbean’s main cruise port. Water Island, a wild islet along the St. Thomas coasts.

The USVI is easily accessible by air. There are two main airports: Henry E. Rohlsen International Airport in Saint Croix and Cyril E. King International Airport, located a few kilometers from the center of Charlotte Amalie in Saint Thomas.

Both offer direct flights to and from the United States and the Caribbean islands while for those arriving from Europe or other countries it is necessary to make at least a stopover.


14 Days Yacht Itinerary in the US and the British Virgin Islands

Here below is one of the countless charter boat itineraries that can be organized in the Virgin Islands:

  • Day 1 -> Road Town, Tortola Island – Norman Island (BVI)

Leaving the airport, go to Road Town to meet your crew who will accompany you on your luxury charter yacht. Sail to Norman Island for unique snorkeling or in the legendary caves before night anchoring.

  • Day 2 -> Norman Island – Peter Island (BVI)

Head to Peter Island and the five heavenly beaches including Deadman’s Beach with its turtles. Try the paddleboard or explore the seabed full of colorful fish.

  • Day 3 -> Peter Island – Salt Island – Cooper Island (BVI)

Salt Island holds the wreck of a steamer that sank in 1867: snorkeling is incomparable among the fish and corals. Cooper Island is great for water sports.

  • Day 4 -> Cooper Island – Virgin Gorda (BVI)

Slow navigation takes you to The Baths with its gigantic granite boulders that form scenic pools and caves over turquoise waters. Also not to be missed is the enchanting Devil’s Bay Beach.

  • Day 5 -> Virgin Gorda – Prickly Pear Island (BVI)

This morning, the shimmering waters north of Virgin Gorda and the smaller islands, including Prickly Pear, great for windsurfing, await. Spend the night in Long Bay.

  • Day 6 -> Virgin Gorda – Dog Islands – Jost Van Dyke (BVI)

George Dog is one of five uninhabited islands ideal for diving such as Jost Van Dyke. White Bay is unique for exploring underwater life.

  • Day 7 -> Jost Van Dyke (BVI) – Caneel Bay – Maho Bay, St. John (USVI)

Take in the views of the US Virgin Islands, snorkel at Caneel Bay, and land at Maho Bay to swim with turtles.

  • Day 8 -> Maho Bay – Waterlemon Cay, St. John (USVI)

After breakfast joins a tour to Mary’s Point to visit the seabed and then disembark at Waterlemon Cay for a historical journey or to do some extraordinary night dives.

  • Day 9 -> Waterlemon Cay – Coral Bay, St. John (USVI)

Travel to Coral Bay aboard your luxury yacht and relax on the stunning beach surrounded by Caribbean vistas. Travel the waters of Booby Rock to discover colorful underwater life.

  • Day 10 -> Coral Bay – Lameshur Bay, St. John (USVI)

You can spot turtles at Lameshur Bay or hike the Yawzi Point Trail. Visit Genti Bay before landing in Great Cruz Bay for the night.

  • Day 11 -> Lameshur Bay, St. John – Little St. James – Great St. James, St. Thomas (USVI)

Sail to Little St. James for great snorkeling. Aboard your sumptuous catamaran, travel to Christmas Cove with its underwater treasures.

  • Day 12 -> Little St James – Magens Bay, St. Thomas (USVI)

Head to the famous Magens Bay to enjoy paddle boarding or water skiing and then rest on the soft, soft sand or visit the boutiques.

  • Day 13 -> Magens Bay – Water Island, St. Thomas (USVI)

A peaceful cruise allows you to experience all the comforts of your exclusive yacht before reaching the many bays and inlets of Water Island.

  • Day 14 -> Water Island – Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas (USVI)

Your incredible journey ends in Charlotte Amalie: you can say goodbye to the crew but before returning to the airport, don’t forget to visit the historical sites or the renowned shops of the capital.

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