Seychelles Sailing Charter

The unspoilt waters and undiscovered islands of the Seychelles are a true Garden of Eden, and a wonderful ecosystem of unique flora and fauna that rivals the Galapagos. Seychelles Boat Hire: This is your chance to explore them on board the largest and most comfortable sailing craft in the Indian Ocean. This archipelago, consisting of around 115 islets and islands, lying north-east, is a picture book yacht charter destination of breathtaking beauty. If you want to escape civilisation for a short while and dive into the stunning world of these tropical island gems, the Seychelles are an ideal yacht charter destination.


Seychelles Boat Charter

These granite islands surrounded by a turquoise blue sea, with multi-colored fish in shiny red coral reefs, with wild blooming orchid valleys and beaches with the finest, whitest of sands, are a pure tropical dream. There are two main island clusters – usually referred to as the Inner and Outer islands. Seychelles boat hire: The 41 Inner Islands constitute the oldest granite islands on earth. These granitic islands cluster around the principal island of Mahé. The 74 Outer Islands, are comprised of 5 groups of low-lying coral atolls and reef islets, and include the coral islands of the Aldabra Islands and the Farquhar group. From glimmering coral atolls to palm fringed granite islands, the exotic paradise of the Seychelles ticks all the boxes of an indulgently laid-back holiday. Swim with sea turtles in the warm turquoise waters, hike through lush green jungles, try snorkelling in stunning coral reefs or simply, relax.





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Our experienced and world travellers, expert Seychelles Boat Hire Managers visit and sail aboard our selected yachts regularly and are perfectly placed to offer you transparent, tailor and professional advice for your Seychelles Boat Charter. Our experience in yacht charters, developed in Seychelles and the Indian Ocean, enabled us to create close, enduring relationships with our clients, investing directly in our yachts and services.


Sail or Motor Boat for your Seychelles Yacht Charter?

Choosing the right yacht for your perfect Seychelles sailing holiday is not easy. If you prefer relaxed, comfortable cruising holidays, a sailing yacht would be the perfect choice for you. A motor yacht, on the other hand, is the best choice for all speed loving people who love the luxury and greater comfort. Find out which boat is best fit for you.


Join with us your Seychelles sailing charter experience, choosing high quality boats, skippered by professional trainers, all over the world: sail boats, catamarans, motor boats, gulets or luxury yachts.

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Seychelles Boat Charter Top Destinations


The choice of where to charter a boat is based on a handful of factors: your sailing skills, experience, wether you prefer to relax and sunbath on the yacht and take relaxed days trips or are you the adventurous type who enjoys being active while on vacation and thinks every day is a great day for a new adventure! Have a look at our most popular Seychelles Yacht Charter sailing destinations.

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Seychelles Boat Rental Itineraries

Once chosen the Indian Ocean and Seychelles as the destination of your vacation, deciding where to go is largely a matter of preference. The options are endless and endlessly beautiful. You can choose between Below our selection of suggested routes for your Seychelles Boat Charter.

7 Days Route


Day 1st St. Anne Island
Day 2nd Curieuse Island
Day 3rd Grand Soeur Island
Day 4th Coco Islands
Day 5th La Digue Island
Day 6 th Cousin Island
Day 7th St. Anne Island

  • Daily Excursion
  • Week-End
  • Weekly Charter
  • Prolonged Period

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8 Days Route


Day 1st Mahè
Day 2nd La Digue
Day 3rd Felcite Island
Day 4th Grand Soeur Island
Day 5th Vallee De Mai Praslin
Day 6th Ile Aride
Day 7th Cousin Island
Day 8th Mahè

  • Daily Excursion
  • Week-End
  • Weekly Charter
  • Prolonged Period

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