Central America

The Central America area is most pristine, unspoiled, natural beauty you will find anywhere in the world. The ocean waters of Belize, for example, offer a unique and wonderful cruising experience with the world’s second largest barrier reef, literally hundreds of sun swept tropical islands to explore, and three major offshore atolls. The barrier reef provides over 130 miles of protected waters from the ocean swell and a reef that is teaming with fish, coral, and creatures. The coral forms colorful, surreal landscapes with jutting heads, sand bottom canyons, arches and spires that offers great snorkeling and diving for both the novice and the more experienced. Central America can be as chilled out or as thrilling as you wish.

Why to choose

Make the most out of your sailing excursion by heading to a specific destination like Isla del Coco. Located 330 miles southwest of Costa Rica, this spot is serene and colorful. Cocos Island is actually a volcanic island with irregular and mountainous landscape. There are also dense rainforests, a bright coral reef, volcanic tunnels and caves. Sail to the Gulf of Nicoya, which separates the Nicoya Peninsula from the mainland of Costa Rica. There are more than 20 islands in this area, all of which have their own unique biodiversity. Sailing to this destination would be best suited for an excursion lasting more than one day – you won’t want to miss the outstanding wildlife in this area. With a spate of deserted islands, chill Caribbean vibes on one side and monster Pacific swells on the other, Central America sits poised to deliver the best of all places worlds. A whole other world begins at the water’s edge. Seize it by scuba diving the Pacific with whale sharks, snorkeling the world’s second-largest coral reef off Belize or setting sail in Panama’s indigenous territory of Kuna Yala, where virgin isles wear nary a footprint.


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Time zone (UTC -06:00)

Radio Channels 156.8 MHz - 16 Channel VHF


Water salinity from 32 to 37 %

Water temperature 23 °C – 27 °C

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When & where

We Love Central America

The perfect period to sail in Central America is from December to May. Discover the best sailing areas and watch the gallery.


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Belize_Itinerary1_CentralAmerica Belize:

Day 1st Moho Caye
Day 2nd Hatchet Cay
Day 3rd Ranguana Cay and Tom Owens Cay
Day 4th Nicholas Cay and Hunting Cay
Day 5th Seal Cay and Lime Cay
Day 6th Colson Caye and Placencia Caye

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CentralAmerica_CostaRica-itinerary2 Costa Rica:

Day 1st San Jose
Day 2nd San Jose, Sam Ramon, Puerto Caldera
Day 3rd Drake Bay, Sierpe de Osa
Day 4th Corcovado National Park
Day 5th Golfito
Day 6th Isla de Coiba, Panama
Day 7th Isla Iguana, Panama
Day 8th Panama City
Day 9th Bocas del Toro, Panama
Day 10th Puerto Limon to San Jose, Costa Rica 


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